Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm that good

I guess it comes with being the boss...
Everybody wants a job. Not everybody, but a lot more than I would have probably guessed, and who knows, someday it may actually happen, but how would I choose,
out of all the people who want the job, who would get the job.
One day I got tired of telling people that I wanted to see their portfolio.

It worked well enough, most people either had no portfolio, or were never heard from again. A few produced portfolios, but they weren't always as telling as I anticipated.
So I did what only seemed logical, I created a test.

Partially because I had a photo that needed to be fixed, and partially because I knew that this photo would take an exceedingly high level of competence. And while I knew the photo would be hard, maybe even hard beyond reason, I knew that it would tell me how good an applicant was. That clearly, by the time the photo had been fixed I would know how much a person knew, and to some degree, how easy it would be to teach them the parts of my work that they might be able to do.

A test for anyone who thought they could do it.
A test for anyone who would come.

And they did come.

And they tested and all were found wanting.

None of the people who wanted a job could really do it,
yeah, some of the people were ok, and
the test was hard.

I knew this from the beginning,
In fact I thought the test might be too much.
Perhaps a visual... this is my test:

Well one day finally came.
A day when I would take the test.
And it was hard.

I had made a few feeble attempts months before,
but nothing I tried produced the results that I desired.

I decided that I would have to start at the beginning.

And start I did,
It was hard.

The closer I got, the less I felt that I would be happy with the results.
But I still had some things I could try.
And so I tried. I tried a lot of things.
None of them were doing what I really wanted to see.
None of them could salvage this old and faded photograph.

And then something worked,
Something... I'm not even sure what, but it really worked.
I was getting close.
And then I was really close.

I knew it would be hard, and at times I thought it might be too hard for me.
'I'm good' I thought, '...but that good?'
I wasn't sure, not until I finished, and the crowds went wild,
yeah turns out, I'm that good. Ü