Wednesday, October 19, 2005



Wow, am I long winded or what.
that was a really long post.
ok. ok. I think it looks longer than it is,
because I used different formatting,
but I guess that's just part of the game.
Speaking of game.
I do. I like games,
I like puzzles,
I like puzzle games.

some of my favourite games makers are
Milton-bradley/Parker Brothers/ Hasbro (can you belive they're all the same now)?
and fundex

Some of my favourite boardgames are
Settlers (the whole series
Scrabble (hasbro)
Apples to Apples
Monopoly (they had to be here, I mean come on!)
1313 deadend drive

well thanks for reading
this message sponsered in part by board games.
do something fun. do it for your family, do it for yourself.


I have decided that for my second blog,
I should do something really interesting.
I have not decided what that means,
but I felt like writing, so here I am.

I have come to the conclusion that blogs should contain cool stuff,
unfortunately the cool stuff isn't flowing yet,
so you get to read my ramblings while I try to
work this into something interesting.

I guess it must be time for a story.

I have the coolest best friend on earth.
he's a self made bazillionaire
and about the funniest person I've ever met.
ok, so he's not a bazillionaire, (yet)
but he is really funny.

One he decided that the good people of Arby's needed
umm, a little excitement in their lives,
and we were just the people to help them out.
(actually he decided that a lot, but he
did work there for a few years, so I guess he would know).

He did many things to help them -- from juggling knives
to suprise kitchen water fights,
(all of which I must add were done with the
utmost regard for the hallowed reputation of said Arby's)

But this particular night he wasn't working.
Why a person would want to go back,
when they spent their whole life there, I still have not figured out,
but we did. Perhaps his mom was out of town.

Sidenote: my friend is brilliant, but somehow he never really learned to cook.
By his own admission he would happily live on pop-tarts if he could.
Sometimes he even burnt his pop-tarts,
but then way day, a miracle (acutally there were two)
but anyway, one day he learned that you didn't have to cook a pop-tart.
and voila! no more burnt meals.ª

(The second miracle was that he got married,
and amazingly his wife is a really good cook.
---see ª above)

But back to the story. Through a chain of events that i
have since forgotten, we ended up at Arby's

And being the good samaritans that we are,
we came up with a plan.

It was a simple plan:
Reak havoc on the drive through,

Basically you pull up to the mic.
and you give your order in a really funny way.
Tonight the plan was to give the order while wiggling
his finger across his mouth.

after about as much as I could take,
with a straight face,
we were asked to pull forward to window
they were "experiencing technical difficulties."
Ü ü Ü Ü ü Ü Ü ü Ü Ü ü Ü

Another friend of ours was working the window,
but oddly enough he was not amused when
Scott (my best friend) pulled up to the window and
repeated the process so that he could see.

It took a minute, but after a while we had done our job.
the good people of Arby's had been served.

So what's that moral?
I have no idea.
but I think it's a pretty funny story,
so there you go.
tune in next time for a swashbuckling good time
as we talk about Pirates
Arrrgh Matey!@

Monday, October 17, 2005


This blog was inspired by blogs from some of my friends,
and because I have a lot of things to say.

I don't really reccommend that anyone read this.
It will likely be boring, and insensitive,
and highly oppinionated, but it might occasionally be good for a laugh,

I probably won't post very often,
but I will probably post a few articles each time that I do.

So first things first
Where did I get my blog name?
There are four parts to my blogs name
(yes I know that math was tough, but I eventually figured it out)

Warnser, Wonderful , Web, and Wonders

I'll start with the easy one: THIS IS THE WEB.

NEXT: Wonderful- well it may cause you to wonder, but mostly I just needed an adjective.

Warnser: This is perhaps the only part of the title that will get a decent explanation. (Oddly enough if you are reading this
blog, you have probably already heard the story,
but I'm including it anyway).

Some years ago I spent some time doing religious service
( a mission (to help bring people closer to Christ))
in a foreign country (Greece). In preperation for that service I
spent time at a Missionary Training Center (MTC). One of the things we learned at the MTC was how to write our names in Greek.
Unfortunately I had to miss class that day
(though technically I already knew how to spell my name). When I got back my name was on the board it looked something like this. GOUARNESR. (That was a lot tougher than I thought it would be (and if you can read it, it's probably still wrong)). When we met with the missionaries that had been in class we had a good laugh and I came to be known as Warnser (incedentally in their greek spelling thats not what it says (the '
S ' is in the wrong place)).

Wonders: yes I wonder about many a thing, but I also just like alliteration.

Here are some of the topics that I hope to address in coming articles.
Pirates, Signs, Admitting we're wrong, Girls, Food, Girls, insight and entertainment.

(or piracy, enter only, Being Right, stupid people, food, nice people,

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

P.S. I have decided to include some of my favourite key commands (mostly for my own benefit).
Alt + 129ü 148ö 153Ö 154 Ü 155¢ 156£ 164ñ 167º 169© 181 µ