Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Smell An Adventure

You may not have guessed this, but I'm a fairly adventurous guy. I traverse the mountains, I sail the seas, I hit the airlines, and yes I even date (occaisionally).
But this Blog is about one of my all time favorite adventures, not one that I once had, but one that I still have, and I still enjoy.

It all started a long time ago. as society would count, it will have been even longer ago next week, but I guess that's a different blog.

For some reason, it's always been a joy to me, I'd see my mom grab her purse, and I would know where she was going, and I wanted to go.

The Cupboards were getting low, the fridge was practically empty, and my mom was going shopping.

She didn't always let us go, and maybe that's what made it an adventure, but from a very young age I have loved the supermarket.

Sometimes I would plan it out carefully, "oh your going shopping? what a coincidence, I just happened to be here in the car, hmm." Sometimes she would catch me off gaurd.
"Oh please, please please please please."
Sometimes I would try the silent but stealthy mode.
She would leave, and with out a word, I would just follow.
But always it was an adventure.

One big building with so many cool things.
there was food, there were toys, there were art supplies, there was candy, and there was food.

Then came a day when there were no supermarkets,
I was a missionary, half way around the world, and near as I could tell, there was nothing like a super market. Now this is not to say that there weren't any markets, just to say that it was different. very different.
To some less intrepid souls I could see how this could be a real problem, but for me... this was a new adventure.
Greece had a plethora (yes I know what it means, in fact, it's greek)
of different markets, and each was more interesting than the next.
Most of the markets were um small you know, like a british phone booth, or a shoe closet. most of them only sold one thing,
But these shops were particularly interesting, because the one thing the would sell would generally be very good ( and if it wasn't there would likely be another shop just like it, on the next corner). There were bread shops and sweet shops, and Meat shops, (but I avoided those, but it wasn't about the meat, sort of) gyro shops, and little itty bitty super markets. one of everything in a room not big enough for isles. But when I say everything, I'm being generous. they didn't have everything, in fact I didn't recognize half the stuff they did have, but then that added to the adventure.

And Then There Was Laiki.
The most wonderful open air market in the world.
(no scientific research was harmed in the making of this blog)
Laiki is a traveling fruit and vegetable market. Suddenly one day you step out side and there it is. Miles and miles of fruit. Vendors from all over bring you their finest, and they bring it every week. This guy has apples you should see his apples, and that guy has grapes, but he's not alone, everything you can imagine is on sale, as long as it's in season, and everything is being sold by multiple vendors. Thus you get the best selection, the best quality, and wow, by far the best tastes that you could ever imagine, and best of all, it comes to you. Everyone is telling you "Come try my fruit." and once you do, your hooked.

Actually I take it back there was a supermarket,
we called it Dia,
of course, that was it's name.
Dia was a discount store, a little weird, and oh yeah spanish,
but you could get some pretty cool stuff there.
like the six dollar shirt that I am wearing right now.

When I finally left for Cyprus, I once again saw a supermarket,
I was shocked... It was Huge!
and I loved it.

It was hard to go back to Greece, but not too hard.
And then a miracle happened, these huge stores started popping up all over,
maybe some of them had always been there, and I just couldn't see them,
but some of them were definately new.
A few of them even had Peanut butter,
and yes I even saw a cake mix once.

I never did find cool whip, but there were other cool things.

Then of course when I got back home, the stores were new and exciting again.

And so today I set out on a quest.
My mom needed something, and she couldn't get it, so my job was to find it.
And my famous adventure had begun.

Wow the things that I found.
I thought I knew what to expect, but there were so many things that I had never seen.
And so many things that I had never smelled.

I notice that Hersheys is selling a limited edition "Dulce de Leche" syrup.
I found apple soda, and couscous in multiple flavors, And health foods, and junk foods, and cool foods and yes the one my mom was looking for.
But since I didn't know exactly where to look, at least I got to explore for a while first.

And so it continues,
I love the markets
They make me happy,
and every time theres another adventure.


Sarah said...

Mmmm... food is good.

julie said...

