Friday, April 14, 2006

You're Invited

Yes the time has come for another great party.
And being the great guy that I am, I have decided to invite each and every one of you (this is your invitation). This particular party will be shuffleboard based. (if you are laughing, read on, if not, read on)
I guessing most people know that I have a shuffleboard court, but I suppose there may be a few that do not yet know it. Yes I have one, and we're having a party and there will be shuffleboard.

SO without further ado, I present the first great ShuffleBoard party of the year (at least that I'm going to)

    • April 22
    • 2:20 ish (Afternoon)
    • Tzatziki, Tzatziki, Tzatziki
    • No not three batches.
    • Bring food
    • If you want
    • It would be heartily welcomed
    • Yes old people play Shuffleboard
    • Saturday
    • We play it too!
    • April showers bring may flowers
    • (bring a coat if it's raining)
    • Trust me it good.
    • length... TBD
    • random people are more than welcome to attend
    • no foreseeable celebrity appearances
    • Announcers? yes I believe so.
    • Scorers table... most likely
    • Shuffleboard lessons
    • as desired
    • left over ham?
    • Maybe
    • Yes I'll even let you be on my team
    • If you want
    • No I'm not really that arrogant
    • But I do have more practice than most.
    • Twenty plus years
    • Music?
    • Yes of course
    • Dancing?
    • I take no responsibility for such things
    • party size: probably small ish... but more than a handful
    • cops?
    • none invited yet
    • FREE
    • no strings, no contracts
    • kites? perhaps
    • Wind? I'd faint if there isn't
    • address
    • 3's 1' 0's
    • Utah
    • (it's a grid)
    • Dress? Modest/ casual
    • OR whatever
    • (still modest)
    • No ones ever died form my cooking
    • at least that I know of
    • but I won't be cooking mush.
    • much not mush
    • probably just simple stuff
    • Not very likely on greek desserts
    • ( I don't think I have that much money)
    • RSVP are nice
    • (but I care more that I know, that you know you are invited)
    • It won't change much if you do or don't RSVP
    • Of Course we will be sad for anyone not in attendance
    • Of course it's still going to be a party for those that are
    • barring any terribly unforseen occurances
    • like terrorist attacts
    • and earthquakes
    • Many people really like shuffleboard
    • Really!
    • Also played in retirement communities
    • Oh and on cruise ships
    • (it's different on a cruise ship)
    • (but still fun, if that was your experience)
    • Many people are invited to this party that came to the last one
    • and the one before
    • For singles
    • And other people too!
    • Saturday
    • Not the one before Easter
    • Unless you are Orthodox
    • (their's is different)
    • Sponsered by my business?
    • Sure why not
    • What is shuffle board?
    • Diagram coming soon
    • ish
    • If I forgot something, let me know.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Stan

Today is a pretty cool day.
Today is Stan's birthday.
Today is Apple's birthday.
Today is General Conference,
and Today is Basketball.

Yes it's true Stan was born on april fools day.
Pretty funny if you ask me.

And so was Apple.
As you may have noticed,
I kind of like apple.
In fact, we should all like them.
They've done a lot for us,
for their birthday we should give them something.
(The irony of it, is that I imagine they'll be giving us things instead)
I can't wait to see our presents.
I'm guessing a new laptop,
and probably a new Ipod,
maybe some software,
and who knows what else.

Either way it's got to be a rockin' party.

As for the Basketball.
I wish I could say that I could win that one,
but I can't I am doing better than most,
but certainly not winning.
I guess I don't really care that much.
My original teams, kind of mutate,
as I actually start to watch them.
Now I like LSU, and George Mason,
Actually, I always have (meaning the last three weeks)
but I just didn't pick them to go far enough.

As for General Conference, I think it's great.
It's so cool. (for more information please see
So many great messages. Lot's of similarity in topics this time.
I really love the chance to hear messages that help me, and make me want to be better.

Well that's about it. Happy april fools day.
No kidding.