Thursday, October 09, 2003

Random Comments

This is the new place to put comments that don't already have a logical place. (Archived Comments)

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Older Random Comments

(In case you are wondering I'm manually archiving my random comments... I think it's better) So here they are:
julie said...

Interesting. So...what kind of comments will you be making in this section?

warnser said...

yeah a comment
Thank you!
I will make comments like I have,
it's just random stuff,
but mostly I see mine as responses.
So for instance someone could say I really like this or that feature of your blog or what ever, and then I could respond.

They could also say that they don't like something or would like a blog about...
I think it's like a facebook wall,
just a general place for comments, but not specifically about a particular post.

julie said...

So, um...what are the contigency plans for inclement weather? Are we still shuffleboarding tomorrow? I hope so, I'm looking forward to it!

warnser said...

Julie you are awesome.
Our contingency plan is faith.
I am planning on having hot cocoa, and fresh baked bread, and my mittens.
And I have just asked Cardine to provide PIUE, which, with my projector could work out pretty good.

Either way the party is on, and I'm still hoping for the best, but we may have to be flexible.
or something like that.

julie said...

This is kind of fun!

So, I enjoyed my time at your house Saturday and wish I could have spent more time there. I especially wish I could've managed to get in a game of shuffleboard!!! Sigh. The food was lovely, especially the boogatsa (I'm 100% sure that isn't how it's spelled, but I'm spelling it phonetically since I don't know the true spelling). I'm glad I finally got to try it - it was delightful! Thanks again for the invite! :)

warnser said...

Julie I'm glad you had fun at Shufflepalooza, and I'm glad you use the random comments. We will definitely have to play some shuffleboard.

And I need to get your dice back to you.
Either way, thanks for everything.

p.s. you were really close on the Bougatsa, It was a pretty good batch.

julie said...

You know, I almost spelled it with an "ou" instead of "oo". Sigh. So close!

Maybe we should get some people together sometime to play dice. I think that would be fun.

warnser said...

I agree.

julie said...

I called you Saturday night. Cardine and I were eating sushi and thought playing dice with you would be fun. Oh well. Another time. Hope you had a good weekend!

Cardine said...

If you think of what topic you wanted me to blog about, I would appreciate a suggestion. I might not take it, but I am having a major brain hemorrhage with my blogging lately.

Also. I have dice and apples in my car for Julie that I will be dropping off.

warnser said...

Julie playing games would have been really fun, but unfortunately my Saturday was hectic.


Also thanks to Cardine for making the drop.

I'm glad you're enjoying the apps.

julie said...

Yes, thanks Cardine for bringing me the apples and dice. Let's play sometime!!!

Cardine said...

Who is PJ? And by the way, thanks for your shout out to me the other day.

julie said...

I think I know who PJ is. "Think" being the key work, of course. Is it someone who isn't a roommate???

warnser said...

you're welcome Cardine.

I'm not sure what exactly your question means? But as for my roommates I would say they believe in me, but not quite to the same degree. Ü

Cardine said...

I still don't know who PJ is. I want to know who these people are. It is too cryptic for me.

warnser said...

well you know who you are...
the others are probably less relevant.

I might feel too vulnerable, and inhibited if everyone knew who everyone else was.

I don't want them to be points of conversation necessarily I just want to say nice things, and for people to receive good things.

or something like that.

julie said...

I really like the word "sangfroid". It's french and literally means cold blood.

Sarah said...

Wow... I feel like I just happened upon a party already in progress - a room full of good friends.

This is a great place to discuss the UNWotD problem. I've been thinking I need to ask you about it.

One week I checked nearly daily to see who you honored, but then, since I couldn't understand the code, I got frustrated and stopped checking.

It's a really nice gesture, but I feel like it's ineffective for your audience. Isn't a blog all about a presentation to an audience, anyway?

I'm not saying that I have to "be in the know" for all of your tributes, but good news is only news when people know about it. It's like a party you're having all by yourself. Let us enjoy it, too.

My opinion is that at the very least, your honorees ought to be aware that you appreciate/acknowledge them, even if you never actually reveal to the rest of us their identities. Do these "people...receive good things," as you said? (Perhaps you do let them know. I don't know.) Communicating such things would engender positive feelings of peace, love and unity... all very good things that we all need more of.

Anyway... do what you will. I don't want you to feel vulnerable and inhibited.

p.s. You have roommates?

warnser said...

Ok so there has definitely been some discussion about this.
(and Sarah, welcome to the party!)

1st yes this is a great place to discuss wotd type segments of the blog.

And yes you would be a distinct disadvantage in the deciphering. of it. That I'm afraid is not going to change.

but, of course communication is always a good thing, and admittedly sometimes my unwotd is a bit less communicative.

I'm still ironing out the bugs,but I will let you know when I figure out what to do.
thanks for commenting

julie said...

Sarah, Warnser doesn't have roommates, but there are a bunch of girls that I've heard discussed as "the roommates" or someone will say that someone isn't "one of the roommates". Does that help?

Warnser, I kind of agree with Sarah. You're doing such a nice thing, but if someone doesn't know that a comment is directed at them, it kind of defeats the point. I understand why you're not using names, and no one has to know who everyone is. Anyway, thanks for doing unwotd. It's nice. :)

Cardine said...

Yeah, there was only one time when I knew for sure it was for me. And I also don't check it all the time, but I can see how the purpose of slkdhwoie whatever it is, is for you to say something nice. And that's cool.

The roommates... yeah. I know who they are. They are very cool.

Remember how I was going to do a potluck while my parents were gone? Well, it may not happen. I'm not getting around to it. Possibly in the future? Like, maybe in December as a sort of hurrah for Shiree?

julie said...

Cardine, I think December sounds great! And Shiree moving is a good excuse (though we don't really need one!). Can I ask a favor, though? As of Dec. 14th I'll only be allowed Slim Fast, so could we have it before then? If not, I'll still come and bring food, and Slim Fast. :)

Cardine said...

Totally. It should totally be before December 14. Hmmm... maybe we could do it next week, though. Let me think about that one.

warnser said...

mmm pot luck,
yeah, I' know I'm a little slow lately, but I think it sounds fun, and hey, you're parents are gone again... so I guess it works about the same.
I vote pro 14 as in before the 14.
but I would down a slimfast to be supportive if needs be.

Cardine said...

warnser... we were actually thinking of doing something on Wednesday, but we haven't decided what yet. Do you want to come?

warnser said...

yeah I think so, just let me know what