Monday, June 23, 2008

John McCain is an idiot, oh yeah Barack Obama is too.

I'm sorry but this is how I feel. I think that our government is really going to the dogs, if it's not already there.

It's ironic. The two main people trying to "fix America" are the ones who had the power to do something about it as members of the Senate. After all, congress makes the laws. They are the ones who got us into this mess. Of course is wasn't just congress that did it, but seriously John Chapter 8 vs. 7. These guys are in no position to be throwing things.

So what are the idiots up to today?

Let's start with the idiot from Arizona.

"McCain proposes $300M prize for new auto battery (AP)"

That's what the headline said. Now I admit, in some ways this could work, but the reality of it is this is typical politics. Poorly researched, insanely excessive, ridiculously narrow and broad at the same time, and oh yeah redundant.
So lets start at the beginning.

The basic premise here is pretty much brilliant. That's what I said like a year ago when the Xprize foundation announced that they were doing it. So wait John McCain is proposing a contest that is already going? Oh yeah and it gets way better than that. John's proposal is for a better battery, that' sounds kind of vague to me. What's a better battery, and why are we limiting our research to just batteries, and how many people can really work on something like
a battery anyway. Oh yeah and pssst by the way the better battery was announced a long time ago. I guess he missed it, but it turns out that batteries made out of nanotubes are going to increase efficiencies dramatically. Though it will take a few years to get them into mass production, and do extensive safety research (or did we want to skip that part).

But seriously why did he limit his contest to batteries. The Xprize is open to all technologies. They don't care how you do it, just make a vehicle that is cleaner, greener, way more fuel efficient, affordable and safe. Did you catch that, you have to make the whole car, not just a battery, and people have to actually be able to buy it. It's not theoretical and political, it has to actually make a difference.

And then there was the number, incredibly small by the standards of Washington waste, but $300 Million? This is starting to sound like those brilliant ethanol subsidies that congress came up with. The Xprize is offering $10 million, and there a scores of amazing ideas being developed (I count about 80 teams already trying to win). So why would we spend 300 million to do what has already been done, or at least what could be done with $10 million. Now I'm no expert, but that sounds like 290% waste. I say if John Sidney McCain Thinks that we absolutely have to spend some money on this we should spend it under the guidance of the people who know what they're doing, the people who are already doing it, the Xprize people.

So what about the other guy?

He's an idiot too.

Barack politically incorrect middle name Obama, Says that it would be unwise to start drilling for oil, because it would take ten years for the wells to produce any reasonable amounts. Now I could be wrong here, but it sounds like we should have been drilling for about ten years now. Ten years, hmm I remember a time right around there, when the Democrats had a majority in congress, and a president in the white house, and to think they could have fixed this for us, at least to some degree, way back then. But they didn't do it then, and they won't do it now. It is better to invest in new and renewable energies like ethanol, oh wait this sounds familiar. But here's the thing ethanol subsidies didn't work. There's a reason it had to be subsidized, because Ethanol alone just wasn't profitable, it didn't make sense. But hey, the corn growers are making a killing, way to be congress.

And now I will make a prediction, in ten years (there's that number again) gas prices will be higher than they presently are. Gas will not be $4 a gallon, like it is today, it will probably be higher, much higher, if we're not smart. So why if gas prices are not going down, would we want to avoid things that could help us ten years down the road. What kind of an idiot says "we need help and we need it now, but in ten years, we will need it less. Our children and our childrens children will just have to fend for them selves. We're too busy digging out of this pit, (that coincidentally we created)
to worry about the future."
What kind of idiot?
Appearantly its the Barack Obama kind.

So there you have it two idiots for president.
may the best man win.
And pray for America, because I'm pretty sure we need it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Party of Four(s) -- the details

Remember how I had that really funny idea,
you know to have a party when gas hits Four dollars a gallon
well gas is getting close,
and my idea hasn't gone away yet,
so here are the details/ facts/ tidbits/ other relevancies.

The date of the party will be determined in the following manner.
Every Friday (about 3:30) the price of Gas in a 10 mile radius will be checked.
(mostly this means that I will check my widget for Loves™ and if need be walk to the maverick)
If both are over $4 for the lowest grade of gas, then it's party time.
(I will try to post here that that is the case)
I expect this to happen this week, but maybe not till next.

If it happens this week the party will be Saturday @ 8:00 (2 fours).

If it is not this weekend then the party will be at 4:00,
unless it is otherwise noted on this or other relevant sites.

We will be doing thing related to Four.
(maybe four-square, (bring a ball if you can) probably shuffleboard, and of course there will be at least four types of food)

Please brrrring four of something (creativity not discouraged)
my address is 0333 1100.
(yes stretching a lot for that one)

Photos of recent activities

It's mildly ironic, but some of these are just plain bad photos.
and I lost a few,
(but I still might try to recover them).
but here are some pictures of The first Meander
and other recent activities