Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Half a Fortnight

Well the time is briskly approaching.  And in a week it will be all over.  Well some of it will be.  
But in case you have a bit of interest in learning more, or passing time or what not, I'm going to share my favorite election links again.

leaveyourprint.com:  Comprehensive, specific, everyone you could vote for (if you live in Utah)
They ask a few personal questions to verify your identity, but it's not a lot, they already know who you are, unless you haven't registered, I'm not sure in that situation.  This is a great place to start.

votesmart.org,  Huge. More comprehensive, and thorough. Just the facts. National.

I love it.  Rank the issues, it ranks the candidates for you, and then it tells you why,
then pick a different issues, and play it again.

Aggragate political information.  News, and so forth.

Glassbooth  times .01
smaller but not bad

So if you want to be informed, or be involved, or just plain not be lame,
these are a good place to start.

And in a fortnight we'll likely be free... at least from the campaigning! 
If not in any other way.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Investing (but not the kind with money): A series of thougths, quotes, ideas, and admonitions, or what not.

I spent a good deal of time the other day, thinking about investments. I like to think about investments, I like to watch my favorite stocks, and to find new stocks that I really like. I read an article that talked about the value of investing, specifically the value of investing in American stocks in these trying, and difficult times.

As I thought about this concept, about investing when times are hard, I could see the wisdom that the author was sharing, I could see how every dollar invested could be a win for the economy, and for the individual. Still I had to wonder if there was something even deeper here, if there wasn't a principle or perhaps even principles that apply to human beings.

I'm not sure that my thoughts on this make sense,
So I'm publishing it in limbo...
It's not here, but if you want to read it then you can.
This is the link to its current residence.
if not, that's fine too.

I'm open to suggestions.
Have a great day.

The J.V. E. part II

Day 24: Greenland to England
Ok so I'm in Greenland, and clearly getting out is going to be a pain.
I mean there's really nothing close to Greenland,
but I guess It's time to hop on the first plane I can and get to London.

So I get to London, and man am I tired.
So I sleep,
and I sleep some more.

Day 25: London

London is an impressive city,
maybe even too impressive, I clearly can't take it all in, so I grab a bite to eat at a chippy. And I search for a good can of vimto, and maybe some candy or something.

And I sleep.
Maybe I see some things, maybe not.

I wake up rejuvenated, and it's time to catch another plane.

Day 26: London to Stockholm
Day 27: wandering through Stockholm maybe a little trip over to Drottningholm, a village on the island Lovön in lake Mälaren.
Day 28: Stockholm to Copenhagen
This is the day that I would board the train, yep I'd use the EuRail pass for the next few stops. It's about five hours of travel, but that's more than enough for one day.
This city looks amazing, lot's of wandering, lots of water. There would be plenty of things to see here.

Day 29: Copenhagen to Hamburg
Five more hours on the train.

Day 30: Hamburg
There are some beautiful gardens in Hamburg
I'd probably visit them, and then soak in the German atmosphere.

Day 31: Hamburg to Frankfurt
First of all this is funny - add some er to it if you're drawing a blank.

Day 32: Frankfurt
Do something in Frankfurt, and get my sleep on schedule again.

Day 33: Frankfurt to Munich
More train time.

Day 34 - 35: Munich
Alte Pinakothek: t
his is quite the museum I imagine I'd spend a good portion of the day there.

Day 36: Munich to Vienna
Choo- Choo!

Day 37: Vienna
Vienna, need I say more?

Day 38: Vienna to Venice
Venice intrigues me, but not enough to linger.

Day 39: Venice to Zagreb
Yep I'm on the train again! It's getting old, but I try to take it just a little at a time. I think this segment is nearly 6 hours, a little long at this stage.

Day 40: Zagreb
My Journey is half way over today. Today, I visit the Castle at Medvedgrad and the lake of Samobor

Day 41: Zagreb to Belgrade
Yep, 6 more hours on the train. Yay! I like Belgrade and I'm sure that while I'm there, I would take the opportunity to be with the people. The people in Zagreb and Belgrade are one of the most interesting things to me.

Day 42: Belgrade to Sofia
Well, I've made it to Bulgaria. The land of the endless roses. You can smell it, and I do. Bulgaria is exciting, But partially I'm getting excited, because I'm one to two days from the land that I love... One to two days from Greece

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Buy an Apple

No seriously.

Ok not seriously.

