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FMAW: it's a contest (and the new post I mentioned).

It's the first (and only)
Find Me a Wife contest

wait wait wait, it's not as bad as it sounds.
Well, ok, maybe it is.

But in my defense I did not start the contest.
I just decided to sponsor it.

Now would probably be a good time to explain.
One day it just happened, someone found me a wife.
Then it happened again,

And again, and again.
People kept coming up to me and saying
"Hey _______ I found your wife!"

Well with so many people playing the game, I decided to make it official.
As of today the FMAW (Find me a Wife) contest has officially begun.

And to make things interesting, I have decided to do a series of Posts
about the contest. Each post will contain the heading FMAW, though
some degree of Confidentiality will likely be maintained.

Already we have had some very good entries, I expect the competition to be very stiff, (In fact, I'm playing myself. and yes the odds are stacked in my favor, but technically I win no matter what)

Still there is a rather nice dinner in it for the winner,
terms to be outlined below.
So good luck to all, and let the wife finding begin.

p.s. Please read the rules, I think they are of at least moderate value in protecting my good name.

FMAW Rules and Regs

It should look something like this.

FMAW: Rules and Regulations

First let me say that these rules make more sense if you just read the post about there being a contest. If not I highly recommend reading it, Second I think the rules go well with salt. enjoy.

Section 1: LEGAL GARBAGE: Contest is in no way legally binding. There is nothing legal about it, unless of course you find me a lawyer,or the daughter of one, or something to that effect. Nonetheless, this contest will be enforced at the sole discretion of the sponsor thereof, namely me. I reserve the right to discontinue, modify, or substitute any and or all of the hitherto and hereafter stated contest rules and or guidelines (and even the contest itself if need be), at any time for any and or no reason at all. Nevertheless, The general principles hereafter defined will be upheld to the fullest extent that I deem reasonable.

Section 2: PRIZES AND SO FORTH: While it is reasonable to expect that one would enter this contest with the sole intent of knowing that they had helped a friend in his eternal progression (and in fact many people did enter with that, or similar motives), I have decided that any good contest needs a good prize, Thus I have decided to provide the winner of the contest with a delightful dining experience, with myself and the contestant's entry. Said Experience may be substituted for an gift certificate, or other experience, If the contestant's location is not conducive to such an activity, or the contestant wills it to be so. I reserve the right to award other prizes, for favorable circumstances, that could help me in my progression, including, but not limited to; A serious and or long term relation ship,unintentional death of an entry, and consistent quality of entries.

Section 3: WHO MAY ENTER: Contest is open to all persons who have read the rules thereof, and to persons who have, or perhaps would, pursue a such course, as to qualify them for the winning of said contest. Contestants should be the legal residents of The United States of America, or of some other country locatable on a map. Contest will be made open to all others, including, but not limited to Aliens, providing they provide adequate contact information, for the claiming of their prize. Contest open to people of various age, ethnicity, and socio-economic standings. Number of entries will not be limited, nor will the number of entries per entrant be restrained. Though personal discretion will of course be advised. As the number of entries increases, the odds of finding a winner has a correlating reaction: also increasing. Notwithstanding this an increase in the number of entries could have a negative impact on any one entries chances of being selected.

Section 4: HOW TO ENTER. It's simple really. First you find a girl -- See specific guidelines to follow, and then you do your part to get me to marry her. (and her me etc.) Generally this could mean many things. obviously, to be kept within the bounds of reasonable, moral, and ethical behaviour. Such ideas may include but are not limited to a personal introduction (must be identifiable as such for such pursuits as prize Redemption), Providing your entry with my email address, coordination of such an event as to facilitate my getting to know an or many entrants, and other such ideas as could help me get a wife.

Section 5: SECTION FOR RANDOM OFFICIAL SOUNDING WORDS: Indemnify. Nullification, Disembowelment, Discombobulated, Antipathy, Pathological, Reciprocity, Contiguous, Propinquity, and Ratification.

