Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Pie That Changes Peoples Lives

I'm not kidding.
We just got a call "you changed my life" they said, It's all about the pie.
more specifically it's all about the pie crust, and there are a few kinds that it won't work for,
but in general it make pretty good pie.  And yes it may even change your life ;) (and it may not).

But here is the super secret recipe for an excellent pie crust. (we'd keep it a secret, but we can't stand all the bad pies out there  Ü) (my mom says this is top secret and it's spreading too fast... she almost wouldn't let me post it.  So no sharing... but you probably could send them to this here website Ü)

Pie Paste (yep, that's where pastry comes from)

  • 3 cups
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar rounded (healthily)
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • a pinch of salt (just pinch the salt and then what ever stays between your fingers is a pinch)
  • 1.5 cups shortening
  • 1/2 a cup of milk
Mix your dry ingredients first, then cut in your wetter ones.
It's practically impossible to over work this recipe. You may need a little more flour... you will probably need more flour.
then roll it out with enough flour that it doesn't stick, it shouldn't take much at this point.
mmmm hmmm
Poke it (with like a fork or something) or weight it to avoid large pockets of air.
Oh yeah bake it at 375º, or fill it with fruit, and then bake it at 350º

I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as mine, if it wasn't, and if the reason was bad pie, well, next year maybe better.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I can't believe I posted so many times last weekend.  I posted a survey, and I created one (but I had the good sense to save it). Then I posted on this blog twice, and on my other blog once.  but don't worry, I'm back to my normal infrequent postings. Ü

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Games People Play

I know this sounds a lot like a post that I just made, but I started this one first... I promise. I did!
Never the less I have some things that I would like to say about games, so I will just say them.

I like games.  Actually I like them a lot. I have a lot of good games, but I think there is plenty of room for my collection to grow.  And as tradition in  my house is to generally get a game or two for Christmas, I figured this was as good a time as any to share some insights about some games.
What I like and why I like it.

Mostly I look for games that fall into a niche that I don't have a lot of. Of course there are some good games in the niches that I do have too.  So here is a selection of some of the games that interest me most.

