Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thanks to Mr. R.

Thank you. No really.
Mr. R. is a really great guy.
In fact he found me a wife.
(technically I say I found her, but he can have the credit,
I definately wouldn't have found her otherwise.
Not to say that I couldn't have found a wife,
just to say, that there is a very very slim chance that I would know this person.
Ok, it have something to do with her living most of her life on the other side of the world,
And while it's true that I have never actually been to Saudi Arabia, I guess it's not impossible to think that we would have met.

Still I'm glad he found her.
I mean let's face it,
there's about nothing that I like less than dating.
(except maybe dancing, but if you combine the two...
did you ever hear of the "little boy?")

dating is a mess, and if I can skip past that,
it definately gets my vote.

Of course I know I ought to date,
I just don't like it, but anyway,
thanks to mr. R.

But he didn't just find me a wife...
He actually does a lot.

He comes to visit me. He even calls.
Once he kidnapped me.
He, shares his pizza,
but even better, he share my office,
yes, it's true, my solitary confinement is no longer solitary.
I think it's better.
He eats from my candy jar, and he speaks greek to me
(sometimes he even does it with an Albanian accent).

It's pretty much amazing.
Thanks to Mr. R.

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Little Agency Goes a Long Way.

For some reason I'd like to talk about agency.
It seems like a good concept,
at least in theory it does.
But so many people seem to have a problem with it.

Let's examine for a moment the principle of Agency in relationships.

Let me start by stating my basic premise:
I believe people ought to be able to exercise their agency,
especially when it comes to important circumstances, such as
Relationships. I believe that no one and nothing should be able to,
or be forced to take it from you. I believe people should and can be happy with their decisions.

Sometimes however people seem to think that Agency is good as long as it benefits me.

Example: Many girls just happen to live in the same place.
(some people call them apartments)
These girls are hetrosexual, and thus would date guys.
These girls know a guy.
Which girls does he date?

Obviously this is a stupid question.
and yet at this point many people would answer it.

Lets assume that this guy does date, at least sometimes maybe.
So here's the question. Should he decide or should they decide?
Should he pick one? or does he even have to pick?
Or do they vote on it. Maybe date through democracy.
(hey democracy's not that bad, I mean look at America, Slick willy was very bright,
and G W at least has some morals.

Or perhaps we could play this a different way.
Maybe it should be first come first served.

How about this one girl selects this guy as hers, then clearly shares this idea with everyone.
Everyone that is except the guy, that would be a sin.

Months even years may go by but some how this guy has to use his telepathy to figure out that he is supposed to be dating this girl. She may be his type, and she may not, but that is not his to decide, at least not yet.

I hope this has never happened to you, cause if you ask me it sounds ludicrous.

So who does he date?
well who does he want to date?
And who is showing interest? Not in a subtle way,
because most of us guys don't do as well with the subtlety as girls do.

And once again why is anyone deciding at this point?

It seems that there is a much more logical method.
If he has any possible interest in someone, he should go out with them.
Once he has done this, he should still be able to go out with any of them.
He should go out with any, and or all of them,
to the extent of his, and her desires.

each and everyone of them should have equal right to choose,
and equal responsiblity to choose, who they will and will not date.

Let's face it after one date you don't often know very much.
So really none of them has any right of assumption.

Of course, once again there is an easier way.
and yes it involves talking, so for those of us who have trouble commuincating with members of the opposite sex, it may not be that much easier,
but, still better.

But here's the thing.
When a person makes a decision. Basically everyone should support it.
let me explain.
Say a guy chooses that he likes a girl.
if she feels the same way,
she should support his decision.

If she does not like him, and cannot foresee liking him, he should support her decision.
After all, how much can you really love a person, if you don't want what makes them happy.

Sometimes, it takes time, but so what?

So here I say it: What ever happened to agency?
Don't we believe in that anymore?
Why can't we make our own decisions?
Why can't they be more informed?
Why don't we want everyone to be happy?
And why can't we be happy independant of their choices?

A little agency goes a long way, but why can't we support it, whether we think we like the outcome or not.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

MMM Food.

It's funny when you think about it,
I'm not the best at keeping my blog updated,
So, I'm probably the last person that you would expect
To go and start another blog.
and yet, I am.

