Thursday, December 21, 2006

Not my new video or service

I just sent this to a friend,
so I thought I would see what it looked like on my blog too.
enjoy, if you want.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

KaKuro It's like sudoku on steriods

As you might already know,
I kind of a nerd.
I like games, and puzzles, and anything that makes you think.
Some months ago, almost a year I think. I wrote a post about this wonderful new game,
Sudoku. It's not really japanese, and it's not really new,
but its fun, and the japanese made it popular...
like the whole pizza thing.
Well one year later I'm back and I have another wonderful game for you.
It's called Kakuro. Also a japanese name,
Also not japanese.
It's very similar to Sudoko, but it's a bit tougher in some ways.
You actually have to be able to add in this one.
Still a lot of the lessons I learned from sudoku apply.
You learn to see patterns,
and numbers and such,
I think it's pretty fun.
but sometimes the puzzles are big,
and sometimes they take a lot longer to solve,
but oddly enough bigger puzzles can be easier,
because it's kind of like a crossword puzzle,
the one "word" can help you find all the others,
and they all link together.
it looks something like this
or this

May your Christmas be full of fun and games,
and family and food.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The ultimate irony

I just think this link is funny.
If you want to hear it from the horses mouth,
then here you go.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I like backwards.

I really do.

It's true, I've always been a little different.
But I have always liked backwards.

I guess Backwards has a few different meanings.
And I don't necessarily mean dull, or sluggish, stupid, or regressive.
But rather I mean things like walking backwards, and reading upside down,
and taking things in an order of my own choosing.

One thing that I would really like to have an atypical order for, would be success.

And I don't know that I would be opposed to being hugely successful,
but part of me would really rather wait to get to that point.

Now waiting, in and of itself, is not that backwards,
but wanting to wait. I'm guessing that is.

But honestly part of me is glad that I'm not there yet.
Yeah I'd love it if I had less debt, especially all this new stuff
from the hospitals (yes my leg is doing quite well, thanks )

But success? nah, I can wait.
I mean dating is hard enough as it is,
and if you had to add to that not knowing if the person really liked you,
or really just liked success, I think it would be harder.

Do they love they fame?
or the money?
or the lifestyle?
or the security?
or the person?

To me I think the person is ultimately best.
and in my case that's about all I have - so maybe I'm a little biased.

I mean sure I think there's a good chance that in some ways I am very likely above average.
but as far as physical proof goes, I just don't have it.
I guess if a girl wanted to seriously date me, she would have to have faith,
or perhaps I could date someone with really low expectations.
Or someone with a sweet inheritance... from their dying unlce... Tony.
(but I guess that would sort of be like having low expectations)

I've heard a lot lately this this is backwards.
I hear from girls that they want to see the plan.
They want to know the path.
But I think plans change. Quite frequently sometimes.
and sometimes plans don't change as often as they should.
And sometimes the path we are on doesn't go where we think..
and sometimes the path can change on the way.
And often the destinations aren't nearly as glamourous as the brochures make them out to be.

And so I stick to my backwards ways.
I don't fully know what my life will bring.
And I'm ok with that.
And even if I did, I might not say.

I have some Ideas, and some that I quite like,
but in a backwards kind of way I like just having a job,
and having enough.
(though a little more time, now that would be nice)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

To all my readers.

Here is a letter to all my little flock of readers.
I thought I would write to you about one of the least important things I could write about.
(it's one of the ads on my blog)
And about one of the most important things I could write about.

As some of you may have noticed,
Occassionally I get a new ad on one of my pages.
(I have two)

Sometimes reading the ads is... um, entertaining.
Today my blog has two.
One says get mormon ringtones and the other says "is the Book of Mormon True"
I think that this second one is rather interesting.

Because really this is a very important question.
And I thought this would be an anti BofM link.
I was right.

But still I clicked the link.
"I have no problem with taking their money"
Ü Is that bad of me.

But oddly I actually liked alot of the quotes that they used.
in other words I think they are poor anti-mormon missionaries.

And ok they Quote orson pratt quite heavily,
but as I re-read some of his statements,
they make more sense.
(and of course a little context would be nice)

Also I like their opening line.

"You have a right...
and a responsibility...
to know for yourself!

That's right don't take it from them,
Find out for yourself.

I especially like the part where they talk about orignal languages.
(you're kidding right?)

These people played the original langauge card.
and they did it on my BLOG!
I had to laugh.

I Speak Greek!
ok, I'm not perfect with it,
And my Greek is modern Greek,
but my Greek was once pretty good.

And I think the New Testament really does sound different in English.
I would pick the Greek version Any day.

But I would pick the English version of the Book of Mormon,
in most cases too.
Translations are just inferior.

Finally I do think this is an important issue.
I remember the first time I really felt the spirit.
I was reading the Book of Mormon.

It was quoting the Bible.
I was reading in Mosiah 14.
And every time I read these verses of Isaiah I feel it again.
I know the Book of mormon is true,
and I invite everyone to take my advertisers challenge,
"know for your self if it is true"
If you read it you can know,
If you are sincere,
You will know.

p.s. if you had trouble with the opening sentance I meant "my" as in the flock that I am a part of,
not 'my' as in the flock that I own.

Monday, October 09, 2006

To all the good people of the world, (but mostly Job)

This is a post about some of the coolest people in the world.
But mostly Job.
For the past little while I have been in the need of... lets say, a little extra service.
and fortunately I have met some very nice people.
And even more fortunately I already know some of the greatest people.
Sometimes I guess my planning was just a bit weak.
Normally I can deal with that.
But I have really needed people for a while here,
and people have been amazing.
Some people gave me rides when my car was broken.
Some people gave me rides when my leg was broken too.
some people brought me cookies.
Some people brought me donuts.
Some people dropped everything, just because I called.
Some people told me that they would,
In fact more people than I felt like I could really use.
(sometimes I would need one of these people,
but In my hour of need the names of volunteers would blank)

And this was Job.
This was not only Job.
This was all of you,

But gosh I like Job.
I don't normally like to single some one out,
But some times change is good too.

Did I mention that I even got help from strangers?
Yes strangers would talk to me.
and that was really cool.
Sometimes they would even give me rides.

Many people just stopped to pick me up,
Many people are good.

Anyway A big Hearty thanks to all of my friends.
And a big hearty thanks to all of my strangers.
People are so good, and good for them.
I hope the Lord will bless the lives of those who reach out to help those in need.
And especially at this time,
the lives of those who helped me.
Thanks again Job.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My My My (I mean my answers)

For those of you who might be new
I'm answering a post.
The Answers came from near and far,
but I, the Answer Host.
So here they are, if your confused
then read my former Blog

I posted this in the comments section,
but then I realized it was a mile long,
so I'm redoing it here.

(good ole cut and paste)

Ok brace yourselves.
Here it comes,
but remember, these are just my opinions.

Also I would like to add some comments that I have heard in various places.
To um round things out a bit.

1. Earrings
I think that the more an earring draws attention, The less it can be modest. As a follow up to that I think that an earring that might be appropriate for some shmancy formal function would lose some of it's modesty with a sweatshirt and Jeans.

Generally I'm not a huge fan of hoops. but I have seen varying degrees of modest in hoops.

One of my friends said she thought a girl ought to be able to wear hoops at least 1 1/2 - 2 inches around.

I think I would usually have my upper cap in that area.

I think the Thickness of the metal can make a big difference here.

Or the earrings' visual weight.

I saw some earrings that were much larger than this, but they were very thin. In fact I barely noticed them.

In this particular instance They did not strike me as immodest earrings.

What is Tight
I like what has been said about tight Jeans. I guess I had forgotten about that part of the question.

I think if a person can tell where another person's belly button is,
then their shirt is too tight.
(Or in some other way not quite right... but that's another topic)
And of course anything that was good that was said by anyone else.

3. Sports
I guess I do see some room for varience in sports, but for me, I would try to be as consistent as possible.
I don't nessicarily believe that having an audience should give you license to play by less strict rules.
Actually I think in a way it should help you to enforce the higher ones.