  1. HARE AND TORTOISE - It was the Spiel des Jahres in a year that, I feel connected to, and It is a strategy game for 2 - 6 players. And I have a bit of an affinity for games with 2-6 players.  Sometimes there are more than 4 people in a group. and sometimes there are less, a 2-6 player game is practically perfect... for some things anyway.
  2. Acquire - Thank you Devin! I love this game and I would love to have this game. And Devin was the one who introduced it to me.  3-6 players.
  3. Hit or Miss - I remember the first time I played this game, I was skeptical at best. But turns out it's a really really fun game, especially for parties... oh and for smart people. There's a good balance of strategy and skill, and it's a game for 3-8 players.  (3-6 is good, 3-8 is better).
  4. Incan Gold - Most Excellent. Alan R. Moon. And 3-8 players. I may be in love.
  5. Bohnanza - What a great game.  It's one part pit, and one monopoly, and just plain fun.  It's fast - ish, and versatile... and in theory it comes with an expansion pack (there are lots of expansions available).  3-7 players, but I've played it with as many as 11 people... I think.
  6. Agricola - I've never played this game but Devin says it is great, and I trust Devin and his taste in games. I really want to play this game. Unfortunately this game is a little bit more than some of the others, but I hear it is so worth it. 1-5 players.
  7. Fauna - Spiel des Jahres, but not available.
  8. Enchanted Forest - It's a game for ages 6 and up, but magically it seems playable by the ups. a solid game for people of all ages. Once again, 2-6 players.
  9. Scotland Yard or Mister X - My best friend introduced me to Scotland yard quite a few years ago.  Mister X is it's sequel.  It's a little tense sometimes, yeah it's suspenseful,  but it's a good game for 3-6 players.
  10. Railway Rivals / Dampfross -  It's not a short game, and to be honest I'm not sure how it compares with Ticket to Ride. But hey it was the Spiel des Jahres in '84 and it's 2-6 players.
  11. Such a Thing - Another good party game that sounds pretty fun. 2 -10 players.
  12. Pick Picknic or Razzia -  I like ravesnburger as a company, and It did win the S-d-J, but I'd totally pick the Picknic one over the Razzia, but I am intrigued.  2-6 players.
  13. Tutankhamen - S-d-J, cheap, and fast. 2 -6 players
  14. Slide 5 -  Cheap and fast card game 2 -10 players
  15. Medici - S-d-J  I know the line is getting a little old but I really like Spiel des Jahres games. It doesn't hurt that it's set in the Mediterranean. 3- 6 players
  16. Mü and Lots More - It's four card games in one. Awesome. Each with it's own way to win the trick. 2 -8 players.
  17. Elfenland - Spiel des Jahres and by the same guy who made "Ticket to Ride." It's not a short game, but it has to be good.  2-6 players.
  18. Citadels - Excellent choice.  It's a card game, kind of seems like BANG! 2 -7 players.
  19. Metro - It's another S-d-J and another train game, but every one seems interesting in it's own unique way. 2-6 players.
  20. Frank's Zoo - It's a card game, a trick taking card game. But you can play it with up to seven players. 4-7 players.
  21. TransAmerica - DAh it's a train game. If I actually got it, then everybody would have to stop refering to the other train game as "The Train Game." This one has an expansion pack which may or may not be essential. oh yeah S-d-J. 2-6 players.
  22. Alhambra - It seems pretty interesting, kind of like Carcassone and Settlers mixed. There are five expansions, but I'm not sure which ones are the best (and they can be mixed and matched). I have heard that the first and the fifth, are probably the weakest. S-d-J. 2-6 players
  23. Fische Fluppen Frikadellen - hard to find 2 -15 players (if you get three different sets)
  24. Mausen - Card Game 3-6 players.... can you tell it's getting late yet?
  25. Viva Il Re! - 3-6 players preorder only
  26. Typo - It's a word game and a card game. 2-6 players.
  27. Wicked Witches Way - yeah yeah S-d-J. and 2-6 players. yada yada yada.
  28. Jamaica - I little bit spicey... or um pricey. More S-d-J. and 2-6 players. and pirates. what could go wrong?
  29. Time's up - A last minute addition. You've probably already played it. But this is the actual game. It's a person guessing game. Three rounds, progessively harder and progressively funnier (if we were playing it we'd probably just write names and put them in a large bowl. Julie-style).
  30. Why did the Chicken - Another good party game. Another last minute addition. Good party games are always welcome. the end.
there you have it 30 of perhaps the most interesting games, that I don't have. Most of them I have never even played. But I want to. I can't garantee that all my links work, and no I'm not going to check them.  If I was really smart I would link them to Amazon, so I could make some money from this... but I just don't have the time or ambition right now. Maybe at a future date. What do you think?

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Free Book

    I really thought that I posted a link to this a while back, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, and regardless, I think the post is especially timely right now.

    So there's this Guy named Chris(It's not like he's the editor of some big tech magazine or anything... or is he?) and he wrote a book about how free has changed, and is changing.

    Interestingly enough, the book is free. Or at least it can be, but it can also be purchased. To me the book is both interesting, and well interesting.

    And I would like to recommend it... Especially if you might possibly consider working for me in the next year or so. No seriously, this book is interesting, and it talks about the various business models that I think I am working my work into.

    I will say that I'm not an economist, and ironically, I don't really think that's what this book is about. But is is about business, and society, and it's got insights, and info, and I think it's worth the time.
    Oh yeah did I mention it's free? And did I mention that you can listen to it?
    So here's the deal. If you want to hear it you can get it on itunes.
    Here's the podcast.
    Here is the Free Audio Book.
    And if you'd rather not download it,
    I can give you a free cd... or I can send you the file, just let me know (though this option sounds a lot like the previous two).

    So if you want give it a listen, or find it at the library, or watch it on youtube (I wouldn't be surprised Ü).  And let me know what you think.  I was pleasantly surprised when I started giving it a chance, cause honestly when I heard about it the only word I could think of was 'hokey' now I think... 'hmm, surprisingly relevant."

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    A few movies that I have not seen or would like to see again.

    This list is not exactly in order, but I'm not going to take the time right now to fix it, so this is what you get.