Section 6: SPECIFIC GUIDELINES MINUS THE SPECIFICITY: All entries must consist of one (1) single (unmarried) person of the female gender. No entries will be accepted unless the entry (not the entrant) was born in the 70's or 80's. Preferential treatment will likely be given to those entries born between 1974 and 1984 plus or minus a little. (coincidentally 1984 was the year the first Apple Mac came out) All those to be married must be eligible for a wedding in the LDS temple of their choice. Consideration of certain factors is requested of those entering the FMAW contest.
The person you find should have more in common with me, then just "old", tall, or single. Actually even if the person had all three, they would have to have more to make a good quality entry. Good entries will consist of those with similar interests to the author, and sponsor. --Such interests may include, Soccer, Biking, Hiking, Food, Ice cream, Donuts, Alligator Jaws, Crocodiles (you know they can be over twenty ft long) History, Math, Science, Art, Computers, Music, Greece, Missionary Work, Families, Firesides, Institute, Porch Swings, Pianos, Waterfalls, Lightning, Board Games and Food. Also those with similar goals. (yes I have a few goals, I just don't broadcast them). Ideal candidates: shall be of at least slightly above average intelligence, shall be easy for me to communicate with, on deep and no so deep levels. Ideal candidates will be nice, Honest, Modest in dress and appearance, social, and fun.

Further information regarding quality of entries can be found elsewhere throughout this blog. Such entries as "simply amazing" may be of inherent value. All entries will be given at least one code name to protect their anonymity, though entrants, may or may not be afforded such luxuries. All code names are to be determined at the discretion of the sponsor. All entries should consist of tangible, non-fictitious people with whom I would have much in common.

Section 7: HOW TO WIN: It's simple really, find me a wife, When I get married, you win if you found the one (yes only one can win without extreme, extenuating circumstances way beyond my control) I really do marry. Final decisions will all be made by me. (of course all decisions must be made be me, and confirmed by her, I.e.; if I propose marriage, but she says no...you don't win.)

Section 8: DURATION OF CONTEST: This contest shall officially except entries through March of 2008 unless the duration of the contest is terminated before such time. Each entry shall be valid for up to two years from the time of said entry. exceptions may apply.

Section 9: ODDS OF WINNING: your guess is as good as mine, void where prohibited.
Technically you may have already won, (of course very few people could claim such status, and no one could claim that status without considerable further effort on the part of many people, so if you did already win, we won't know that for a while yet. All prior introductions, will have the duration of their validity renewed on my birthday.
(thus adding two years of eligibility for the purpose of the contest). Oh and did I mention that I'm playing too? I am, and I find some very good contestants, of course I know what I like, but I do have a harder time ascertaining their interests and interest. All contestants will be given a priority ranking, those that I find may be given preferential treatment. Priority ranking is not necessarily an accurate indication of potential. Ranking, may be a factor of opportunity, originality, uniqueness, and propinquity, but also may take into consideration, any WOW or hmm factors. And All rankings are expected to change multiple times throughout the contest. And Of course, I reserve the right to pursue, or not pursue to any degree, any option presented me. I also reserve the right of all "found" persons to self-evacuate from said contest.

Conclusion: So what if no one enters? Well that's impossible, because as I said I'm already playing, (and there have been a few prior entries) But I am not going to harbor any feelings of malcontent towards those who do not enter. Actually a really poor entry is much more likely to elicit such a response, oh and it helps if the person doesn't hate herself, and will let me compliment her (should I so choose). I admit I find it amusing that people are trying to find me a wife. And I think this is a very funny post.

A week with my mac

I think it's about time for a blog of a dating nature,
This is not that blog,
but I'll try to post one soon.

This blgo was recently move, just because.

Okay, so I've had a week with my mac
(I've owned it for ten days, and I ordered it 15 days age, but I've been with it for about a week)

and what do I think.

Well... I love it.
Actually everyone who sees it loves it too.
it pretty much does every thing.

So I thought I would give you just a brief summary of my experience.
(oh and this might interest some of you: it's not perfect)

So what about the mac.

stats: 17" flat panel LCD, no other machine/ case, 160 GB HD, 1 Gig of Ram, Wi-fi a,b,g,n etc.

Well first there was the shipping. I ordered on a friday, and it showed up on the next wednesday. (points for apple, points for FedEx (not K-Fed)).

Unpacking: I tried to do this as slowly as possible, to represent the average person.
It was hard to go slow.
let's see. Open the box. put the mac on my desk. Plug the power cord into the computer,
and into and outlet. Open my keyboard and mouse (both USB) plug them in.
and turn it on. yeah that was it. I clocked it at about ten minutes. (points for apple)

Then my computer asked me a few questions.
who are you where do you live, etc.
Then it told me it had found about a lot of wireless networks, and it wondered if I wanted to join one. I found one I liked (my neighbor said I could use his) picked it.