I think it is possible to have "more modest" outfits, without significantly affecting ones' ability to perform or play.

And certainly if you are not in a uniform requisite situation, normal modesty rules should apply.

I guess this is sort of like my earrings answer. (you may see that a lot) Keep it on the court, that' what I say.

4. Swim away
For some reason society has allowed us to completely change the rules when it comes to swimming.
Because this is so so common, I suppose I basically accept it too.
But I basically agree with the things that have been said already.

Basically my thoughts are cover as much as you can.
and cover that too if you can.
I don't think everyone should have to wear shirts to swim in, but I not opposed to it either.

And as has been said, if your not swimming cover up. I think that's fair.

No speedos for guys.
I think a suit (for girls)
should cover more of the back,
And definately the belly.

But I don't really care about the number of pieces.

5. The Tan
Personally I don't really understand tanning. I don't always think it looks better, And I know people with serious amounts of skin cancer.
It scares me.
To me I think it's about health.
I know that there are people who really like tans. But I guess I don't get it. Yes I know there are medical reasons for these things.
Some people have skin conditions when a doctor would prescribe it. And sure the sun helps provide us with vitamin D, but for me the long term effects are more important than the short term ones.

Yes a little natural sun can make some people look better.

But I don't think it takes much,
and I wouldn't likely ever go tanning, or purposely try to get a tan. If I needed more sun, I would probably find something that I could do outside, Like soccer or something. I would want to use sunblock, and let the sun help my skin color if it could.

I have to admit though,
I like fair skin.

I like naturally "exotic" skins too.
But I like fair.

6. 7. & 8. Blanket statements.
I think there are a couple of principles that help clarify my thoughts here. (and maybe in other places in this blog too.

I know that some of this has been said, but I will say what ever comes to me.

I think it is very important for people to be true to theirselves.

It is far better (more useful) for a person to talk to a person, then it is to talk about them.

We do not have lives that are designed to allow us to blame others for where we are. All people have agency, and all are expected to be accountable to themself.

people should agree to the activities that they participate in (such as kissing) see #1

6. Girls and dating.
See above.
I don't believe anyone should be passive in matters that are so important.
Aloof: Same answer here.

Well I guess I see it both ways here. I think a little flirting is usually a good thing. Too much can be well, too much. And if it's not happening then it's just that much harder for those of us that "Have to Act." or perhaps a better word is ask.

Active: see passive modify accordingly. ( I think these to are near opposites)

Assertive: She should be if she is.

Aggressive: I'm thinking not so much. I think there are plenty of ways to be involved, and even perhaps assertive, without being to aggressive.

Part two.
I will expound upon my general thoughts. I think people should be true to theirselves. I think it would be somewhat dishonest to act in a different manner while dating then you would plan to act while married.

I think it is very decietful to do things "just until you get married."
"Just until you have sealed the deal." and then to change your behavior. Yes it's true I think that the person you married should be more important, than the ones you date, or could marry.

I think this applies to how one looks, how one makes decisions.
and what things a person will and won't do.

I know this is not always the case.
And I can except it if my wife doesn't look perfect as she gets out of bed. Or even goes through a rough spell. but on the whole I still believe that we should treat our spouses at the same level, or a better one, than we gave them while we dated.

And the follow up to that is
That I think we as people have different levels on which we act.
I think in dating people (all people) should bring their A-game.
Give it a good effort, yes this includes me too.
I should shave more often,
I should get enough sleep.
I should try to not only be myself
but to be my best self
(yep I stole that)
( I should probably repent)

7. Holding hands.

I have heard probably the widest variety of answers here.

One apartment of girls I was visiting said that one of them was dating someone who obviously didn't like her much, because he wouldn't hold her hand. After all it had been four dates.

I see two things here.
First I thought he probably did like her, after all, she got four dates.

Second no matter how much they talked about him and his hands it wasn't going to affect his actions.
Talking about him was less effective than talking to him.

They said they were "sending all the signs"

I said, "well take his hand or talk to him about it."

I think communication is nice.
I really do.
If someone tried to hold my hand and I wasn't ready, I would want to tell them why.
I think that is only fair.
I think it is very important for people to understand that each person moves through a relationship a different pace. and different symbols (like holding hands) have different meanings to people.

People fall in love at different paces, and people have different expectations. But it seems to me that if you really care about someone then their timing becomes more important to you too. (especially if yours is quicker than theirs)
And of course communication. I think this blog shows quite clearly that everyone is different.
But if you don't talk about it,
and I mean with the person invovled, you really have no right to hold them accountable.

Yes you may be sending signs,
but maybe they don't know that one.
And yes all of your other friends might totally see it, but sometimes even if they are totally "into you" they might miss it.

Maybe they miss is because they like you. Maybe they are nervous.

I don't know why I miss signs.
(or as one of my friends corrected me today- body language) but I really don't have much talent here.
That's ok I guess,
but it doesn't make things any easier, for me.

I think that holding hands definately shows some kind of interest (you know, holding hands for the sake of holding hands).

The other side of the story is that I know of people would end a relationship if you tried to hold their hand on the fourth date.
I think again talking about things like this could be useful.

8. The Kiss.
I leader of mine said something like this "Kissing is not bad."
I agree, however I would add,
Kissing can be addictive.

I would say be in control.
and have boundaries.

To me a kiss is a symbol of serious commitment.
I don't give them freely,
I think they should be earned.

and of course see above answers.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Some Questions For Girls

I think it would be interesting for this post to be slightly more interactive.
I know I haven't been here often lately, but I think my excuse is decent.
But here I would like to pose some questions and hopefully get some answers.
The idea behind this is that I want opinions, not facts. So there probably aren't any wrong answers. In fact I think it would be especially interesting to get many opinions.
And maybe see where my opinions fit. But regardless of the answers, I definately want to know them. I was hoping to have a few more questions, but I guess some of them have ummm expired. For instance I tried this new shampoo, and it intrigued me, but It left me with more questions than answers. But I digress. So anyway I hope this is as enjoyable and as insightful as I think it can be, but if not please answer the questions anyway. Ü

How about I make eight?

Number 1
--The booklet "For the Strength of the Youth" talks about wearing one pair of modest earings (if one chooses to wear earrings). What does this mean. (I included the whole phrase on purpose but my initial focus is on the word modest.

Number 2
--That same booklet also talks about not wearing tight fitting clothes. What does that mean?

Number 3
Are Sports different?
Are there different rules for modesty while playing sports?
If there are, what are they? And what if you're not playing the sport?

Number 4
Same question, but a little different. What's a modest swimsuit? Maybe I should have said same question only deeper. Get it? And then there's the follow up; What if you're not swimming?

Question 5
Why do people go tanning?

Question 6
What is the girls role in dating?
Is her agency in any way limited?
What should she do? Should she be passive?

Can she be some of these without being others?
Are there better words than the ones I have chosen to describe her ideal role?
And does her role ever change?
And if it does when?

Number 7
When should people start holding hands?
And what does holding hands mean?

And of course...

Question 8
When should people kiss?

I 'm pretty sure there was more to this question,
but it's gone now.

I actually had these in a different order,
but this order seems to work quite well, so this is how you will get it.

There you have it. I would think it was really wonderful to get a variety of answers to eack of these questions.
In fact I even welcome answers to some of the questions that I didn't ask.

Also, just so you know, When I feel that they have been sufficiently answered, I plan to write a tribute to mothers, and perhaps a blurb about JOBS - It's not what you think.
Anyway thanks again, TTFN

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It was too long so I chopped it. (still to be read with caution)(AKA part 3)

No liquids for me,
no liquids, and no food.

Yeah, I had an IV, but I just don't think that's very satisfying.
And I got thirsty.
But I wasn't supposed to eat.
Sadly the hospital did not have the Food network,
or, if they did, I couldn't get it in my rooms. I remember being wheeled to surgery. But I don't remember much else. The Anesthetist told me he was going to do something, and appearantly he did, because the next few hours just didn't exist. I don't remember exactly when I woke up, But then there was nothing unusual about it. I was just in my room, surrounded by the same friends that had been there before, doing basically the same kind of things. The first couple of times that I awoke, I was very tired.

