Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Conference Call with Jim

A few months ago I had the opportunity to listen to a conference call with Congressman Matheson.  It was very informational.  And it looks like he's doing another one tomorrow.

So if you want to listen/ speak to him, here is the info.

TomorrowWednesday September 23, 2009.  Telephone Town Hall Meeting
with Congressman Jim Matheson.

What:  Telephone Town Hall Meeting to discuss pressing national issues.

Who:    Congressman Jim Matheson and Utah constituents.

When:  September 23, 2009 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

How:    To join the call at or after 7:00 PM, call (877) 229-8493.  When directed, enter the PIN # 13304.  You'll be able to listen in toll-free for as long as you like and, when prompted, ask the Congressman questions on the topic of your concern.

New poll on the Blog.

That's right I've added a poll. Go ahead, vote in it, you opinions are welcome.  Other comments, can go here!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Extreme Croquet.

Hmm I'm thinking my house this week, it should be done ish, so I think it will be a great spot.
I'll update when I know for sure.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Apprise - verb to make aware.

So here's the scoop.

Friday (yes they are still on Fridays - despite what some who got the text  message thought) more Extreme Croquet.  Maybe even with a special treat. Maybe.

CVMS ( I think it's MS)

Point number 2. 

with each of the candidates for Cedar City Mayor!
One of them I had to do twice, but they have all been done.  

Sometimes I love technology, and well sometimes I don't. 
To hear the interviews go to MyLocalLeaders.blogspot.com 

Also if you know anyone running for City council, encourage them to fill out the email interview that they were sent.  Ü
(Transcripts for the mayoral interviews are in progress, hopefully done by next week)
It was a hefty project, but it's feeling better now.

And then there's my house... Have you heard what they are doing to my house?
Well they're pretty much new and improving it.
So what have they done?
  • Well we got about thirty percent more space in the two rooms we use most. (that would be the kitchen and the family room)
  • And we got a new deck. (yeah, the new deck and stairs are pretty much in)
  • And the cement on the Shuffleboard court was fixed.
  • And we got some new siding. (mostly done)
  • And We got our new kitchen floor yesterday (it's a fancy vinyl)
  • Today our cupboards were put back in
  • Did I mention the amazing new oven(s) that we're getting?
  • And a new oven hood
  • And most of the painting is done
  • and various other things here and there. 
  • Oh yeah and we got a broom closet, and it only took us 23 years Ü
Hitch is having another baby, (this will be their second)

And I'm still in the same job I was last year, but that may change.
Actually that pretty much is going to change.  It was interesting,
I was asked what my dream job for this next phase of my life would be, and I didn't really know the answer.  But the more I thought about it I realized that I do know the answer. Normal hours, Consistent wages, and time, yeah time to develop - to pursue some of my interests, and maybe even work on some really fun projects, that don't have to make money, but could.  Ah yes, and it should use some of my talents and skills, but I haven't decided yet whether I want it to co - mingle with my passions. And if it happens to be in the north half of the state, well that's even better.

But we'll see. If I can just keep the power from going out again for a long enough time to actually finish some apps.  Ü

So that's the update. That's where things stand.

Oh and there may even be a shufflepalooza, in Oct. (if we have enough energy to paint the court).