Thursday, June 01, 2006

Simply Amazing

Simply amazing
It has been proposed that I write another blog. Something very unlike my last entry. Some have suggested an apology, Hopefullly this will in someway cover that purpose.
This blog is dedicated to some of the women that I have known, that have inspired me.To the women who have somehow made me want to be more than I am.To those who are simply amazing!
Pre-established pseudonyms will purposely be used through out.(they are in no wise derrogatory)
The fact is I don't hate all women,Women can be rather nice.
This blog is to highlight some of the times in my life, when it was nice to have a woman around. It is not to cover all of them, nor is it too say everything wonderful about them, Just the 'Reader's Digest' version

This seems like a very good beginning.
She was pretty, and fun, as smart as they come.
And I really think she liked me.
she'd reply to my mail,both digi and snail,
And she sat bside me in class.

Then she got married. I wonder where she is now? I hope she is happy.

Practically perfect in every way.
Not without fault, but very good in many ways.
She was never sloppy,
She was always kind.
She was good in the kitchen,
and tidy in the sink (Not one of my specialties)
She thought cop cars should be bright pink, (it's true)
But sadly our paths began to diverge.

I also hope things are good for her, and wonder where she is.

Perhaps one of the smartest women on earth,
after all, she married one of the best men.
All around she is very impressive.
She cooks well,
She's very talented.
She's the type of mom that I would like my kids to have.
She stands by her husband,
(though she may not see him quite as often as she'd like)
And she stands by me.

She really does care about people.Thank you The_mouse

What can I say, She is Amazing.
Actually I almost wrote about her for my last blog,
(perhaps that would have been a better solution)
Still I am glad that she is a part of this blog instead.
I think this blog gives a fuller/ brighter picture,
of some of the greatness of women.
(but it too, may need to be amended.)

She was good to the core,
though she grew up quite poor,
She was strong and kind, and fair.
She was quick to repent.
And easy to talk with
(except when we were on a date, probably my fault)

She served a mission, and then got married.She was simply amazing.

I really, really like this girl.
and oddly, she's still single.
When I think of her, I don't think of any faults
(except she likes country music, but I suppose that one is forgivable)
She dries her own apples.
I gave her lessons,
She was a good student.
She's smart with her money,
She's smart all- around.
She likes to have fun,
She likes lot's of things.
It's an odd kind of friendship.
But this much I know,
The man who gets her gets many great things.

I'm not sad I didn't marry her,
but I think her union was a good one.
She is strong, oooeeee strong and protective.
She values her family, and families in general.
I remember the summer.
it seemed like she glowed.
She leads well, and she follows well.
And you should hear her with a piano.
He knew what he was getting,
And he knew she was good,

I guess they're not so young anymore,
But they all had great smiles,
and they smiled a lot.

The kid
We dated for a while,
She had so much faith in me.
No matter how many people said I could not,
She always said that I could.
And When I would take the impossible task,
she stood there beside me.
And we made it possible.
So pure, and so innocent.
And happy, and free.

She got married young, she made him a king.

The Sunbeam,
A better missionary you could not find,
She talks to everyone.
She cares about them too.
she's so uninhibited, and somehow it freed me.
(actually this sounds like two people so far)
Her strengths compliment my own greatly.
She was good to talk to,
she helped me to date better.
it didn't work out,but I never knew why
(the other one is still single)(the other one is married)

and the librarian
As happy as happy could be.
Always pleasant to see her,
she would brighten your day.
she was smart, and adventurous,
and yes even admitted to reading the dictionary.
you felt love around her.
and life was good.


Perhaps the easiest person on earth to talk to.
She was pleasant,near as I could tell, to everybody.
She was even easier to talk with on a date.
We didn't date long, but it was enjoyable.
She politely told me she was more interested in pursueing other options.
She was direct, and I respected that.


One of my favourite people, perhaps of all time,
I worked closely with her, and I saw her greatness.
She was truly great.
I asked her out once,
Actually twice I think,
But near as I can tell,
I blew it,
She saw me at my best,
And she saw me at my worst.
And when I needed her,
she would find me.
She was simple, but direct.
Her clothes were the same,
She wasn't fancy,
but she was neat.
And Modest, very modest.
She had talent,
and compassion.

Yes I wonder where she is too.

She was sick.
I think it was appendicitis.
But to see her you would have thought she was a queen
She emanated light.
she was confined to a bed,
but somehow she was better for it.
she used every opportunity,
And she smiled.
She studied, and she prayed,
and she made the most of her time.
And if she looked that good sick,
she must really shine.

