Sunday, July 30, 2006

a hodge podge.

This blog is about many things,

First I would like to start with a quote from Joseph Smith Jr.
He was talking to a lady who "had been maligned unjustly by gossip."
(and no this is not a quote in favor of gossip, but that's a whole different topic) He said something like this:
Sister, when I have heard a story about me, I sit down and think about it and pray about it, and I ask myself the question, 'Did I say something or was there something about my manner to give some basis for that stroy to start? And, Sister, oftern if I think about it long enough, I realize I have done something to ggive taht basis. And there wells up in me a forgiveness of the person who has told that story, and I resolve that I will never do that thing again.
----Joseph Smith Teachings p. 355-56

random side note.
I was going to buy apple stock, (again)

(appearantly I should have)

Grant Von Harrison.
(I hear he lives in my home town)
Without the companionship of the Holy Ghost, you will fail to realize that sarcasm is inappropriate in your relationship with other(s)... you will be prone to assume that there is nothing wrong with a sarcastic remark if it is made jokingly; you will fail to realize that any form of sarcasm can embarrass or offend. You need to understand that when you offend someone, the spirit of the Lord is automatically offended. Innocence off intent does not justify any form of Sarcasm.
(I wish I had to full quote, and reference, but if you search for him, I think it is pretty clear which book the quote is coming from)

Of course I was going to buy an Apple,
(Appearantly I should have there too)

I hear it's national Ice cream month,
have you celebrated yet? times almsot up.

Ok now that your softened up prepare to be destroyed.
I didn't do it I promise,

but seriously,
I went to and activity,
we'll call it 'WHE'
and well,
this article was shared.
If you feel the need to be humbled,
or the need to laugh at my being humbled here is the link,
but remember,
you were warned.
(oh yeah, and make sure you read the last little bit,
it's kinda like the Miracle of Forgiveness,
you cant just read the first half, you have to endure to the end,
and it get's betterish)

October 1994 Pg. 11 Dalin H. Oaks$fn=document-frame.htm$3.0$q=$x=

Well have a great day Doug

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cars (not the movie)

I'd love to tell you all about that new Disney pixar thingy,
but I can't.
I haven't seen it.
Well I just keep spending my dough on my own car.
Yes once again my car is on the fritz.

First let me say AAA, AAA, AAA.
It's simple really,
I love AAA.
(you know the automobile association)
they're really good to me.

They save me tons of money on my car insurance.
In fact it's cheaper to pay for their membership fees
and insurance, than it is to buy insurance from anyone else.
(for me)

But anyway, I love them.
They send me free maps,
I can pick up guide books and road maps etc. anytime.
And probably I could even save some money if I ever went anywhere.

I never have to worry about running out of gas,
(in fact anytime I'm even in the car, I can call and get two gallons)
But I never run out of gas,
my car tells me that I'm out, way before I really am,
(of course now that I know that I may run out of gas)

But occassionally just occassionally,
my car doesn't do everything the way that I think it should.
For instance I think it should start
(when I turn the key)
but it doesn't agree.
I think it should stay on,
(once it is going)
And I think it should turn off,
when I take out the key.
Oddly enough it disagreed there too.

One day it wouldn't start.
but with a little help,
it did.

(but no-one knows what we did)

Then it just died on me.
This was rather 'amusing'.
I was pulling out of my office,
and on to the busiest street around
(except perhaps the one I live on,
(just kidding)(unless you can do something about that)(mayor if your reading...))
I made it all the wy to the liquor store,
and then I died,
Or rather my car did,
I could have,
but fortunately I had just enough momentum,
to coast into their parking lot.
(fyi, for those who don't know,
I don't drink.)

Eventually I got the car going again.

Oddly enough I still hadn't learned my lesson,
(but I thought I knew how to get my car to start now)

so I showed up at my other job,
and then when I tried to leave,
I was stuck.
Ok so I live in a small town,
it's very hard to be "stuck".
but needless to say the car wouldn't start for me.

So I left it.
I decided to give it some alone time,
(the police did not think this was as good of an idea as I did)
So I called triple A,
and I had my car towed.
(Did I mention it was free?)
yes it was free.
And I loved it.
The tow operator was great.
---All Ways Towing (1 800 - 479-0081)
I would have tipped him,
but he thought I would need the money for the car.
very nice.

He got the car to start, but then he couldn't get it off.
(true story)
so we took it to the shop.
The shop looked at it and eventually figured out the problem

Which brings me to part two.
I hate mechanics.
I've had really bad luck with them.
My local dealership is not to my liking,
I've never bought anything there,
but the service dept. is not very helpful,
(to me, but maybe that's because I haven't ever bought there)
the Body shop is really good.
I think they even came in under their estimate.

I've also had luck at the body shop by the airport
They were also very nice.
(though someone there did forget to un-tape a rather important airway)
(but their price was much cheaper than anyone else I talked to)

but back to mechanics.
I've just had bad luck.

and this time...
unfortunately may not be any different.

A tire store,
on the north end of town has my car,
but umm...
they fixed it.
or so they thought.
They too were rather nice.
but then I guess that's only half the battle.

you see my car died again.
once in the middle of the road.
So I took it back.
I just want things to work.
is that too much to ask?
now the key is really loose,
(and it has the same problems)
except it usually does start now.
still I guess it stands like this,
I like AAA,
But I am less fond of mechanics.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A new link