Why, why why would I do something like that?
I think I must be crazy,
but I'm ok with that.

First I think there is something to be said.
Second I think that the topic is one that could be very interesting.

(oh, did I mention? this blog will be theme based)


So from now on, if I have something to say about food, it will likely go there.
Also I would like to invite you to participate in this blog.
(after all, one persons review is good, but many peoples review... it is better)

I like to think of it as a Democracy of Dictators.
So anyone who wishes to contribute shall also be able to contribute
to the rules thereof.

But here are the rules that I would like to propose.

1. Please limit posts to the reviewing of food.

You know, the people reading the blog ought to be able to experience the same things
and then add their opinions.

2. Food establishments should be in or near unto Utah.

It seems logical that we should start with the places of eating where I could possibly eat.
I propose that the initial requirement be that a person could eat there while in Utah,
or that a person could leave Utah for the sole purpose of attending this food establishment,
and could return within the same day, and would not be bothered by the journey.

3. Once an establishment has been reviewed, subsequent reviews should be clustered with the original.

4. There ought to be a unique but clear system for rating a meal and or establishment.
(feel free to make suggestions here)

And finally be descriptive.
I say, the more we know the better.

So if you would like to Join me please Go to:

Bon Apetite

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I was wrong... sort of

So the other day I was talking with some friends.
We were talking about movies, and I thought I had something interesting to add.
However, I was shortly proved wrong, and I felt kind of stupid.

But on further investigation I have found the true answer to the situation.
Raiders of the Ark was not the first PG-13 movie and neither was the Temple of Doom.
But The temple of doom was the movie that brought it into existance.
basically the film industry said, we really shouldn't have given that a PG, so let's make a new rating so we don't feel so bad next time.
From the IMDB we read:

Generally credited (along with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)) with the introduction of the PG-13 rating, as many felt the scenes of violence in both movies were too much for a PG rating, but not enough for an R rating. It is also widely believed that had 'Steven Spielberg' 's name not been on both movies, they may have received an R rating.

Oh yeah that was talking about gremlins (also produced by Spielburg).

So heres the history.

In 1950 the MPAA introduced X
that was the first movie rating.
Either you were or you weren't,

And hopehully you weren't

Then 18 years later they came out with G, PG, And R

Then finally Spielburg went to far, and in 1984 (16 years) the rating system changed again.

Well there you have it, I was rong, but not anymore.
ttfn Warnser

PS, the first movie released with the PG-13 rating was actually Red dawn,
and it was listed in the record books as the goriest movie ever.

(one was given a 13 first but it wasn't released as quickly)

Monday, March 06, 2006


Yeah, you would think right?
unless of course you know me,
and I'm guessing you do,
so you're probably saying huh?
Well I found my passion,
Actually I refound it,
I was at a concert the other day,
and I started thinking,
Man, I want to write music.
And I do,
but that's not it.
Then I thought,
I want to paint, and draw,
but that's not it either,

Basically I decided that I have a passion for creation.
I love to cook,
(and I think I'm alright)
I love to draw,
I love to write programs,
I love to write.

I love anything that has to do with creation.
In a way I think I even like teaching,
because it is a way to build or help someone else.
And I understand that I'm not the key player in others'
creation, but I still I guess I like being a part of it.

It was good,
I went to a concert,
and the concert was ok,
but I walked away with so much more.

So what will come of it,
I'm not sure yet,
but maybe just maybe,
it will lead to more than a blog or two.

Anyway thanks agian

2 4 2 or Oh and 2, I'm not sure

So you may have heard the news,
the company that I touted as being Awesome,
and going to fix all my computer problems
has gone out of business.
Yes in two years, I have lost two computer companies,
that pretty amazing,
(I will soon be letting other computer companies
pay me to buy from their competitors).

Fortunately, at least this time my computer is still working.
I really did Like totally Awesome,
but unfortunately things didn't go their way.

I agree with one of the employees who said "Super Dell is just misunderstood."
I think that is a large part of it.

But as one my friends just mentioned,
we really don't know other peoples situations,
so we really have no right to judge them.

