Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Put it all together and what do you get?

Soup for one.
Yep I got the soup and it was worth it.

I learned perhaps even more than I expected to, and I am now a professional onion stirrer.

He even asked us if we wanted to know any of his other soups. He taught the one that I was looking for, so I didn't think to ask him about any others... yes I have failed every one of you. I didn't not learn the secret of the Tomato-Basil.

But I made some Cream of Corn Poblano, and my Dad said he liked the stuff that I made even more than the batch that I brought home.

Wow, it was tasty. I want to try some of the other recipes, but I'm going to give my self a little bit of a soup break first.

And then... um I think I'm having a movie night sometime this weekend maybe.
I have a bunch of redbox codes and they probably expire in about 9 days. So if you want to come, or suggest a movie, let me know any preference you may have.

Oh and there is one more thing.
I may be looking at creating a new gamestore/online resource, or something.
so if you have a few minutes, I'm looking for a name. If you have a great name I'd love to hear it, but I also have a survey you can fill out to tell me what you think of some of the names I have looked at.
there are a lot of them, and I have my biases, but I decided to included them all, I mean I may be wrong about which ones are best.
Game Name Survey

Oh and have I ever mentioned how much I dislike searching for a job, it stinketh.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

33 Random Thoughts for the 33nd Day of the Year

Man it's cold outside, I'm so glad I'm not a mailman today.

You may not know this, but I will almost never cross my legs with the right leg on top.

I got my 1099 from Amazon today category: Royalties, and I smiled.

Best advice I ever got at the post office, 'just be faster.'

Second best advice I got... when I asked how to deal with the snow "Find a relative with a 4-wheel drive vehicle."

Favorite new game that I got got for Christmas? Frank's Zoo

Favorite new game that I didn't get for Christmas Dominion... and I thought I wouldn't like it. Silly, Silly, me. What was I thinking? Apparently there are multiple versions like Rio Grande Games Dominion: Prosperity

I have on occasion been found riding a unicycle

I've been eating a lot more pizza lately.

I really like the Pizza cart guy, and his greek pizza is pretty tasty, not huge, but good. Midvalley pizza is not too shabby either, I mean it's not the best pizza in the world, but the Thincrust is pretty good. I usually get the regular crust, because it's more pizza for the buck. Well at least that was my story when I passed it everyday. Either way the guy at the shop would usually try to find me a nice big slice. Awesome.

But don't get a Soda, it's 91% Ice.

Almost every street in Enoch has these huge drainage ditches that cross, at well, almost every intersection. Blech.

Is the Bowling Alley's Burger really the best in town? Well I don't know about that, but after I all my sauces sufficiently covering it was really really good.

I used an iPad for a weekend once and it was crazy productive for me, I used an ipod for about a week, and it was not crazy productive for me, but it may have been circumstantial.

I want a cr-48, but I don't think I'm going to get one... I do however, like the idea of a little free data, and offline back-ups.

I am however going to get an update for may Mac, and since it's been a while, I'm super excited about it.

I forget how much I like water, well how much I like good water, yeah I can totally tell the difference.

Is a person a food snob if they just like good food? Sometimes I think I'm a food snob, and sometimes I think I'm just the opposite, I mean I'll eat just about anything, but only if it's good, I like multiple versions of a lot of dishes (though sometimes I do have to call them something different) but some food just isn't that good.

I'm glad I went to Egypt when I did. It doesn't seem all that safe anymore.

Basically I try to not eat the first or the last of anything, and I won't open a package, of say cookies, unless of course I bought them.

I watched the trailer for the new Bieber movie, and I couldn't stop laughing, I'm not sure it was meant to be a comedy, but it's pretty awesome. Ü

I bought some tire chains for my car so I could do my job better, but I bought them when the weather was ok, and it never got very bad again while I was there.

Why is it that a vocal minorities can do so much damage, but there rarely seems to be an equally strong movement on the other side to counter them.

I have mixed feelings about socks. I like warm socks, but I don't like dirty socks. I like that socks keep my feet warm, but I don't like the feeling that I've been wearing socks all day. I don't like trying to find matching socks... mostly only a problem on Sundays, and I don't like those little furballs that I find in my socks after they have just been washed.

I ruined one shirt and one pair of pants at my last job. I bought a pair of shoes, but now I think I need something that's a little less utilitarian.

I'm in a new testament class right now, and it's pretty cool. I had my reservations about any class that delves into Greek, but only half of them appear to be valid. The definitions the teacher provided us are actually pretty dang good, the pronunciation well it's... well it's the opposite of really really good.

Oh man it's almost midnight, I'm gonna have to add one to my list.

I'm excited to see Ken Jennings take on the computer on Jeopardy. Yeah, I'm totally going to watch that.

When I told a neighbor that I was thinking of making some iPhone apps with all of recently acquired free time, he leant me an iPod touch, so I'd have a better idea what I was doing.
I was at a minimum surprised.

I love Angry Birds. I hate Angry Birds. I can't believe how much time it can consume.

It bugs me so much when I hear the same song on the same radio station for the third or fourth time in the same day.

I really believe that ubiquitous free (or really cheap) internet is coming. Please come soon UFI.

And finally I'd like to thank Apple for introducing us to the mouse, and for helping us move beyond it, and google I love that you brought us ubiquitous free email. I remember when your 1 Gig sounded ridiculously awesome... actually I still haven't even filled my first GB and I almost never delete things now.