Thursday, December 21, 2006

Not my new video or service

I just sent this to a friend,
so I thought I would see what it looked like on my blog too.
enjoy, if you want.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

KaKuro It's like sudoku on steriods

As you might already know,
I kind of a nerd.
I like games, and puzzles, and anything that makes you think.
Some months ago, almost a year I think. I wrote a post about this wonderful new game,
Sudoku. It's not really japanese, and it's not really new,
but its fun, and the japanese made it popular...
like the whole pizza thing.
Well one year later I'm back and I have another wonderful game for you.
It's called Kakuro. Also a japanese name,
Also not japanese.
It's very similar to Sudoko, but it's a bit tougher in some ways.
You actually have to be able to add in this one.
Still a lot of the lessons I learned from sudoku apply.
You learn to see patterns,
and numbers and such,
I think it's pretty fun.
but sometimes the puzzles are big,
and sometimes they take a lot longer to solve,
but oddly enough bigger puzzles can be easier,
because it's kind of like a crossword puzzle,
the one "word" can help you find all the others,
and they all link together.
it looks something like this
or this

May your Christmas be full of fun and games,
and family and food.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The ultimate irony

I just think this link is funny.
If you want to hear it from the horses mouth,
then here you go.