    1. Monsters Vs. Aliens - I like animation, in fact I almost went into it. And Dreamworks seems to be catching up with Pixar, I mean nothing can really compete with Pixar, but I've heard good things.
    2. UP! - Pixar. Yeah, it may be a little surprising that I haven't seen this yet, but... I also don't have a cell phone.  Ü
    3. Flushed away - More animation that I haven't seen.  Me = intrigued.
    4. Wallace and Grommet were-rabbit  - I know how some of you feel about claymation, and I respect that, but I don't find it the least bit creepy, just funny, pure and simple.
    5. Galaxy Quest - I didn't have high expectations for this one, but it did surprisingly well on the Tomatometer®. And now I am über intrigued.
    6. Second Hand Lions - It's been a while, and it was good. And everybody always talks about it, so I'd like to see it again.
    7. The Story of Weeping Camel - It's a Docu-drama, and I hear really really good things about it. I like a good documentary type film every now and then.
    8. Any Red Skelton movie - Genius. Seriously I love Red Skelton. His movies are soooo funny, and I've seen a few, but I would love to see the rest.
    9. Madagascar. (1)  Surprisingly I really liked the sequel, but I still don't think I ever saw the original, so Madagascar... yeah I'd like to see that.
    10. Forever Strong - Rugby anyone?  I'm not sure whether it's the local flavor, or the story, or what, but I would actually like to see what they did with this movie.
    11. Ushpizin - conceptually hilarious; dry, like matzo but clever, and unique, and well made.
    12. The original Ocean 11 - Everything these days seems to be a remake of something.  I want to see the somethings.  yeah, I'm intrigued.
    13. The original Italian Job. - Ditto.
    14. Time Bandits - Connery and Cleese, (what an odd combination... which only makes it more intriguing) not my first choice, but I'd like to see it.
    15. Condorman - Ok I just watched it and it is good, but technically it no longer needs to be on this list
    16. We are Marshall - You know one of those sports movies, but different... kind of.
    17. Lion king 1 1'2 - Not a sequel... not not a sequel, an enigma. My aunt said it was very good.
    18. Bridge to Terabithia - Never read the book, never saw the movie, but I would.
    19. The Iron Giant - Somehow I missed this movie, Ok I was in Greece, but still, I think I've only seen snippets here and there, and I'd like to see the whole thing.  You don't really hear about it, but it's supposedly surprisingly good.
    20.  The King of Comedy - It's probably low on my list, but I wouldn't mind seeing it.
    21. Spiderwick Chronicles - yeah I'd watch that.
    22. Harvey... either version - I don't remember when my fascination with large invisible rabbits began, but I think I could really enjoy a good flick about one.
    23. The Three Caballeros - Yet another one that I probably have not seen... unbelievable
    24. The Late Show - A detective past his prime, what could go wrong?
    25. Frank and Ollie - A movie about people who make movies.  I guess this goes back to the days when I wanted to work for Disney.
    26. Modern Times - I've never seen a any of the great Charlie Chaplin feature length films, and I feel I'm missing something. This one I hear leaves you speechless. ü
    27. The Great dictator - Chaplin again. classic really. Classic.
    28. Being there - Peter Sellers.   "A highly unusual and an unusually fine film."
    29. Reds - It's a political drama, as if I don't already get enough of that, but it still has me intrigued, I could see myself hating it, but I'm still curious.
    30. Invincible - Yeah it's just football, but I like a little football, now and again.
    31. Z - Ok so I don't really know if I want to see it, but I did a graphics project about some of the best international movies ever and... it made the list.
    32. The last mimzy - It really just barely makes the cut, but I believe in supporting movies with family friendly ratings.

    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    Money Money Money yeah yeah

    I learned something very interesting yesterday: I actually make money from my blogs.
    Ok it's not a lot, but it is something.  I have known for a while that I could make money from blogging, but I didn't really know what the most effective methods to do that were.

    Well I can now say with great certainty that I have even more understanding of the process.

