Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mac Speaks Deseret

Ok so even I was surprised to hear that my Mac knows the language of Deseret. No I'm not kidding. I saw this Deseret thing in a system option, and I wondered what it was,
And the more I looked, the more amazed I became. It's the real deal. The Mac knows the Language of Deseret.

Which if you were wondering is a phonetic language developed in our lovely Deseret.
many years ago.

anyway just thought I'd share it ttfn

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Turkey Wrap

What with thanksgiving having just past us, and thanksgiving leftovers still lingering, it seems like a very good time to share my favorite recipe for a Thanksgiving Turkey Wrap...
It would seem like a good idea, but I don't have a recipe for a thanksgiving turkey wrap.
So instead you will get a different kind of wrap.

This is my turkey wrap:

First it was the pomegranate trick. It seems so obvious, yet some how, I was oblivious. Yeah, you might say that's my specialty, but it is also irrelevant. So what is the pomegranate trick. Put simply, it is the easiest way to get all of the seeds from a pomegranate. It's quick, and easy, and delicious. I'm not kidding, if you like a good pomegranate, this could change how you feel about them forever. Instead of painstakingly picking out all those little seeds ( and there are a lot), you just snap and tap. simple. The way we were taught was to cut the pomegranate in half. Of course my sister and I tested a few things, just to make sure that was the best way.
And it's good, but you do wreak havoc on those middle seeds. So we decided to see if you could just cut around the skin, and it seemed to work. So you take a pomegranate, and you cut around it, in a complete circle, (or if you really want to be fast, cut straight through). Cut it down the middle (equatorial) in other words don't cut it from the top to the bottom (which I think is how I've always done it before). The you take a large blunt object, like a knife handle (don't cut yourself) or and big spoon of something. Then you tap it, some would say you hit it, it may take a little bit of force. Round and round you go, tapping the top (or the bottom - the shell as it were) 'til you've tapped out all of the seeds. And then if by chance you tapped in some yuckies, just pick um out, and eat. mmmmmmmm.

Speaking of eating, I thought for sure that I would be gaining weight for thanks giving, but somehow after three days, of what I thought was some good eatin' I did not, in fact I went down, not a lot mind you but enough that I thought the irony was funny enough to share. And I don't know, then scale could have just been telling a fib, but when it said 210 I said hmm really?
It's about where I'd like it, so no complaints from me.

I have a brother that cook Thanksgiving Dinner. They went to eat with a friend, but it just wasn't the same... without the leftovers, so Saturday Night they cooked them a feast. And Sunday they got to eat leftovers again. ü

I was also happy to hear of another brother's family. They learned of some friends with a little less this year. My brother's family had plenty to share, so they invited them to dinner. I hope and believe that they will remember and cherish this Thanksgiving.

In other news Black Friday was good. Both for me and for the country.
Yeah sales were actually up like three percent from last year, so much for the media which said doom and gloom.
For me I did really well, I spent some moolah, and saved even more I think. I got some things that I really needed, and perhaps a few fun things too, oh yeah and a present.

I almost didn't make it. No I'm not one of those crazies, that got up too early, but I did stop by to see what was still around... After we got our Tree (christmas tree, yeah there must have been 400 on the lot, it was amazing. It's a fun little tradition.) So I wen't the the Big Box. and well it was cool. I got something there, at half prices. And then to the office store, and it was even better, everything I needed was on sale, and even though their sales ended way too early, they still rang up at the sale price for me. And when I took something back, and traded it for what I really wanted, the price just got better.

My Family played a lot of games, many of which I sadly did not win, but it was still fun, and I like to thank everyone for that. We went to see Madagascar 2 and I actually thought it was good.

So now it's back to the busyness of the season, it was great to take a break, to pause, and have gratitude, I really like that part.
Unfortunately my play time is over, and I'll be crazy busy for the next few weeks.
My blog will probably suffer, my comments may too, Word of the day may or may not always be updated and so forth and so on, but happy holidays, I'll be back soon enough.