Usually I would go back to sleep shortly after hanging up my phone. Just enough people had my contact number to re- wake me when I would fall asleep. The doctor came by, he said things went well. He told me that I would probably end up staying there that night. I was pretty nauseas. I think it was the pizza, particularly the cheese that just hadn't digested yet. It was about 10 that evening when I decided to stay that night.

It was probably also about ten when I actually could have come home. I stayed one last night, and it was a very LONG night. I had no idea how slowly time passes when your leg weighs a little extra. I probably woke up a dozen times that night. I still wake up a few extra times each night. By about 1 a.m.

I was soooooo ready to go home.
Every hour or so I would wake up and try to figure out the quickest way home.
Early wednesday morning I called my brother. He was awake, but I think a little surprised to hear from me so soon. When I heard that I got a regular breakfast, that gave me a little motivation to stay. But I was pretty anxious. It didn't take me long to Make that meal a memory. Eggs, and potatoes, and bacon, three slices, and mush, and fruit, and everything else. The nurses were shocked that I was “leaving so soon.” But the hospital had nothing else for me.

I talked to my doctor one last time. He the surgury had gone really well. He also said he needed a refresher on my business, because he knew that the operating staff would have more questions. I've heard he doesn't have great bedside manner, but I guess that was never really my experience. He was plenty nice to me. And I believe my leg is as good as can be. So I ended my hospital visit. The food was ok, but nothing to write home about. The service was good, And I liked my surgeon. I hope to see him again, but next time... maybe I'll get to be the one working. Yes, that would be nice.

In two parts Part 2 (some content may not be suitable for all audiences)

I went home, we ordered pizza.
I was very hungry.
My mom said I should check with the instacare.
(unfortunately the instacare wasn't listed in any of the phonebooks.)
The instacare had only been open about a month.
They told me their hours were 9 to 9.
I decided to eat first, then go in.
We borrowed some crutches from a neighbor,

(but their reccommended height was about six inches shorter than mine.)

And to the Instacare we went.
I found great irony, that they didn't have handicap accessible doors.
They found me a wheel chair, and asked for my phone number.
The process was actually quite smooth.
I really was brought in almost instantly (of course the office was empty when I got there.)They checked my vitals, (medical people seem to like that because it happened a lot). I think this was the third time.
After about twenty minutes the doctor came to check me out.
She thought I probably had a fracture. She seemed very nice, maybe too nice. Maybe she was in pediatrics, I don't know, but she was very um delicate. Whe would barely touch me, and ask if it hurt. Of course, it did not. Or at least, not very much.

Then the nurse took me back for x-rays. Recognized the nurse, (this was a very common theme through out my experience). Xray's weren't all that fun. I had to put my leg places it didn't always want to be. Then I had to hold it there.

I could see the scans on the computer monitor outside my window, My leg looked pretty good. I guess I missed something, because my leg was not so good. In fact it was broken.
When the doctor came back in, she looked pretty surprised. She had be right, I had broken it, but she how no idea how large the fracture was. It was much more broken, than even she expected. She said I should go to the ER pretty quickly.
Getting in and out of the car was harder than I expected, but somehow I managed.
In the ER, we saw a few more people we knew, then checked in. My nurse was awesome. Her name was Vanessa. She said somebody had really messed up on the crutches, because those ones weren't the right size. She promptly found me some taller ones. My friends came up to visit. While we waited we played cards. Phase 10 cards.
This really made Vanessa laugh. Phase 10 in the ER at um midnight, I guess it's not common. Then one of my friends (who was also one of my EMT's came in) he was there to IV me. He was a bit surprised to find out how serious my injury was. I was very good at phase 10, in fact I was winning.

Corey did my CT scan. He said it was pretty sweet.
Not every day that you get one that good.
Dr. Delcore happened to be on call, so he was assigned as my surgeon.
He came and found me. I did not expect what I saw. He was young. Reallly young. Not like Doogie Houser young, but not much older than me. He asked me about my accident,
and then about my work. He started taking notes on his pants.
I admit, this caught me off guard. He was pretty interested. He asked if I wanted to see what had happened. I obliged. So he pulled out his pen, and started drawing.
He just drew right there on the bed. There was my tibia, there was my femur and there in the middle, was my fracture, or perhaps I should say fissure. Right down the middle, it was split right open. And a little piece of bone, just propping it open.
He was pretty nice, but he was going home to bed. I had eaten too recently, and he had just finished a pretty serious surgery, so he scheduled me for surgery in the morning.
Venessa made sure the hospital got me an extra tall bed. I got a new batch of nurses, and big surprise, I knew them too.

A man and his bicycle (not for the faint of heart)

Yes, it's true, I broke my leg, or rather, the road broke it. There I was, just minding my own business, riding my my bike home from work. I dind't see the the small pile of cement that had ben left on the bike path. I guess it didn't see me either, because it didn't move. Suddenly my bike was wobblely. I couldn't get control. Down I fell. Ouch it hurt. A six year old called to me, “Are you ok?” I did not know. He was persistent. I still didn't know. One car stopped, and then another. Rumors started to all around. “Somebody hit him!” “Call 911.” A man came toward me. He asked if I could stand, I thought I would try.
I did try.
But I did not succeed.
He caught me as I fainted.
More cars stopped. I wasn't gone very long.
I was still thinking, but when he said “you just passed out,” I knew it must have been true, So I woke back up. They helped me to the side of the road.
A nice, but slightly hard section of grass,
and shade.

The police started to arrive.
Four of their cars showed up.
I knew a few of the officers.
Then the paramedics came. I got two car loads of them too.
I knew three of the paramedics. Some from school, some from church.
They were nice. No one knew for sure what was wrong, but they thought I would probably be ok. I decided that I did not want to pay for an ambulance ride. So I called home for a ride.
My brother didn't have his car, so he sent one of our friends.
Two of my friends just happened to be in town, and happened to be staying at our house. But my instructions weren't very good, and my brother's instructions were a little weak too. By the time the message got to my friend, he was pretty much lost. Ok, I admit, in retrospect, I probably should have mentioned something about the ambulances, or that I had an accident. I did say that I was on the road. But I guess it wasn't very clear. Eventually he found me, but I saw him minutes before he saw me.

The EMT's gave me three options.
I could go with them to the ER.
I could go home, and see what I felt like the next day,
or I could see if the instacare had x-ray capabilities.
I admit, I was a bit surprised that they didn't know more about the instacare.
(I, however, am now an expert)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

a hodge podge.

This blog is about many things,

First I would like to start with a quote from Joseph Smith Jr.
He was talking to a lady who "had been maligned unjustly by gossip."
(and no this is not a quote in favor of gossip, but that's a whole different topic) He said something like this:
Sister, when I have heard a story about me, I sit down and think about it and pray about it, and I ask myself the question, 'Did I say something or was there something about my manner to give some basis for that stroy to start? And, Sister, oftern if I think about it long enough, I realize I have done something to ggive taht basis. And there wells up in me a forgiveness of the person who has told that story, and I resolve that I will never do that thing again.
----Joseph Smith Teachings p. 355-56

random side note.
I was going to buy apple stock, (again)

(appearantly I should have)

Grant Von Harrison.
(I hear he lives in my home town)
Without the companionship of the Holy Ghost, you will fail to realize that sarcasm is inappropriate in your relationship with other(s)... you will be prone to assume that there is nothing wrong with a sarcastic remark if it is made jokingly; you will fail to realize that any form of sarcasm can embarrass or offend. You need to understand that when you offend someone, the spirit of the Lord is automatically offended. Innocence off intent does not justify any form of Sarcasm.
(I wish I had to full quote, and reference, but if you search for him, I think it is pretty clear which book the quote is coming from)

Of course I was going to buy an Apple,
(Appearantly I should have there too)

I hear it's national Ice cream month,
have you celebrated yet? times almsot up.