    First Google ads.  Admittedly this is not a big source of income for me, in fact so far I have not seen anything, but one day Google will send me a check for $100 and I will be happy.  At the rate that I post it will still take a few years, but I have no doubt that they will send me a check.  (I have a formula to know how much Google will pay if you're interested, it's something I concocted myself, but I think it seems pretty close so far)

    Then one day I decided to take my money making to the next level, And voila, I joined Helium.  Helium is different in that you can actually make money for each article that you write, especially if you follow a few criteria and participate in their site.  And yes they have actually sent me some moolah. Not much, but more. Here again, I know the pattern, and I know I could be making more, but I haven't been very faithful to it. But it can be guaranteed. And it can be fun.

    But what I have found to be the best money in blogging is Kindle Publishing (from amazon). I write my blogs and they publish them.  The main thing here, is that you have to have a topic that people will actually pay to read (I think I have two but I have only been using one). But the second part is also important, you have to write consistently enough that people will keep their subscriptions. It turns out that people have been reading my blog on the kindle (no not this one, my other one).
    But I have been slothful,  and not a wise blogger (and busy, let's not forget busy), and people have been canceling their subscriptions.  When I started, I was pretty sure no one was reading it, so I didn't do much with it, but now I know differently, it's starting to make it's way into the world.

    Because I now have a greater appreciation for consistency, I am looking for volunteers.  Well not exactly volunteers. I don't know that I myself could actually write consistently enough to keep people happy, but I think if a group of us banded together we could totally make things work.  Being as this is a new venture, I am not sure how I would share the profits, or even if there would be a good way to do that. However, I do have a few resources that I can share.  So to start things out I am willing to share what I have.

    So what do I have? Well I have a video projector.  It's pretty cool, and it makes for a great party, or date or whatever you want to do with it. I also have two blogs that need some consistency (thank goodness for the option to schedule a blog to post on a certain day).  The first blog is 5000 Questions. This is the blog that I have already published.  The Second blog is the Utah Food Review; This is the blog that has been sorely neglected and thus not published.  I would like to see each of these blogs published way more consistently, so I offer a very simple proposal.  If you help me write 3 blogs, I will let you borrow the projector.  You can write for either blog... The Utah Food Review is basically a restaurant review blog, and 5000 Questions is about gathering/ creating questions that a couple could use to get better acquainted and have a better relationship.

    If you pick the first one just review any dining experience in or near Utah, and be sure you give it a rating from 1 to 8 spoons (with 8 being the best). 

    If you pick the second one I think 3 posts of about 25 Questions each would be nice. (Unless you pick a different kind of post, then things would be different).

    You can email me the posts, and I can add them or I can add you as an admin, if you think that would be good.   My email is my last name [dot] my first name (the whole thing) the-at-sign Gmail etc.

    Of course if you would like to post out of the goodness of your heart you are welcome to do that too. Ü
    Have  a great day,

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Et Tu Brute?

    "I could be well mov'd if I were as you.
    If I could pray to move, prayers would move me.

    But I am constant as the northern star

    Of whose true-fix'd and resting quality There is no fellow in the firmament
    The skies are painted with unnumber'd sparks;
    They are all fire and every one doth shine But there's but one in all doth hold his place
    So in the world; t'is furnish'd well with men And men are flesh and blood and apprehensive
    Yet in the number I do know but one That unassailable holds on his rank Unshak'd of motion:
    and that I am he.

    Let me a little show it even in this
    That I was constant"

    It seems somewhat ironic, that Caesar was proclaiming his constancy
    while Brutus was in turn saying Ceasar, to me you have outlived your worth.
    And said Caesar 'What even you?'

    I've thought a lot about this lately.
    Sometimes a friend is just a friend, they pass through our lives, and our lives just pass through them.
    Still there are other times, sometimes rare, where a friend is something more. They are constant.  They are true. They really are a friend.

    As I've thought about this I realized that true friends tend to have some similarities, here are some of the things that I think they tend to be.

    A true friend is: Optimistic and Loyal
    At first this may sound a little odd, but I really believe it is true... at least in some ways it is.
    When I think of my true friends,  they believe in us. They know that we can do great things. True friends do not judge us or try to find fault. They do what they can to give the benefit of the doubt.  And yes they even stand up for us when others may not. They don't just assume the worst, because someone says it, or even when things don't go quite as planned.  A true friend is one who stands by you when times are good and when they aren't. A true friend is someone who cares about you, even when you're not around.