Glad to know that someone else views grocery shopping as an adventure. I love it! I love planning what meals I'm going to prepare, making the shopping list, then splurging at the store when I see something that looks really delicious but isn't on my list. What a joy food shopping is!

tearese said...

I always loved shopping day growing up too. My parents only go once every two weeks, and we always got two grocery carts full of food, so both parents always had to go. We always got our own treat on shopping day, as well as one tv dinner!At the time, those were pretty exciting.
So did you go back and visit Greece then? I'd love to vist myself.
Oh... "I would not like someone to tell me that I have a plethora when that person does not know what it means to have a plethora."

Cardine said...

I also like going grocery shopping. I remember one time we had four carts full of stuff. I guess that's what happens when there are seven kids within 10 years, and the males have all reached adolesence.

There was a time when I was little that I was banned from going grocery shopping. I knew that it was because of my incessant pleas to get all of the junk food. I was a pretty good whiner.

Also, may I request that you change "sweat shops" to "sweet shops?" I had a slight misunderstanding at first, and I had an ethical problem with the sweat shops.

warnser said...

Yes, it's true I love food too.
Though I have to admit I am surprised to hear such a unanimous response so far.

Ah yes I remember when TV dinners were glamorous too.

Unfortunately, I have not been back to Greece. Someday I would like to, actually almost every day I would like to, but it just hasn't been so feasible yet.

oh and if any Greeks were offended in the making of this blog, Sweat shops have been expunged. (At least sweat shops as we know them, this is not to say the there are not over worked employees in each business, nor to say that they ever stop sweating, just to say, that it is usually their own business, so they are not forced into these conditions by their superiors.

Anyway thanks for all the comments.

tearese said...

I thought the sweat shops thing was on purpose, and meant to be funny.

Cardine said...

I didn't even realize that the sweat shops thing could have been purposeful. That's pretty funny!

My candy bar of choice when I was 11: Peanut Butter Twix. Then they discontinued them. Then they brought them back. Now, I don't know if they're discontinued or brought back.

tearese said...

and they turned Mars Bars into Almond Snickers. Whats with that?

Cardine said...

I have no idea. It's all marketing, I guess. Sort of like the Disney vault. If they put it in and then take it out for a limited time, people frantically purchase the movies. I, personally, have four Disney movies that I haven't even opened to watch. Maybe five.

I have definitely strayed from the topic of this post.

Refi said...

FOOD IS AWESOME! At college I'd wake up early sat morning for my shopping excursions before the traffic and crowds woke up!

I remember the Peanut Butter Twix! And everyone thought I was crazy in hs for saying there were other kinds! I can bring the Disney Vault back to the topic if you'd like ^^ I got unopened movies too, I get lots of dvds from Adventuring in the $5.50 DVD bin at Wal-Mart. I think my greatest find was a 2-disc set of Laurel and Hardy movies and silent shorts! ^__^

sarah said...

Well... here's a story about shopping with my mom. I doubt anyone but the owner of the blog will see it now, due to the fact that there are now two new blogs posted. But that's who I post for, anyway.

I enjoyed going shopping with my mom at Keith's WestSide (which turned into Mike's FoodTown). They closed on Sundays. We always went the same route through the old and tiny store. At the end was the freezer bin and a shelf with art supplies. I would always want to get a Creamie from the freezer or a water-color book or a paper-doll book from the shelf. I didn't always get what I wanted... but the memory is nice.

Oh, and the basement in that old store was scarier than the top floor - and one time I had to use the bathroom and walk down the rickety old stares to the not-so-clean bathroom down there. Yikes!

warnser said...

Keith is my neighbor,
or was, I guess.

He was cool.

yeah that was back in the day,

I remember reading of a prophet who would drive all the way across town,
just to support a business, that would close on sunday.

And now it seems that we have trouble even not supporting businesses on Sunday.

Oddly enough,
I just found creamies, like five years ago.

Lydia said...

You do make grocery shopping sound exciting! I'd much rather be weeding the garden...but maybe I just need to try shopping with an enthusiastic adventurer. Ü