Ok now that your softened up prepare to be destroyed.
I didn't do it I promise,

but seriously,
I went to and activity,
we'll call it 'WHE'
and well,
this article was shared.
If you feel the need to be humbled,
or the need to laugh at my being humbled here is the link,
but remember,
you were warned.
(oh yeah, and make sure you read the last little bit,
it's kinda like the Miracle of Forgiveness,
you cant just read the first half, you have to endure to the end,
and it get's betterish)

October 1994 Pg. 11 Dalin H. Oaks$fn=document-frame.htm$3.0$q=$x=

Well have a great day Doug

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cars (not the movie)

I'd love to tell you all about that new Disney pixar thingy,
but I can't.
I haven't seen it.
Well I just keep spending my dough on my own car.
Yes once again my car is on the fritz.

First let me say AAA, AAA, AAA.
It's simple really,
I love AAA.
(you know the automobile association)
they're really good to me.

They save me tons of money on my car insurance.
In fact it's cheaper to pay for their membership fees
and insurance, than it is to buy insurance from anyone else.
(for me)

But anyway, I love them.
They send me free maps,
I can pick up guide books and road maps etc. anytime.
And probably I could even save some money if I ever went anywhere.

I never have to worry about running out of gas,
(in fact anytime I'm even in the car, I can call and get two gallons)
But I never run out of gas,
my car tells me that I'm out, way before I really am,
(of course now that I know that I may run out of gas)

But occassionally just occassionally,
my car doesn't do everything the way that I think it should.
For instance I think it should start
(when I turn the key)
but it doesn't agree.
I think it should stay on,
(once it is going)
And I think it should turn off,
when I take out the key.
Oddly enough it disagreed there too.

One day it wouldn't start.
but with a little help,
it did.

(but no-one knows what we did)

Then it just died on me.
This was rather 'amusing'.
I was pulling out of my office,
and on to the busiest street around
(except perhaps the one I live on,
(just kidding)(unless you can do something about that)(mayor if your reading...))
I made it all the wy to the liquor store,
and then I died,
Or rather my car did,
I could have,
but fortunately I had just enough momentum,
to coast into their parking lot.
(fyi, for those who don't know,
I don't drink.)

Eventually I got the car going again.

Oddly enough I still hadn't learned my lesson,
(but I thought I knew how to get my car to start now)

so I showed up at my other job,
and then when I tried to leave,
I was stuck.
Ok so I live in a small town,
it's very hard to be "stuck".
but needless to say the car wouldn't start for me.

So I left it.
I decided to give it some alone time,
(the police did not think this was as good of an idea as I did)
So I called triple A,
and I had my car towed.
(Did I mention it was free?)
yes it was free.
And I loved it.
The tow operator was great.
---All Ways Towing (1 800 - 479-0081)
I would have tipped him,
but he thought I would need the money for the car.
very nice.

He got the car to start, but then he couldn't get it off.
(true story)
so we took it to the shop.
The shop looked at it and eventually figured out the problem

Which brings me to part two.
I hate mechanics.
I've had really bad luck with them.
My local dealership is not to my liking,
I've never bought anything there,
but the service dept. is not very helpful,
(to me, but maybe that's because I haven't ever bought there)
the Body shop is really good.
I think they even came in under their estimate.

I've also had luck at the body shop by the airport
They were also very nice.
(though someone there did forget to un-tape a rather important airway)
(but their price was much cheaper than anyone else I talked to)

but back to mechanics.
I've just had bad luck.

and this time...
unfortunately may not be any different.

A tire store,
on the north end of town has my car,
but umm...
they fixed it.
or so they thought.
They too were rather nice.
but then I guess that's only half the battle.

you see my car died again.
once in the middle of the road.
So I took it back.
I just want things to work.
is that too much to ask?
now the key is really loose,
(and it has the same problems)
except it usually does start now.
still I guess it stands like this,
I like AAA,
But I am less fond of mechanics.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A new link

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sometimes it's about me

I wrote this list on paper,
or at least some of it,
but I can't find it,
so you get this.

The list of seven some-a-muh-bobbers.

7 things before death
-learn more languages
-get better at the ones I know
-a trialthon. I know it's a pretty crazy idea for someone who doesn't really care to exercise, but...
-return to greece (often)
-serve more missions.
-be debt free (see above)
-own a home in a nice town, close to bigger towns.

7 Things I cannot do:
Goodness, do we have to be so negative.
ok ok I'll find a few.
-Work for a dumb boss. (others are ok)
-or with people who swear.
-charge poeple enough money for my work
-Speak spanish
-play guitar
-think of a seventh thing (it's probably not that hard, but I can't)

7 Things that attracted me to (actually "will attract me to") my spouse:
(see previous blog)
(see way previous blog)

She Smiles/ She's happy
She's smart
She's fun
She's social
She's spiritual
she believes in me
-really believes in me.
She understands me.

7 Thing I say often:
lately it's been something like this.
-Yah, no.
-No, yah
-yah, that's how we'll spin it.
-other variations of "the spin"
-Hi lou
& - No I don't have any gas
-I think I'm being evicted (but I'm not)

7 Books I am currently reading/are on the reading list:
The Book of Mormon
The Bible ( I think I'm in judges, oh but I'm technically listening to it)
Jesus the Christ (sitll haven't finished it)
Lies My Teacher Told Me (i'm still not convinced)
The Millionaires Notebook
Who says elephants can't dance
The Q'uran (on the list)

8 Movies I could watch over and over:
-la vita belle
-The Best two years
-Monsters inc.
_2001 (just kidding)
_um ... Nerd Squared
_It's Red Skelton, but I forgot the title
_Remeber the Titans ( i couldn't think of anything else)
-It's a wonderful life

7 People I'd like to see do a list like this:
What hasn't everybody done it?
-All my old girlfriends
-all my future ones
-Somebody really boring

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


First I would like to say Politicians are stupid.

This part is specifically in regards to the constitutional amendment.

Everyone has their own agenda, and that of course comes first.

Why do we have to say "oooooh look what they're trying to do."
Why can't politicians, just say "hmm this looks good." Regardless of who first mentions it, and come together as a nation, and end the day with a win for as many as truely support the idea.
Let's face it, if something good happens, then both sides take the credit,
but if something bad happens, then "they did it."

Furthermore why can't bills and laws just be simple,
why do so many of our leaders have to "pad their bills"

I applaud the one Democrat who stood up for this amendment,
We could probably use more people like him in office.

The following are some short thoughts,
with links to slightly less short thoughts,

you may or may not notice a pattern,
but I think that each would be a far better use of your time, (and mine)
than anything I could possibly write.
ENJOY! (p.s. you may want to read this one in small portions at a time, I had no idea it would be this long!)

(for sources, see the links)

“If we are faithful in keeping the commandments of God His promises will be fulfilled to the very letter. … The trouble is, the adversary of men’s souls blinds their minds. He throws dust, so to speak, in their eyes, and they are blinded with the things of this world.”
Read this first (and then I will count you as home taught, just kidding).

The cultural tides in our world run strongly against commitments in family relationships. For example, divorce has been made legally easy, and childbearing has become unpopular. These pressures against commitments obviously serve the devil’s opposition to the Father’s plan for His children. That plan relies on covenants or commitments kept. Whatever draws us away from commitments weakens our capacity to participate in the plan.
This one just happens to be second.

I'm sorry,
I tried to find a really good quote for this but I couldn't,
Not that I didn't like almost every part of it, it's just that coming from me,
it might not sound right. I decided this one would probably work

"...each woman can prayerfully step out of her comfort zone and show interest in a manner consistent with her personality."
(but this article is not just about women), and I really don't think that is it's best quote.
Really funny, but really good. (maybe it's just funny to me)

"Many people think immodest dress relates only to an insufficiently covered body. But a tight fit is also immodest, even when the body is fully covered. This applies to men as well as women. Many do not realize that tight clothing draws attention to the anatomy, which distracts from the purpose of education, business, leadership, or worship."
Modesty Matters

This was another one that was harder to quote.
"There is nothing quite like sitting in an endowment session, looking across the aisle, and seeing your spouse, all in white, smiling at you."
I do think that would be very enjoyable.
Try our new long lasting version

"Marriage Is Essential to His Eternal Plan." Yes of course it is.

