Friday, September 08, 2006

Some Questions For Girls

I think it would be interesting for this post to be slightly more interactive.
I know I haven't been here often lately, but I think my excuse is decent.
But here I would like to pose some questions and hopefully get some answers.
The idea behind this is that I want opinions, not facts. So there probably aren't any wrong answers. In fact I think it would be especially interesting to get many opinions.
And maybe see where my opinions fit. But regardless of the answers, I definately want to know them. I was hoping to have a few more questions, but I guess some of them have ummm expired. For instance I tried this new shampoo, and it intrigued me, but It left me with more questions than answers. But I digress. So anyway I hope this is as enjoyable and as insightful as I think it can be, but if not please answer the questions anyway. Ü

How about I make eight?

Number 1
--The booklet "For the Strength of the Youth" talks about wearing one pair of modest earings (if one chooses to wear earrings). What does this mean. (I included the whole phrase on purpose but my initial focus is on the word modest.

Number 2
--That same booklet also talks about not wearing tight fitting clothes. What does that mean?

Number 3
Are Sports different?
Are there different rules for modesty while playing sports?
If there are, what are they? And what if you're not playing the sport?

Number 4
Same question, but a little different. What's a modest swimsuit? Maybe I should have said same question only deeper. Get it? And then there's the follow up; What if you're not swimming?

Question 5
Why do people go tanning?

Question 6
What is the girls role in dating?
Is her agency in any way limited?
What should she do? Should she be passive?

Can she be some of these without being others?
Are there better words than the ones I have chosen to describe her ideal role?
And does her role ever change?
And if it does when?

Number 7
When should people start holding hands?
And what does holding hands mean?

And of course...

Question 8
When should people kiss?

I 'm pretty sure there was more to this question,
but it's gone now.

I actually had these in a different order,
but this order seems to work quite well, so this is how you will get it.

There you have it. I would think it was really wonderful to get a variety of answers to eack of these questions.
In fact I even welcome answers to some of the questions that I didn't ask.

Also, just so you know, When I feel that they have been sufficiently answered, I plan to write a tribute to mothers, and perhaps a blurb about JOBS - It's not what you think.
Anyway thanks again, TTFN