Thursday, April 24, 2008

Round One: Spike Lee

It was a great idea. 

I still think it is.

But after a few weeks of incubation,
Spike Lee has jumped out to any early lead.

I can't say it's everyday that I'm bested by the likes of Spike.
Though oddly enough, it seems to happen from time to time.
(though usually my ideas are somewhat less ridiculously large)

SIDENOTE:  The last time I remember something remotely close to this was nineteen ninety seven, or eight.  It was the molten hot food chain of take-and-bake.  I was going to franchise it, but by the time I got around to looking for land, somebody else already had a sign, "Papa Murphy's coming soon."  Sure enough, ten years later, It's still going strong.  Somedays I like it, and somedays I don't, but either way the idea was smokin' hot!

Needless to say I was surprised to hear about Spike's new project.
I was not surprised that somebody else launched the same kind of idea that I had. I was however surprised that it launched in such short proximity to my launch (In fact mine is barely even public, and still needs some work), but what surprised me the most was Spike Lee. 

A critically acclaimed director, with over forty movies under his belt, and he's my competition.  He calls his project "the Democratization of Film."  oooo good name. I call mine the Patchwork Video.  The basic concept is essentially the same.  We make a video largely based on user submitted content.  His website launched today (April 24, 2008).  My website launched about two days ago:
Clearly his website is all the things that mine should be, but is not yet.
So round one goes to spike.

I'm guessing this is something that they've been working on, unless they have an amazingly sweet team of web warriors, because my vision looks kinda like their site, but I just haven't had that kind of time.  Besides it would have been hard for them to do so much in just two days.

Still I can't decide whether I should be flattered or furious, but I can say that I don't have the time to be furious, so I'm choosing flattered.  You know what they say, great minds think alike.  Ironically though, the person  usually saying it doesn't always have a great mind.

So let me tell you about my project.  This will be my second feature length film.  I was a technical consultant/ secondary cameraman/ miscellaneous minion, for another film called Nerd Squared.   A couple of my friends decided to make a movie, and I decided to join them.  
It was an amazing experience, but not without complications.  They've almost completely finished the movie, but very important people keep disappearing.  I think the last thing they are working on is the scoring, but they can't seem to find their musicians anymore.  
This of course makes their job a lot harder.

It did however open my mind to a new kind of video.  A video where every part could be pieced out, in a sort of contest.  It's like American Idol meets YouTube meets Hollywood.  A movie where people could come and go as they please.   A movie where no one is too important to be cut. Everyone can participate, but anyone can be replaced, and if your sound-guy should disappear, scores of people are right there waiting.

And so I had my idea, a patchwork video.  A video for the people, and by the people (with of course some creative oversight).

And then Spike went and had the same idea: A video for the people, and by the people.
Though as similar as our ideas are, they're actually quite a bit different.

Spike is encouraging people to shoot their video with cellphones (Nokia).  But I am discouraging cell-vids.  I want videos with really good resolution (at least 640 x 480), good lighting, and good sound.  If a person can do that with a cell phone, I certainly wouldn't stop them, but most cell phones just aren't made to make videos.

Point number two Spike is telling the 'story of humanity with music.'
I am telling a story. 

Spikes movie sounds like it has a lot of potential, but it also sounds like a documentary.
(which I'll admit will make his a bit easier)
Mine is most certainly not a documentary (though we don't have a plot yet, we are of course seeking submissions Ü). It could be action,  it could be adventure, and yes there's a chance for a little romance, but we are trying to keep it PG at the most, so it's not one of those.   

So clearly Round one has gone the other way,  but who knows, round two might just be mine.

Congratulations to them, and the work that they've done.
We've started something with incredible potential. Now we'll just have to see what happens.
Let me know what you think.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good bad or Great?

I'm a little bored, and a little distracted,
let's face it, it's a Monday.

And since I haven't written much lately I thought I might put something here,
just throwing it out.