This is a shout to a whole group of women.
Everyone of them the cream of the crop.
They understand doctrine.
Their testimonies are firm.
their talents with out number.
It's hard to simplify them to a paragraph,
But some how they were great.
From many places, but with the same destination.
Near as I can tell, any man would be lucky to reciecve any of them.


tearese said...

That was very nice. IT was good to see the other side of things. Too bad that nice blogs sometimes don't get all the comments that controversial ones do! But yours might, perhaps.

Cardine said...

Half the comments on the other one were his, so I bet you that this one outnumbers the last. Most people I know are more inclined to comment on the good, rather than the bad. I am more inclined to comment when I disagree. I admit it.

This blog had a completely different tone from the last one, Warnser. I can tell you were more calm when you were writing it. It was good.

julie said...

This sounds more like the guy I know! That last one took me by surprise. It was very touching to hear your feelings for certain women who have been/are in your life.

warnser said...

Many of the comments were mine,
at least the ones that were public.

I am glad this blog is better,
I admit, I was a little nervous that it would have a similar reception.

I am glad it is different

KieraAnne said...

Very well put Warnser...I really like your writing style. I haven't ever commented on your blog before, but I've read parts of it (linking from my sister's site). That last entry made me worry about you, but this one makes me think everything will be all right. :)

tearese said...

so did you ever go out with # 5? If not, why not?
When I saw the title "Ole Red" I was hoping it was me for a minute, but then I read it and it wasn't even close.Oh well, can't win them all.
The second paragraph of #7 is kind of confusing...but the whole thing makes more sense now that its spread out better in your lay out.

warnser said...

Welcome. I am glad to hear that even more people are reading than I thought. When I saw a new name I was really happy.
I'm glad you like my style.
I try to make it fun.
Thanks for your comments.

warnser said...

Well I think I went out with number 5.
In my mind we have definately been on a few dates, but I suppose I could be wrong. We had some very good conversations about relationships, but never really been dating.

Yes, I realized that I know a lot more people with red hair than I thought.
Some of the others had red hair too.

I have noticed that things often sound different in my head than they do on the screen, That is why I try to put in extra breaks, and commas, until I think it reads like I would say it, but um, which second paragraph?

Seven was actually the weirdest one for me too, because it started as one person, but then it became two, then two became three, and three became four!

They were all so interesting that I couldn't resist, (but I was too lazy to make then their individual entries).

Mathemagician said...

Many of these code names are good (especially since there are reasons why they got those code names). But "Number_two?" No girl wants her secret code name to be "Number_two". You've got to come up with something better for her.

warnser said...

How 'bout we call her "Sunday"

Refi said...

We grow and we learn. Its good that you have experiences that have helped you in your own progression and wonderful for you to acknowledge them (makes the world a brighter place, don't it?)

Sarah said...

I liked your last lines, such as "The man who gets her gets many great things" and "she made him a king." That's just beautiful.

warnser said...

Sarah thank you.
I liked the last lines too.
I tried to really paint my picture there.
or at least put on the finishing touches
Actually this was a very fun post for me.
even re-reading it, I get a smile.

Yes there really are some amazing people out there.
each in there own way, but each of them amazing.

warnser said...

One year later, and this is now one of my favorite posts ever.

If you are reading this, I have decided to update.

#1 (the rock) I think I will see her in about two months,that should be interesting.

#2 (the student)
Not still single. Got married last year, and has baby. still cool.

#3 (ole' red), having another baby.

# 7 (sunbeam 1) she had a kid too. ü

(librarian) also married.

# 9 (ZaphaRopealus) I don't love this nickname, but it works ok. She's back in town, or at least she was. I should keep better contact with her.

Sarah said...

It is a good post. Did you add on to it?

You probably won't say, but do I know any of these amazing women?

Instead of making assumptions all over the place, I thought I'd ask!

warnser said...

Sarah wow you are reading it.
very tricky. I think I did fix a few things,
and amend where possible,
but mostly it is still the same post.
just better.

You're right, I won't say,
but then again,
I really don't know, you might or might not know most of these people.

I did go with fairly anonymous people,
but all but 2 of them were here in town for a significant period of time.

just for fun,
I'll give you some hints, I hope this doesn't ruin the blog.

#1 A
#2 A
#3 C
#4 A
#5 S
#6 K
#7 K A L
#8 A
#9 S

that's all for now.

warnser said...

In retrospect, I'd like to add the Trekkie. I also wonder where she is now. She was so pleasant, but the timing was off, it didn't happen, but she was so awesome.

Leta-Kaye said...

Hiya Warnser!

and random
to find you here.
Reading your favorite posts
I see that life
for you in a good way.
I'm glad!

This particular post made me want to tell you that I am a profoundly better person for your friendship in days of yore. A heartfelt thanks! I wish you all the best...