"The natures of male and female spirits complete and perfect each other, and therefore men and women are intended to progress together toward exaltation."

"By divine design, both a man and a woman are needed to bring children into mortality and to provide the best setting for the rearing and nurturing of children."
(I believe this is true, but not only for mortality)
Marriage Is Essential

"A Solemn Responsibility to Love and Care for Each Other."
I think that sums things up nicely.

"Our first responsibility is to our own family. Remember, they are one of the few blessings we get to take with us to the eternities!"

Isn't it about time? Again?

"A prominent American judge was asked what we, as citizens of the countries of the world, could do to reduce crime and disobedience to law and to bring peace and contentment into our lives and into our nations. He thoughtfully replied, 'I would suggest a return to the old-fashioned practice of family prayer.'"
Build on the rock, then stay there.

Slightly different, but definitely worth the read
(multiple times)
Click here

This first story has long been a favorite of mine. Though it is not exactly from the same place as the other stuff here, I still think it is very good.
yes, some of it may sound like it is not in harmony with some of the other stuff already quoted, but I assure you, it is.
The Beauty of Wax

Anyway I think some of this is funny (you know, my comments, and stuff)
But either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Simply Amazing

Simply amazing
It has been proposed that I write another blog. Something very unlike my last entry. Some have suggested an apology, Hopefullly this will in someway cover that purpose.
This blog is dedicated to some of the women that I have known, that have inspired me.To the women who have somehow made me want to be more than I am.To those who are simply amazing!
Pre-established pseudonyms will purposely be used through out.(they are in no wise derrogatory)
The fact is I don't hate all women,Women can be rather nice.
This blog is to highlight some of the times in my life, when it was nice to have a woman around. It is not to cover all of them, nor is it too say everything wonderful about them, Just the 'Reader's Digest' version

This seems like a very good beginning.
She was pretty, and fun, as smart as they come.
And I really think she liked me.
she'd reply to my mail,both digi and snail,
And she sat bside me in class.

Then she got married. I wonder where she is now? I hope she is happy.

Practically perfect in every way.
Not without fault, but very good in many ways.
She was never sloppy,
She was always kind.
She was good in the kitchen,
and tidy in the sink (Not one of my specialties)
She thought cop cars should be bright pink, (it's true)
But sadly our paths began to diverge.

I also hope things are good for her, and wonder where she is.

Perhaps one of the smartest women on earth,
after all, she married one of the best men.
All around she is very impressive.
She cooks well,
She's very talented.
She's the type of mom that I would like my kids to have.
She stands by her husband,
(though she may not see him quite as often as she'd like)
And she stands by me.

She really does care about people.Thank you The_mouse

What can I say, She is Amazing.
Actually I almost wrote about her for my last blog,
(perhaps that would have been a better solution)
Still I am glad that she is a part of this blog instead.
I think this blog gives a fuller/ brighter picture,
of some of the greatness of women.
(but it too, may need to be amended.)

She was good to the core,
though she grew up quite poor,
She was strong and kind, and fair.
She was quick to repent.
And easy to talk with
(except when we were on a date, probably my fault)

She served a mission, and then got married.She was simply amazing.

I really, really like this girl.
and oddly, she's still single.
When I think of her, I don't think of any faults
(except she likes country music, but I suppose that one is forgivable)
She dries her own apples.
I gave her lessons,
She was a good student.
She's smart with her money,
She's smart all- around.
She likes to have fun,
She likes lot's of things.
It's an odd kind of friendship.
But this much I know,
The man who gets her gets many great things.

I'm not sad I didn't marry her,
but I think her union was a good one.
She is strong, oooeeee strong and protective.
She values her family, and families in general.
I remember the summer.
it seemed like she glowed.
She leads well, and she follows well.
And you should hear her with a piano.
He knew what he was getting,
And he knew she was good,

I guess they're not so young anymore,
But they all had great smiles,
and they smiled a lot.

The kid
We dated for a while,
She had so much faith in me.
No matter how many people said I could not,
She always said that I could.
And When I would take the impossible task,
she stood there beside me.
And we made it possible.
So pure, and so innocent.
And happy, and free.

She got married young, she made him a king.

The Sunbeam,
A better missionary you could not find,
She talks to everyone.
She cares about them too.
she's so uninhibited, and somehow it freed me.
(actually this sounds like two people so far)
Her strengths compliment my own greatly.
She was good to talk to,
she helped me to date better.
it didn't work out,but I never knew why
(the other one is still single)(the other one is married)

and the librarian
As happy as happy could be.
Always pleasant to see her,
she would brighten your day.
she was smart, and adventurous,
and yes even admitted to reading the dictionary.
you felt love around her.
and life was good.


Perhaps the easiest person on earth to talk to.
She was pleasant,near as I could tell, to everybody.
She was even easier to talk with on a date.
We didn't date long, but it was enjoyable.
She politely told me she was more interested in pursueing other options.
She was direct, and I respected that.


One of my favourite people, perhaps of all time,
I worked closely with her, and I saw her greatness.
She was truly great.
I asked her out once,
Actually twice I think,
But near as I can tell,
I blew it,
She saw me at my best,
And she saw me at my worst.
And when I needed her,
she would find me.
She was simple, but direct.
Her clothes were the same,
She wasn't fancy,
but she was neat.
And Modest, very modest.
She had talent,
and compassion.

Yes I wonder where she is too.

She was sick.
I think it was appendicitis.
But to see her you would have thought she was a queen
She emanated light.
she was confined to a bed,
but somehow she was better for it.
she used every opportunity,
And she smiled.
She studied, and she prayed,
and she made the most of her time.
And if she looked that good sick,
she must really shine.

This is a shout to a whole group of women.
Everyone of them the cream of the crop.
They understand doctrine.
Their testimonies are firm.
their talents with out number.
It's hard to simplify them to a paragraph,
But some how they were great.
From many places, but with the same destination.
Near as I can tell, any man would be lucky to reciecve any of them.

Friday, May 26, 2006

On being single

I think this would be a good place to add a note about this blog,
this was a rather offensive blog, but it was not intended as such,
In reality this was mostly just quotes form various girls that I heard in the time directly before I wrote this entry. Not all of it is exact quotes, but that was largely my inspiration.

WARNING! This Blog could be read as offensive,
but that is not it's intent. Some (if not all) readers should probably start with my comments, or the Mathemagician's four points. Some amendments are likely forth coming. THIS IS NOT 27 STATEMENTS CRITICIZING THE WHOLE OF WOMANDOM. It's more a satire, or at least historical fiction, if read with a smile, it's a lot better.
Please enjoy. Ü

Why I'm single.As near as I can tell here are some of the reasons that I am still single.I know that this list is not comprehensive,but I think it hits some of the finer points.

First,It's my hands, I have no idea why, but I definitely don't have the right hands.

Second, For many years I have felt that it is more important to be debt-free, than to have a nice car.I still say it's logical, but lot's of girls really do care what you drive.

Third,I'm not Promiscuous, I've never seen myself on TV with my shirt off,I've never seen myself sleeping with lots of women,But listen to girls, when they see one of these guys,They go crazy for 'em.

fourthI'm not rude enough.I know, I'm probably getting better at this one.(worse in my eyes)but for some reason, many girls seem to prefer those who ignore them,or belittle them, It's true girls will say, "why can't we find a nice guy?"But I say, those who say that probably don't even see the nice guys that are often right there.

Fifth it's something about a belt and shoes,

Sixth.I don't have money coming out my ears.Near as I can tell girls like money,And while I'm not opposed to having money,it's not my top priority either.

Seventh. I'm looking for someone who is both open and honest. I know, it's not an easy thing, but deep in my heart I hope she exists. You know, someone who will actually tell you what they are thinking. Someone who will tell you what you've done wrong. Someone who cares enough about me,to help me if my thought process goes astray (i.e.; doesn't match hers). Some one who is willing to talk things out, if there is a problem.