As many of you know I'm not a big fan of dating,
it's kinda hard.
But unfortunately, it is something I should do.

so I had this idea, and I want to know,
Good idea,
bad idea,
or great idea?

I could see how it could be all of the above,
but I'm curious to hear some extra perspectives.
So here's the idea, followed by some of my thoughts.

I've noticed that girls can be um difficult to ask out.
Sure there are options but each one has limitations.
You can call them, but then you have to explain who you are (assuming you're not pretty good friends (and sometimes if you are), but if dating is to get to know people... this should be a fair assumption, sometimes).

You can find a girl in a social setting,
but they probably won't be alone, and this can make things even more awkward.
(don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that they should be alone, I'm just giving my perspective, perhaps I'll add examples).

Or you can track down, a girl at home, or perhaps other places that one might logically be.
Of course the downside here, is the whole stalker thing, This one seems like a generally bad idea, especially since I have no reason to be where anyone else would be.

Of course there is TEXT and email. But again, kinda problematic,
some people like it, some people hate it. And if you hit the wrong number, you're in for a big surprise.

But then I had a new idea.
By now I doubt I would do it,
but perhaps...
So I was wondering,

What if a person sent you a video?
you know something simple.
Maybe ten seconds, maybe a minute.

Kinda an introduction,
and a simple invitation.

"Would you like to ... with me... insert date... insert time."

Nothin fancy, just asking a girl out, without so much of that dang awkwardness.

Of course there are some downsides.
For instance, I might not have total control over how things happen,
but I've taken that into account, and I've already been there, so that's not the issue,
(besides, I think that I could work around that, at least to a degree)

So here's the question, if it happened to you, you would...?

Comments, may include some 'funny' stories

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ufflepalooza !!!!!
Tell your friends, and warn your family
once again it is back.

I didn't have much notice on this one,
but it kinda had to happen,
so here's the scoop.

Saturday, April 19th,
same great place,
new Early morning time.

(not early for most people, but early enough
that you can go to county conventions, or other
important social activities)

In order to save time, and talent,
I will list the info as key words:

Tzatziki:probably, 10:30, people, open invitation, Shuffleboard, other games,
Sam (not uncle), closed-toed shoes!, no liability, aural sensations, etc.
hope you can come , but understand if you can't Ü

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Helium it's not just for balloons anymore

It used to be that Helium had it's place, and it pretty much stayed there.  But as things change, this too is changing.  It used to be that Helium was a thing that we found in balloons, or if we were up for a challenge, perhaps we would "enhance" our voices and do our best chipmunk impression.  

Well there's a new kind of helium, and that new Helium is spreading like wildfire.  It's an open forum for writers. The goal is to help writers get their writing out there.  People write, people read, people rate, oh yeah and people earn.  The idea is that because it is a community everyone grows together.  The writers get better, because they write more.  The readers get better because they read more.  And everyone gets better because the readers can give the writers their feedback.   

Writers can find mentors, if they need a little help.  Someone who is proven as a star writer can give specific feedback and instruction.

And if you just want to read, you can do that there too.
News, information, opinions, and reviews.  There are even sections for recipes and poems.  

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to write lately,
but I have had time to post a few of my 'relevant' articles to helium,
and I have earned a whole penny from my labors (though they are offering a promotion right now that I might be able to cash in on, if I'm lucky).

Helium host's contests, and actually provides material for magazines, and others looking for a writer.  Obviously you earn a lot more if someone really want's to read what you have written.

I don't really write much on Helium,
and my blogs will still be my focus, 
but if I should earn a little more for what I have already done,
well, that would be great.

If you are interested in joining Helium you can go to their website,
or if you are planning on making boatloads of money, 
I can send you a referral link,
(that way you make a boatload of money, but they give some of the leftover money to me Ü)
 either way stay tuned. My blogs are not dead yet. 

In fact they're just getting warmer.