Monday, December 20, 2010

You know what's cool? The Census.

Ok I admit it, I'm just a little bit nerdy,
but I just found out that the Census Bureau is about to release the 2010 findings,
and I totally geeked out.

In 2000 our state (Utah) was the fifth fastest growing state.
We were up 29%.

If by chance we go up by about 25% this year we will finally get our fourth congressional seat.
There are a few other ways we could get one, (I'm not totally sure how the math of it works, but we would almost certainly get one if our population saw similar growth in the past decade.
The results will be posted tomorrow.
feel free to check them out with the link below.
Happy macro stalking.

2010 Census Data - 2010 Census

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More of that life changing pie

That's right, "the pie that changes peoples lives" is back.

Or it's here.
I'm not sure which way it is but it's real.
The increasingly popular recipe has been added to the holiday supplement for the community interfaith cookbook (all proceeds go are donated to the local food pantry).

I thought the pie might have been in the first edition of the book, but alas, it didn't quite make it, but now, for those 6 billion people who don't know how to find the recipe (hint it's on my blog) you can get an official copy of it for you very own.

Also in case you are wondering,
here is a quick summary.

Flaky soft crust.
Almost impossible to ruin,
Also not one of those crust that you have to worry about over working,
Doesn't taste like cardboard.
no crazy ingredients or instructions (of course it has instructions... just not the crazy ones).
oh and it's goooood.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pizza Eccelente

Hey everybody,
I'm assuming you already know about this,
but if not, or if you would like more details, here are the details for the party.

FRIDAY (sorry I know it's a bad day for some, but we may revisit this in the future)

6:00 (gives us time to make a little pizza, before we get too hungry)

And if you're coming, please bring an Excellent Pizza topping (and perhaps an open mind... I don't imagine that this will remind you in the least of any pizza you have ever had before, well maybe in some ways, but I can't guarantee anything ü).

Appendix One: What not to bring
Basically the things that you might find at say 5 buck pizza, or little caesars,
No this is not an affront on 5buck pizza... I'm saving that for another post.
I'm kidding... well sort of kidding. (however, I learned something that I really never supposed Five buck pizza is way better when it's fresh, I guess I just never had it fresh before)

So yeah, no Green Peppers,
no black olives, no hamburger,
no pepperoni (yes it's spicy, but is it exciting? doesn't matter, don't bring it)
Also there's nothing exciting about canned pineapple, or canned mushrooms for that matter. Seriously live on the wild side people.

Corollary: What you could bring,
Anything Smoked,
Anything Roasted,
Anything Toasted,
Anything grilled,
Anything exotic
Also exceptable.... things like:
Artichoke hearts,
Cheese, you know... something fun.

Oh yeah and if you want some meat there are some good options there too.

I think that about covers it, maybe a little redundant, but such is life.
hope you can come, and if not, hopefully it's good enough to do it again, and maybe you can come when we do. Ü