Eighth.Divorce scares me.Probably the scariest movie you could show me would be two hours about a lot of people getting divorced.The numbers are ridiculous. So many people do it these days. I really never want that to happen to me.I hope to find someone that I can really communicate with. Some one that is not so fickle as to leave me when there is trouble,Of course things change, that is inevitable, but what ever happened to commitment.

Ninth.There are few things more annoying than when a girl won't receive your compliment.though right up there is the girl who constantly puts herself down.I have met very few girls that can receive a compliment. Thus very few girls that I could spend eternity with.

Tenth,I don't flirt very well. I suppose it would help if I was better, but I'm not.

Eleventh. I can't stand gossip. Or maybe more appropriately, I can't stand people talking about other people.But you know what they say, "telegraph, telephone, tell a woman." the last one is fastest, because it's exponential.I personally try to never tell a woman anything, because I don't think it is everybody's business.

Twelvth. I'm not gay. Gay seems to work better all around. The Gay guys like ya, and the straight girls like ya. Gay guys understand fashion, and gossip, and everything that girls want. I do not.

Thirteenth.Hormones scare me. Girls seem to have these infamous mood swings. Honestly, that scares me. Menopause and Pregnancy and bad hair days.

Fourteenth.Girls are manipulative.You've probably said it yourself.It's all about getting what they want. Not telling you what they want,but tricking you into doing it anyway.

Fifteenth.Girls love guilt.I don't.I don't think a guilt trip is very good motivation.It just builds resentment. But the girl does often get what she wants because of it.

Sixteenth.Girls are immodest.I have seen hundreds if not thousands of good girls who wouldn't know modest if it hit them in the face.They talk a good game, but they dress like they shouldn't. I don't want to see their underwear, and when I do, they loose my respect. consequently there are very few dateable girls.

Seventeenth.I'm not sure.I've been in some very good relationships, that somehow just dissolved.I'm not sure what happened.

Eighteenth.I don't have roommates. thus I live in a black hole like environment.I could easily count the number of times that girls have come to visit me.

Nineteenth.I'm awkward around women. they make me nervous. we live forever in stories, but not in their lives.

twenty.I don't like dancing.Well, not most of it anyway.I do see that under certain circumstances it could be fun, but mostly it's not.I don't like the music. I don't like the suggestive moves. I don't like having someone in my space.I don't even like the atmosphere.

Twenty one.I'm not going to kiss you on the first date.I'm not going to do it on the second either.I don't know when I'll do it, but undoubtedly it's after the girl wants it to be.

Twenty two.If your dating me, but spend more time with your other friends I would say that doesn't bode well.(true story, six years ago).

Twenty three, Communication. I can't say that enough.

Twenty four.I'm not much of a fighter.sure, I'll state my opinion, but if the line I have to wait in to get a date with you is too long, I usually just find another line.

Twenty five,I want to be attracted to the person.Not that I'm saying this is hard, but I'm sure it's still a factor.

Twenty six.I want to have similar interests.If interests, or ideas are different, then chances are it just won't work.Or at least it hasn't yet. I don't see why it would change.

Twenty seven, I can't marry a two year old.Nor would I. though I have to admit, two year old girls really like's unlike anything that I have ever seen's just too bad that they grow out of it.At least I assume they do. I guess the ones that flirt with me aren't old enough to tell yet.

there you have it,one for every year,though certainly not one for every mistake that I have made.By the way I know that grammatically this post has errors,I don't care.
I'm sure there are more reasons, If I knew them all, I would probably be married.but I don't, and I have to admit, some of the ones I do know, I just don't understand. But hey, that's not really my job now is it. If I said something offensive, please let me know,
maybe we can talk about it, and come to some sort of pleasant resolution.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The odd man out

I guess I've always kind of been the O.M.O.
Often by choice, but often not too.

The other day Johnson got married.
Johnson was the last... well last except me.
This was my group.
This was my possee.
Well sort of.
These were the people my age,
but I spent more time with them than they spent with me..
They were generally pretty nice,
but I wasn't essential to the experience.

I guess things are better now. I'm still the O.m.o., I wasn't wearing green like everybody else. but they did come find me for the after party. College was fairly similar,
Almost all of my roomates were engaged, so people rarely came to visit. One year I had a whole building to myself. (12 apts. & 36 rooms, but just one tenent, me, the o.m.o.
I guess that's why I want a wife,
someone who has to spend time with me.
Yes, the gang is better now,
but they're all married so that changes things.
You know, married people are different,
sometimes is location, sometimes it't repsonsibility,
But I know that non of them see any of the rest of uss all that often.
So maybe now we have all become the odd man out.
I more than they, but all of us more than before.

Part II:Used, it's not as bad as it sounds.

The other day, Johnson got married, If you're reading top down, you already know that.
As some of you know, I do some work for weddings.
Actually I started my business, with weddings in mind.
I'll admit, some are better than others, but still I do weddings.
Now here's the odd part, Johnson and I go way back, but they didn't have me make the video.
But it gets even better.
Somehow, something went awry, they ended up showing the video on a very small screen,
I'm guessing it was between 9 and 12 inches.
Just two four blocks from where the reception was held I keep a 27 inch TV,
Just for this purpose, just one simple call, and it could have been theirs.
actually if they had given me a couple of days notice, I could have probably even scored a projector. But alas, I was not used.
But here's the thing, I like to be used.
I think people should be used,
Not abused, but used.
used still sounds bad, I guess I'll go on.
I like it when I can help someone else.
I like knowing how to do something, and when others know that I do.
In this case, I could have include the rental in their present,
but I guess ultimately I don't care that much about money.
I'd be happy to work for little or nothing,
as long as I knew my family had enough.
As odd as it sounds,
I guess I like to work.
(I know, I'm as lazy as the next guy, but I really do like some good work)
Even if I had enough money,
I would still need to work.
I guess I just like to help people out.
especially when I can do something well,
and also, when that is recognized.


I was laying on my back,
I was laying on my roof,
I was looking at the sky,
I was looking at the clouds,
It was peaceful,
It was pleasant,
I remembered a few of the things I like.
I like rainbows, and rain, and thunder, and lightning.
I like waterfalls, water fountains, and watershows, and streams.
I like Cliffs, and canyons, and mountains, and vistas.
I like gardens, and fruits, and vegetables, and open-air markets.

I think it makes sense

The hoopla has died down, and the companies are legal now, but are they really doing us a service. Or maybe the question is just how valuable the service is. I know that one's first reaction to this page might be violent, and/ or mean. But I guess I'm used to that. I'm not trying to offend anyone, in fact I'm not writing to anyone in particular. Well maybe one person, we were talking about this, and they said they wanted to read this blog. So here it is. Are edited movies better?

I know the obvious answer is yes. Less sex, less violence, less drug use, less language, less filth; Obviously better. 1 point for the edited movies. (heck that may even be 5 points). But I see a few more questions that need to be answered. Number one: who edited the movie? This might seem like a fairly simple question but I think it is not. Despite the legal aspects of such an endeavor, and yes I understand that there are currently legal methods or at least legally strong methods to do this, there are still many things to think about. I think the best solution is for the originators to edit the movie themselves. Actually I think it would be great if they would edit all movies (before they release them, but if not then as a second option). I'm not sure if airplane movies fit this category or not, but even they could use a bit more editing. If they are not in this category they are in the next which is officially sanctioned edits of a movie. This is still better in some ways, but we start to have new issues to deal with.

Oddly enough I do a little video editing my self, but not like this. Still, I know what this video editing stuff is really like. It's not easy, in fact it usually takes longer to edit the video than it does to shoot it. The next level of editing overlaps this one in a lot of ways. It is people like me who edit videos for other people. I try to stick to homegrown footage. At this level the first question is quality. Would you even want to watch the movie after the edits? Of course not all editor are created equal. But I hear that some are pretty good. To whose standard will the video be edited? It can't be hollywood's, or they would have just done it right the first time. I suppose if you have enough money you could get them custom made for your standards, But that raises another question. If you have a moral issue or even a comfort issue with something, should you really be paying someone else to do it? The last thing on earth I wanted, when I started my business, was for people to pay me to suffer for them. And that's exactly what this kind of a job would do. first you have to find the bad part, then you have to find it's start, then you have to find it's end... If you're really good at this stuff you probably only have to live through it about six times, you know, for each one that it's in there. And if you weren't so good, the ratio could be something like 20 or 30 to 1. Or you could just be sloppy, but then who would want to watch that.