My mac asked for the password,
and Voila, I was in. (points for apple, this had not been an easy network to get on)

When my computer started , it decided to check with home base, to see if there was anything new or improved from apple that it should know about. (points for apple)

Actually there were a few things that I needed.
(only a few that I needed, but quite a few that I thought I might want)

It let me pick which ones to get, and then began the download. (I picked about 1/2 a Gig of updates) (small points from apple)

Fortunately my neighbors DSL is wicked fast (points for Qwest)
1/2 an hour later, my computer was ready for what ever I could throw to it. (basically)
Total set up time, about an hour (points for apple, and again, points for Qwest)

After about ten minutes I remembered I had a mac, and that I didn't really need to wait for it,
so I began to use it.

Here are some of the things that I have done with my mac.
--and how hard they were:
  • Opened iTunes/ found Greek radio station -- super easy
  • Transposed a song for my friend to sing at his wedding (down two steps, but techincally the computer would have moved it up to 12 steps up or down) -- easy enough.
  • Watched a DVD (some home made music videos (fullscreen)) while my computer downloaded it's updates -- too easy
  • Burned a Cd for my friend -- this changed a bit, so I had to work a bit, but next time -- super easy
  • Built NCAA brackets, and did research -- super easy
  • Started a game of tic-tac-toe through email -- pretty easy
  • Decided whether to activate my free trial of Office™ or to use the free stuff that comes on my Mac, or to install Open Office™ (I picked the last one) -- very easy.
  • Watched trailers from any moive that I might ever want to see. -- wow, -- easy ( I recommend The Tiger and the Snow!
  • Made two extra simple programs, (widgets) to count down things for me (Adobe is nine days away and NAB is twenty nine now) -- a bit tricky, but not too bad.
  • Had a free video conference with a friend in China -- pretty easy, as soon as my internet was fixed. (Qwest had to come)
  • While video conferencing played live online connect four with friend in China. -- easy to play hard to win.
  • Edited Photos from the wedding that I shot last weekend. -- easy enough, but I do like more power.
  • Published the photos in an online Gallery-- Rather easy
  • Published the photos in online storage so people in California can print extra copies if desired. -- easy enough
  • added a link from my blog HERE to the photos I added, just incase you were wondering. -- Super easy.
  • Wrote a "program" to randomize photos in any photo, so I can use them in slideshows, regardless of when they were taken, or what they were called. -- relatively easy. It took me about two hours, but I really think anyone (anyone fairly smart) could do it, and people with programing skills could do it faster, and better. (I've never seen the "language" that I wrote the program in, but I have written a few programs before. It's a language that you'd probably understand (thay call it applescript)
  • Listened to some classic NPR. (CarTalk and Zorba Pastuer on your health) -- easy actually I set it to download the weekly podcast automatically, but it might be too short to actually take the time to listen to.
  • Oh and I guess I watched an episode of Heroes. -- Way easy.
  • Sold three or four people on the virtues of a Mac -- way easy ( I just had to show it to them.
  • Imported various videos that I shot for editing. imported usually on my lunch break, or while I was sleeping-- small learning curve. but super easy now.
  • Found the Book of Mormon as MP3's and then burned it to some disks for my mom. --super easy
  • Oh yeah, and I sent job a text message.-- easy

Ok I promised there was another side to this story.
I guess that comes here. I did ask one person what they thought about me getting a mac.
They pretty much taught me everything I know. (points to KW)
The one thing they said was I should probably get extra RAM
I decided I didn't want to do that just yet, but I knew they were right.
They were right.

I have managed to stall my Computer once. I had like twenty internet windows open,
I was doing a full system update, and I had two video programs running (one for editing, and one for viewing). And maybe my iPhoto™ photo software was running too.

My computer kinda froze.
I mean the mouse still worked, but I wasn't sure it could here me.
I waited about five minutes and I decided to restart.
Oddly when I restarted I found that the updates I was downloading, had completely installed themselves. Maybe my computer wasn't dead, I guess I could have been more patient,
But I guess Macs aren't perfect, It may even be possible to crash one, but it's hard, or maybe unusual.

But that's my week in a nutshell.
bottom line?
I Love My Mac.
and it love me too.