Friday, March 27, 2009


I love Charlie Rose
Sadly, yes sometimes I have to stay up to watch.
Fortunately sometimes I catch the earlier showing,
and sometimes I catch the other early rebroadcast.

I'm going to write my congressmen, (and everybody else I can)
to say that I support five day postal delivery, if you feel like you would like to do that I think that would be good too. I'm doing it through, but votesmart, or any webpage that ends in dot gov would probably have a way to do it too.

In somewhat better news I picked some stocks back in the fall.
I didn't buy them, but I today I looked at them and I picked really well.
I mean not all of them have done well in this ("worst economy ever")
(In fact two of my longterm favorites have kind of tanked). But if I had invested my money. My return would definitely be decent (at this exact moment in time) Ü.

In contemplating Dating, and looking for jobs, and buying a computer, I notice that my approach is similar, and... I want the Apple. Unfortunately the one that I like doing (buying computers) is the one that I don't really need to do. (I already have the A) Ü

(Apple was a metaphor... not so much in the computer area )

And finally I think it is ironic that I work with videos all day, and with all the videos out there, the videos that I choose to watch, or have playing in the background, are lectures. I really like em.
iTunes, and Academicearth, and anybody who's probably more knowledgeable than me (in whatever they may be doing)

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Friday Fives

1) Well, it was close but my USU Aggies (and every other team I've rooted for) were eliminated.
They played well (unlike every other team I've been rooting for). But I guess it's just not their time.

2) despite all reason, I think they're going to be good next year, like whoa-they're-good kind of good. Or maybe that's just me hoping.

3) I love that people have been putting comments & questions, on my 5000questions blog, I think it's is good, and getting better all the thyme... thanks!

4) I find it interesting that The President is still saying that he's going to cut the deficit, but now the official auditors say that it's really going to cost us like trillions.

5) And finally I'm glad that people aren't just blindly following him. Yeah I think it's cool if people want him to succeed, and if he succeeds, we all succeed etc. But I think it's time that the media... and the president himself, realize that he's not infallible, and that it's a hard job. And that the people out in Washington should probably start to think things through a bit, and listen to people. Oh, and maybe try to keep some of their campaign promises. I'm just sayin'. Ü

But I do wish him well, and hey he looks good on Leno so...

and there you have it, my Friday five of the week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We Put the Stream in Extreme Croquet...

And we took it out too.

Thanks to everyone who came to the last party. It was fun, even if a little cold.
Our Extreme Croquet game was really as good as I could have hoped.
(yes even without the usual stream, the game was still good)

I really really like the new course, which of course is not to say that we won't be going back to the old one, but this course was also very eventful, what with the sand, and the tables, and my favorite the hill.

2) I thought about calling this the friday five,
because well, there are usually five things I can come up with by Friday,
but since its only the second edition, and I don't really plan on making it a common practice (though that thought might still change)

New web.
The funny thing is it's not new.
So I've always thought it would be interesting to start an in depth look at dating and relationships. And to do it via the web, so that I can get and share perspective, and hopefully what knowledges are out there can be conglomerated.
And while blogs like that are seemingly common right about now. I felt like I would start one of my own. (actually I started it a year ago, but it was lame... I never published any posts)
But a while back I was talking with some friends about dating and relationships, and a seed was planted. They said that we should create a set of questions that a couple should try to understand before they decided to get married. I know there are books out there of this nature already, but sometimes I thought their questions... while thought provoking, were um well at the least, poorly worded, and funny. I also think that there are questions that set the foundations for dating and relationships that should also be answered. I have lately thought a lot about questions, and how powerful they can be, and what kind of doors they can unlock, and how often we think we have an answer, but we may not even have all the questions. With that in mind I have started a blog about questions. 5000 Questions. blogspot . com With the idea that I will post one question, or one answer, or a set on a weekly basis (probably Mondays).

Also any one who wants to add questions etc. is welcome to contribute.
the e-post address is warnser . 5000 (the at sign) blogger . com (no spaces)
Emails will be queued and added in a timely sort of way.

4) I have not fixed the blog yet, so it still has a lot of refernces to the older and somewhat more confusing name/ description.

5) New bed.
Also not new.
well some of it is.
I hate my bed.
...but I just got one of those fancy-schmancy visco-elastic (memory foam) toppers. ($60) and I'm not kidding, it changed my life!
Ok maybe it's too soon to tell, but after one night my 1.5 inches of cloud like substance is really really comfy. and now I can sleep in my bed and actually not hate it.
anyway, I like it.

well that's five,
and that's about all I have ttfn

Friday, March 06, 2009

the secret five

So a few quick points of interest.

1) It seems like it's time to have a party.
so I am.
I'm having a party.
next Thursday.  Like @5:30 or six.  Food/Games/ Etc.
location:coming soon.
details also coming.

Hope you can come. 

the end.

2) The plague of all the civilized world has finally caught up with me.   
Yes I added myself to that infamous existence, But it will not consume me.
I won't be adding many friends, (though I will likely confirm) and I will be limiting their privileges ( at my discretion). 
I don't mind an occasional message, but I'm not looking for a poke, a snowball fight, applications, challenges, or really anything that a person might be able to send (I don't know, or care what that may be).  I'm like a first tier user, I have a wall, and that's about all. 
I'm not happy about it, but I don't have time to explain it either.
so there you go, I joined the plague.  And yes, I'm still against it.
(but fortunately I'm running mac OS X,  so those nasty infections it's been causing... well, I won't be getting most of them).

3) Daylight savings time

4) They did it, All new macs
All so sweet. iMac, mini, and PRO whoa!

and 5)
the secret is there is no secret.