Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm that boy

You know that boy. I know you do, he's the one in the funny pages.
He goes to kick the football, and then whoosh, it's not there.
I used to think that was so stupid, I mean you know it's not going to be there,
and yet he goes for it anyway.
You can imagine my surprise when I learned that he is me.
I'm that boy.

It was a strange evening, I mean there were some pretty cool things about it,
but it was strange, I mean really strange.
My friend and I were going to go to dinner.
I was pretty excited about this, because I haven't had the money to do that for a while.
I got to her apartment and her roommates said, 'oh were you meeting here?'
Turns out she wasn't home. Her roommates seemed to know that I was coming, but... where could she be?

This was not the first time this had happened, well not exactly the first time anyway.
Sometimes she was sleeping, sometimes deathly ill. Sometimes things came up, and lets face it, sometimes things come up. But this time was supposed to be different. It's not like things have never worked for us, sometimes (though not often) they do. And she's cool, or intriguing, or I don't know I just want to get to know her. Either way she assured me that this time it would work. Nothing could possibly get in the way this time. I even put it in my phone to make sure I would remember correctly. I did.

Her roommates tried to call her, but they got no response.
I tried to call her, but I too was less than successful.
Her roommates were cool. We chatted for easily half an hour, and still no one could make contact.
Finally one of the neighbors popped her head in to tell she just got a text from the girl I was supposed to be seeing, so now might be the time to try her again. Alas, I was unsuccessful. Another roommate came home and sent her a text message.
'That's strange she usually writes right back'
And it didn't get less strange. I mean this whole thing was kind of her idea.

Usually, it didn't take her long to apologize... Profusely. I basically always understood, but that didn't make it a whole lot better. Then afterwords I would think to myself this isn't worth it. It's like waking up on Christmas and realizing that your the only one who didn't get anything. And then doing it again.
But this time nothing. No apology. No text message. Nothing.
Yep I'm that boy,
And it stinks to be that boy.
I want to kick the football,
I don't even care if it's a great kick.
but it'd be nice to know the football is where it's supposed to be.