As the law stands there are ways to make this legal. But the studio is not involved. Thus the studio see lot's of revenue, supporting themes, and ideas that the population opposes. In other words, for every edited movie the studio should and does still get the full movies value. Thus their logical conclusion would likely be, "Hey, make more movies like that!" Somehow though, that's not what I wan't, ok granted, I don't go to movies very often, even the good ones, but I would certainly like more of them to be more pleasant when I do. So what if you do like edited movies? Sometimes the story is good, and sometimes the production value, is somewhat valuable. But how do you talk about them? If you reccommend a movie, would someone else know which parts you skip? or would they know that you reccommend the edited version? Or that you saw it on tv? or would you even know?

One of my friends was telling me about this movie he'd seen, He remembered watching it growing up. It was very good. So one night he and his wife were sitting at home and it came on. Naturally, they sat down to watch it. It was good, and he couldn't remember anything bad about it. What he didn't remember was that the first time he saw it, it was on a local tv station. What he may or may not have remembered was that this time he was not on a local tv station. It didn't take long to realize that this movie wasn't the pleasant experience he had remembered. It was offensive. Fortunately, he had the sense to turn it off, but not without first being injured, both in pride and in spirit. He could have easily reccommended this movie that he thought was offensive. Nowadays, even tv standards aren't that high. I think they have an infinite limit on the amount of times they can use the lord's name, and they don't mind throwing in 'soft cuss words' at the drop of a hat, but where did this idea of soft cussing come from? Aren't all cusses offensive? aren't they all inappropriate? So what if the movie is edited, does that make it better? Does it contain themes that we don't support? Is the movie still about someone lying, cheating, stealing, killing, or other such things? Do they make movies that aren't? Do we know that people are living together, even though they are not married? do we know even more?

Because we don't acutally see something, does that mean we support it? I think we need to take a stand. Personally, if I ever have kids, I want them to be entertained by things that will re-inforce their values, not things that are disrespectful, not things that show ideas that I don't support as part of everyday life. I don't believe life is really about beer, and sex, and deciet. But it's hard to find media that agrees. Do I live in a bubble, or want them to? No. It's not like I don't know these things exist. I've lived in Europe, so I probably know better than most. But I do believe that these things don't need to exist, and I do believe that a person can have a perfectly fulfilled life without them. And I konw that hollywood likes to push the edge, they don't conform to our standards, they give us theirs (and they charge us for the right). There are just some movies that people shouldn't ever see, especially people with standards. I don't know which movies that means, but I don't want my kids to see something "Ok" at my house, and then blindly fall into the same not ok thing somewhere else. Ideally we should know what we are getting into before we get there, but if not, let's have the strength to stop the cycle, as quickly as possible. So here's my vote, lets have more good wholesome entertainment, and support it more.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Graduation Dinner

I went to a really good dinner the other day.
No the food wasn't all that special, but there was plenty of it, but it wasn't the food that made the dinner really good. As you may have guessed it was a graduation ceremony, but it wasn't a typical graduation. There were no diplomas (not that most graduation ceremonies actually use real diplomas any more), but there weren't even fancy card board sleeves that could one day truly hold diplomas. This was not a graduation from a college or any other school, and yet I knew, these graduates had learned things that might just help them for the rest of their lives.

I can't really say that I know exactly what happened at the graduation -I was a few minutes late - but the parts that I did see held my attention very tightly. Ok I confess I like a good graduation. My graduation from college was really cool. I heard some of the most interesting talks that I've ever heard that day. I really can't understand why people would purposely miss the opportunity to hear counsel and advice from some of the greatest minds available. But celebration didn't even have some uber-wise person to give me as many secrets as they could, in under an hour.

Nope, it was just people, ordinary people. Ordinary people that I just happen to respect a lot. There were sixteen of them. Sixteen graduates, and their friends and their families. And when I got there, somebody was singing. They sang really well. I tried to be inconspicous. I was there for A/V support (I'm supposed to know about that stuff).
I set down my stuff, and went back to my car (I had a lot of stuff).

As I got back the group was lining up to eat. The host graciously added me to the front of the line, and we ate. Like I said, the food wasn't spectacular, it was a sort of pot luck, but I'm pretty sure that most of it came from this or that local business. Also I didn't really take time to savor what I did have, because I still had to set everything up. And so we ate, then again there were more musical numbers. Again, they were nice. Then came my part. I have to admit, I was nervous. A/V things have a tendency to go wrong, and I hadn't had time to test everything at my office (after all, most of my equipment was at the graduation). And so I started the presentation. I made a really good presentation. 250 photos, 4 really good songs, and sixteen minutes of memories for the sixteen people who had made it to graduation. I didn't take the photos, and I hadn't picked the music, but somehow, everything came together to make a powerful presentation, and I was the instrument that brought it all together. And it came together well.

After that I just sat back and enjoyed. But still, I didn't know what to expect, and what followed was not as I expected. More people got up to sing, once again, they sang very well. That was not unexpected, but when they finished, I heard a strange request: “Ok now give your book report.” I assumed the 'student' had missed the previous group meeting or something. Her book was passed up to her, and she talked about it. It was non-fiction; A book full of good advice. The book was appropriate, because this was a group designed to heal, and to help people. One by one they all got up. One by one, they told us about a book that had helped them. For a few of them it was just a book report, but for some of them, you knew, something had changed their lives. Some of them wrote poems, some of them wrote fortune cookies. But everyone had something to say, and one thing that everyone said was thank you. Somehow this group had changed their lives. Some changed more than others, and some would likely be back, but some of these people were truly being healed, at least in some degree. Three months together in a group therapy course, and the course was therapeutic.

I don't believe people should need therapy, but I do believe people do need it. I wouldn't dare try most the drugs prescibed for these things, but I wouldn't hesitate to get a little help. I really do believe that gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest cure for any problem that a person could have. It is a great preventative, and a perfect cure, but sometimes we need a little extra help. Sometimes a professional can point us in the direction we ought to be going.

I still don't know why many of them were there. Ultimately, I don't care. It's sad that these things often have a stigma, because they really can be helpful. Why don't we applaud these people. For one reason or another they know that something isn't working, but instead of letting it fail, they fix it. We were never told that we were supposed to fix everything ourselves. In fact, from the beginnig, we were told not to. When Adam was first placed here on the earth, he was given someone to help him. When Moses could no longer hold up his arms, he was given two helpers. Often those who get help, get a synergistic effect; the sum of the parts is greater than their individual total. The sum of these people was Great.

Friday, April 14, 2006

You're Invited

Yes the time has come for another great party.
And being the great guy that I am, I have decided to invite each and every one of you (this is your invitation). This particular party will be shuffleboard based. (if you are laughing, read on, if not, read on)
I guessing most people know that I have a shuffleboard court, but I suppose there may be a few that do not yet know it. Yes I have one, and we're having a party and there will be shuffleboard.