I think Apples are great.
Both the computers/gadgets and the fruits.

and I have no problem with people buying them,
Apple's stock is low, so it would seem to be at least a decent time to buy it,
but as always I am not a financial analyst, so don't buy it just because I say to.

As for the computers, well Apple keeps putting out these dang impressive little things. I really do love mine. Especially since I don't love my PC.
It's a stark reality as I cross from one side of my office to the other.
The iMac almost always works,
and the other thing does not, simple really.

But this is about something deeper than that.

As you may already know, we have too many apples.
We have five apple trees, and five friends' apple trees, and
quite honestly we have too many apples,

I really don't think we have room or jars for all the apples that we have,
so if you feel like you could use an apple,
or half a bushel of apples, feel free to stop by for some.
seriously, it's not a very logical time to buy an apple,
because I already have them,
and they are big, and gorgeous, and wonderful.
so there you have it.

Buy an Apple, but don't buy an apple, you know, basically speaking.

P.s. a special apology to those far far away, you can buy an apple if you want to.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blog Exchange

Here is the link to the blog that I wrote to put on Cardine's blog
It's called My List.

We both really like comments.
So if you have something to say, we'd probably love to hear it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


That's right it time for Shufflepalooza,
(in case you haven't heard)

And if you need more information.
you can go to the awesome shufflepalooza blog. TTFN

Thursday, October 02, 2008

On Dating (Blog Exchange)

The other day I was talking with my friend Cardine and she suggested that we each write a guest entry for the other one's blog. We each had a list of topics that we thought would be interesting to hear about. We each picked one and this was the result.

My Best Date (by Cardine)

Hi. I'm going to address this topic politician-style and not really address the issue that's being presented or the question that's being asked. In other words, this isn't about my best date. But, I am going to talk about some good experiences I've had and say why I liked them.

1. Once upon a time, there was a young man wearing a strange and unique hat. I complimented this fellow on the hat, and he promptly asked me out the next time we saw each other. I said yes. He arrived for our date almost a half an hour early. I wasn't home. I was still at work. When I was informed that he was at the house, I promptly left and went home to meet him there. He didn't have a car, so we walked to Dairy Queen. He bought me some ice cream, and we talked. After that was over, we decided to walk to Wal-Mart because he needed some bread. And then, we walked back to my house. So, all we really did was walk, eat ice cream, walk some more, buy bread, walk some more, and talk in that time.
And yet, this was a good date. I know that the description probably doesn't make it sound like a good date, but I really enjoyed the time I spent with him, even though it was evident (to me) based on our conversations that he and I were not too compatible. He was perfectly polite, kind, and interesting. And while I said "no thank you" when he asked me out again, I still maintain that it was a very, very good date.

2. I hate getting up early. But one time this guy who I was slightly interested in asked me if I would go to breakfast with him at 7 a.m. I think I probably tried to talk him into a later time, but eventually decided to go at 7. Afterall, it was free breakfast with a really cool guy. We met with a couple of other couples at 7 a.m. at this hick restaurant with all of the old timers and discussed riveting things, such as John Wayne movies. And while I had nothing to add to the discussion, except for a hazy memory of "True Grit," the breakfast was tasty, and I was glad that I had gotten up to go with him. And he smiled a lot. Enjoyable.

3. One time I had a friend who asked me if I wanted to go play ultimate croquet with him. I think my roommate ended up going with his roommate, as well. Anyway, there was a gigantic group of people there all on dates. We were on a team, and played this croquet course at a park, going over all sorts of obstacles. I love croquet, so I really enjoyed this date. And my date was polite and well-mannered. I don't think I talked a lot because I didn't know very many people, and I'm shy like that. But it was nice to have my roommate there so I didn't have to feel totally weird around all the people I didn't know.


1. This date was fun because my date was ultra-polite, attentive to me, and a good conversationalist. He was a good date.

2. This date was great because I already had interest in my date. When that happens, the activity, conversation, or whatever happens matters less than if the date is with someone for whom I don't already have interest. I mean, John Wayne... guh? Oh, and also, he fed me. I like food. Especially bacon.

3. This date was enjoyable because it was relaxed and an activity that I really enjoy. If someone invites me to do something that I already want to or like to do, then that is awesome!

So, I guess that there are a lot of different ways to enjoy dates. I think that I enjoy dates the most if the following elements are involved:

1. A good conversation
2. Interest
3. A fun activity or something that I want to do

And sometimes food. Mostly if I know there will be food.

How about you? What sort of elements do you like in a date?