I like him,
ok, I can see that he's not perfect,
and who knows, maybe his computers aren't either,
but their good,
really good,

and I think he built a really good company,

I was sad when my first company went out of business,
but I guess I wasn't surprised.

But when my second company went out of business,
it felt like I lost a little part of me.

crazy, Zany, hyper,
Good computers, and support

It was Great!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Smell An Adventure

You may not have guessed this, but I'm a fairly adventurous guy. I traverse the mountains, I sail the seas, I hit the airlines, and yes I even date (occaisionally).
But this Blog is about one of my all time favorite adventures, not one that I once had, but one that I still have, and I still enjoy.

It all started a long time ago. as society would count, it will have been even longer ago next week, but I guess that's a different blog.

For some reason, it's always been a joy to me, I'd see my mom grab her purse, and I would know where she was going, and I wanted to go.

The Cupboards were getting low, the fridge was practically empty, and my mom was going shopping.

She didn't always let us go, and maybe that's what made it an adventure, but from a very young age I have loved the supermarket.

Sometimes I would plan it out carefully, "oh your going shopping? what a coincidence, I just happened to be here in the car, hmm." Sometimes she would catch me off gaurd.
"Oh please, please please please please."
Sometimes I would try the silent but stealthy mode.
She would leave, and with out a word, I would just follow.
But always it was an adventure.

One big building with so many cool things.
there was food, there were toys, there were art supplies, there was candy, and there was food.

Then came a day when there were no supermarkets,
I was a missionary, half way around the world, and near as I could tell, there was nothing like a super market. Now this is not to say that there weren't any markets, just to say that it was different. very different.
To some less intrepid souls I could see how this could be a real problem, but for me... this was a new adventure.
Greece had a plethora (yes I know what it means, in fact, it's greek)
of different markets, and each was more interesting than the next.
Most of the markets were um small you know, like a british phone booth, or a shoe closet. most of them only sold one thing,
But these shops were particularly interesting, because the one thing the would sell would generally be very good ( and if it wasn't there would likely be another shop just like it, on the next corner). There were bread shops and sweet shops, and Meat shops, (but I avoided those, but it wasn't about the meat, sort of) gyro shops, and little itty bitty super markets. one of everything in a room not big enough for isles. But when I say everything, I'm being generous. they didn't have everything, in fact I didn't recognize half the stuff they did have, but then that added to the adventure.

And Then There Was Laiki.
The most wonderful open air market in the world.
(no scientific research was harmed in the making of this blog)
Laiki is a traveling fruit and vegetable market. Suddenly one day you step out side and there it is. Miles and miles of fruit. Vendors from all over bring you their finest, and they bring it every week. This guy has apples you should see his apples, and that guy has grapes, but he's not alone, everything you can imagine is on sale, as long as it's in season, and everything is being sold by multiple vendors. Thus you get the best selection, the best quality, and wow, by far the best tastes that you could ever imagine, and best of all, it comes to you. Everyone is telling you "Come try my fruit." and once you do, your hooked.

Actually I take it back there was a supermarket,
we called it Dia,
of course, that was it's name.
Dia was a discount store, a little weird, and oh yeah spanish,
but you could get some pretty cool stuff there.
like the six dollar shirt that I am wearing right now.

When I finally left for Cyprus, I once again saw a supermarket,
I was shocked... It was Huge!
and I loved it.

It was hard to go back to Greece, but not too hard.
And then a miracle happened, these huge stores started popping up all over,
maybe some of them had always been there, and I just couldn't see them,
but some of them were definately new.
A few of them even had Peanut butter,
and yes I even saw a cake mix once.

I never did find cool whip, but there were other cool things.

Then of course when I got back home, the stores were new and exciting again.

And so today I set out on a quest.
My mom needed something, and she couldn't get it, so my job was to find it.
And my famous adventure had begun.

Wow the things that I found.
I thought I knew what to expect, but there were so many things that I had never seen.
And so many things that I had never smelled.

I notice that Hersheys is selling a limited edition "Dulce de Leche" syrup.
I found apple soda, and couscous in multiple flavors, And health foods, and junk foods, and cool foods and yes the one my mom was looking for.
But since I didn't know exactly where to look, at least I got to explore for a while first.

And so it continues,
I love the markets
They make me happy,
and every time theres another adventure.