SO without further ado, I present the first great ShuffleBoard party of the year (at least that I'm going to)

    • April 22
    • 2:20 ish (Afternoon)
    • Tzatziki, Tzatziki, Tzatziki
    • No not three batches.
    • Bring food
    • If you want
    • It would be heartily welcomed
    • Yes old people play Shuffleboard
    • Saturday
    • We play it too!
    • April showers bring may flowers
    • (bring a coat if it's raining)
    • Trust me it good.
    • length... TBD
    • random people are more than welcome to attend
    • no foreseeable celebrity appearances
    • Announcers? yes I believe so.
    • Scorers table... most likely
    • Shuffleboard lessons
    • as desired
    • left over ham?
    • Maybe
    • Yes I'll even let you be on my team
    • If you want
    • No I'm not really that arrogant
    • But I do have more practice than most.
    • Twenty plus years
    • Music?
    • Yes of course
    • Dancing?
    • I take no responsibility for such things
    • party size: probably small ish... but more than a handful
    • cops?
    • none invited yet
    • FREE
    • no strings, no contracts
    • kites? perhaps
    • Wind? I'd faint if there isn't
    • address
    • 3's 1' 0's
    • Utah
    • (it's a grid)
    • Dress? Modest/ casual
    • OR whatever
    • (still modest)
    • No ones ever died form my cooking
    • at least that I know of
    • but I won't be cooking mush.
    • much not mush
    • probably just simple stuff
    • Not very likely on greek desserts
    • ( I don't think I have that much money)
    • RSVP are nice
    • (but I care more that I know, that you know you are invited)
    • It won't change much if you do or don't RSVP
    • Of Course we will be sad for anyone not in attendance
    • Of course it's still going to be a party for those that are
    • barring any terribly unforseen occurances
    • like terrorist attacts
    • and earthquakes
    • Many people really like shuffleboard
    • Really!
    • Also played in retirement communities
    • Oh and on cruise ships
    • (it's different on a cruise ship)
    • (but still fun, if that was your experience)
    • Many people are invited to this party that came to the last one
    • and the one before
    • For singles
    • And other people too!
    • Saturday
    • Not the one before Easter
    • Unless you are Orthodox
    • (their's is different)
    • Sponsered by my business?
    • Sure why not
    • What is shuffle board?
    • Diagram coming soon
    • ish
    • If I forgot something, let me know.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Stan

Today is a pretty cool day.
Today is Stan's birthday.
Today is Apple's birthday.
Today is General Conference,
and Today is Basketball.

Yes it's true Stan was born on april fools day.
Pretty funny if you ask me.

And so was Apple.
As you may have noticed,
I kind of like apple.
In fact, we should all like them.
They've done a lot for us,
for their birthday we should give them something.
(The irony of it, is that I imagine they'll be giving us things instead)
I can't wait to see our presents.
I'm guessing a new laptop,
and probably a new Ipod,
maybe some software,
and who knows what else.

Either way it's got to be a rockin' party.

As for the Basketball.
I wish I could say that I could win that one,
but I can't I am doing better than most,
but certainly not winning.
I guess I don't really care that much.
My original teams, kind of mutate,
as I actually start to watch them.
Now I like LSU, and George Mason,
Actually, I always have (meaning the last three weeks)
but I just didn't pick them to go far enough.

As for General Conference, I think it's great.
It's so cool. (for more information please see
So many great messages. Lot's of similarity in topics this time.
I really love the chance to hear messages that help me, and make me want to be better.

Well that's about it. Happy april fools day.
No kidding.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thanks to Mr. R.

Thank you. No really.
Mr. R. is a really great guy.
In fact he found me a wife.
(technically I say I found her, but he can have the credit,
I definately wouldn't have found her otherwise.
Not to say that I couldn't have found a wife,
just to say, that there is a very very slim chance that I would know this person.
Ok, it have something to do with her living most of her life on the other side of the world,
And while it's true that I have never actually been to Saudi Arabia, I guess it's not impossible to think that we would have met.

Still I'm glad he found her.
I mean let's face it,
there's about nothing that I like less than dating.
(except maybe dancing, but if you combine the two...
did you ever hear of the "little boy?")

dating is a mess, and if I can skip past that,
it definately gets my vote.

Of course I know I ought to date,
I just don't like it, but anyway,
thanks to mr. R.

But he didn't just find me a wife...
He actually does a lot.

He comes to visit me. He even calls.
Once he kidnapped me.
He, shares his pizza,
but even better, he share my office,
yes, it's true, my solitary confinement is no longer solitary.
I think it's better.
He eats from my candy jar, and he speaks greek to me
(sometimes he even does it with an Albanian accent).

It's pretty much amazing.
Thanks to Mr. R.

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Little Agency Goes a Long Way.

For some reason I'd like to talk about agency.
It seems like a good concept,
at least in theory it does.
But so many people seem to have a problem with it.

Let's examine for a moment the principle of Agency in relationships.

Let me start by stating my basic premise:
I believe people ought to be able to exercise their agency,
especially when it comes to important circumstances, such as
Relationships. I believe that no one and nothing should be able to,
or be forced to take it from you. I believe people should and can be happy with their decisions.

Sometimes however people seem to think that Agency is good as long as it benefits me.

Example: Many girls just happen to live in the same place.
(some people call them apartments)
These girls are hetrosexual, and thus would date guys.
These girls know a guy.
Which girls does he date?

Obviously this is a stupid question.
and yet at this point many people would answer it.

Lets assume that this guy does date, at least sometimes maybe.
So here's the question. Should he decide or should they decide?
Should he pick one? or does he even have to pick?
Or do they vote on it. Maybe date through democracy.
(hey democracy's not that bad, I mean look at America, Slick willy was very bright,
and G W at least has some morals.

Or perhaps we could play this a different way.
Maybe it should be first come first served.

How about this one girl selects this guy as hers, then clearly shares this idea with everyone.
Everyone that is except the guy, that would be a sin.

Months even years may go by but some how this guy has to use his telepathy to figure out that he is supposed to be dating this girl. She may be his type, and she may not, but that is not his to decide, at least not yet.

I hope this has never happened to you, cause if you ask me it sounds ludicrous.

So who does he date?
well who does he want to date?
And who is showing interest? Not in a subtle way,
because most of us guys don't do as well with the subtlety as girls do.

And once again why is anyone deciding at this point?

It seems that there is a much more logical method.
If he has any possible interest in someone, he should go out with them.
Once he has done this, he should still be able to go out with any of them.
He should go out with any, and or all of them,
to the extent of his, and her desires.

each and everyone of them should have equal right to choose,
and equal responsiblity to choose, who they will and will not date.

Let's face it after one date you don't often know very much.
So really none of them has any right of assumption.

Of course, once again there is an easier way.
and yes it involves talking, so for those of us who have trouble commuincating with members of the opposite sex, it may not be that much easier,
but, still better.

But here's the thing.
When a person makes a decision. Basically everyone should support it.
let me explain.
Say a guy chooses that he likes a girl.
if she feels the same way,
she should support his decision.

If she does not like him, and cannot foresee liking him, he should support her decision.
After all, how much can you really love a person, if you don't want what makes them happy.

Sometimes, it takes time, but so what?

So here I say it: What ever happened to agency?
Don't we believe in that anymore?
Why can't we make our own decisions?
Why can't they be more informed?
Why don't we want everyone to be happy?
And why can't we be happy independant of their choices?

A little agency goes a long way, but why can't we support it, whether we think we like the outcome or not.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

MMM Food.

It's funny when you think about it,
I'm not the best at keeping my blog updated,
So, I'm probably the last person that you would expect
To go and start another blog.
and yet, I am.

Why, why why would I do something like that?
I think I must be crazy,
but I'm ok with that.

First I think there is something to be said.
Second I think that the topic is one that could be very interesting.

(oh, did I mention? this blog will be theme based)


So from now on, if I have something to say about food, it will likely go there.
Also I would like to invite you to participate in this blog.
(after all, one persons review is good, but many peoples review... it is better)

I like to think of it as a Democracy of Dictators.
So anyone who wishes to contribute shall also be able to contribute
to the rules thereof.

But here are the rules that I would like to propose.

1. Please limit posts to the reviewing of food.

You know, the people reading the blog ought to be able to experience the same things
and then add their opinions.

2. Food establishments should be in or near unto Utah.

It seems logical that we should start with the places of eating where I could possibly eat.
I propose that the initial requirement be that a person could eat there while in Utah,
or that a person could leave Utah for the sole purpose of attending this food establishment,
and could return within the same day, and would not be bothered by the journey.

3. Once an establishment has been reviewed, subsequent reviews should be clustered with the original.

4. There ought to be a unique but clear system for rating a meal and or establishment.
(feel free to make suggestions here)

And finally be descriptive.
I say, the more we know the better.

So if you would like to Join me please Go to:

Bon Apetite