    A true friend is: Enduring
    This I think is an extension of the first point.  True friendship is a friendship that lasts. I think it lasts in large part because of the things already mentioned. I think it lasts because true friends care more about their friends than the little things that could tear them apart. And yes sometimes even the big things.  My best friend and I have been friends for almost 20 years, (if you read this in a few years we'll be really close to 20 years). I can't say things have always gone as I planned, but I can say this. We're still good friends.  We still talk every now and then. Time and space have not pulled us apart.  I'm not sure anything could (though I'm thankful his wife did not try.  Ü Instead she welcomed me too, and now I have more friends). A true friend remembers you as a friend and why they are your friend, and they do what they can to make things endure.

    A true friend: Doesn't expect anything
    I guess it's ironic in a way, a true friend doesn't really expect anything from you, but they are the ones who are most likely to receive things.  It's not about what they can do for you, just that they are there for you, and they would still be your friend if circumstances were different.  I had a friend that came to town a few months ago, sadly we did not connect. It would have been fun to see my friends, but our friendship is unchanged.  We are still good friends, and we will hope for better circumstances in days to come. But neither he nor I expects the other to bend our plans so we can meet up. This is not to say that many times we do not bend our plans, because usually we can, and such occasions are great, but sometimes things don't work the way that we would like, and that's ok.  We are not friends because of what we get from each other, but because we get each other. True friendship is not self-serving or one sided, it's something that enriches you on a deeper level, where everyone can be benefited.

    A true friend: Gives and Forgives
    A true friend may not actually have the capacity to give much, but a true friend would give whatever they could to a friend in need. Sometimes we can't and that ok, but sometimes we can and that's ok too.  There are many things that we can give but perhaps the one thing that we have to give is forgiveness. As I mentioned before a true friend will give you the benefit of the doubt.  And even still still times we mess up.  Sometimes we forget.  And sometimes we are mean.  Sometimes we don't even know that we messed up. And sometimes we do. I love what Joseph said when William W. Phelps came back to him and the church, "Come on dear Brother since the war is past, For friends at first are friends again at last."  True friendship does forgive. We all mess up, but our friends are the ones who still know who we are. The ones who still find good things about us. And yes the ones who stand by us and stand for us.

    A true friend: Cares
    This is the crux of the message, a true friend is one who really cares.  One who thinks about you, and understands you.  This is I think the most important section of this message, but it is also the one that is hardest to express. This is also the message that can be found throughout, each section here mentions some things that deal with caring. In a way true friendship has to be selfless and Christlike. It is hard to express what exactly this means, but perhaps even harder is actually doing it.  But this is what a real friendship is about.

    Of course it wouldn't  be my blog if I left off the bit about how important communication is, but that is a blog for another day. Needless to say I think that any true friendship involves communication.

    Thanks to all of you who are my friends. I know I'm not perfect, but I'm glad I have you. I really do appreciate all that you are to me. I truly have an amazing wealth of good friends in my life. Thanks to you for being my friend.

    Thursday, October 08, 2009

    ShufflePalooza Coming soon to a backyard near me.

    That's right ShufflePalooza is coming soon.
    Saturday the 17th @ 2:30 pm
    more details and maybe even a video (if I get a little time) will be found at the official ShufflePalooza

    Feel free to bring...
    people (and or persons (singular or plural))
    Food (singular or plural)
    Coats, jackets, socks, mittens,  gloves, Shoes (you know real shoes not those fake-open-toed-my-feet-are-cold types of shoes)

    Snuggies or blankets
    Really good movies,
    Bocce or lawn darts
    anything coated in Chocolate,
    Bacon wrapped sausages  Ü (they were excellent last time)
    any or all of the above

    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Conference Call with Jim

    A few months ago I had the opportunity to listen to a conference call with Congressman Matheson.  It was very informational.  And it looks like he's doing another one tomorrow.

    So if you want to listen/ speak to him, here is the info.

    TomorrowWednesday September 23, 2009.  Telephone Town Hall Meeting
    with Congressman Jim Matheson.

    What:  Telephone Town Hall Meeting to discuss pressing national issues.

    Who:    Congressman Jim Matheson and Utah constituents.

    When:  September 23, 2009 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    How:    To join the call at or after 7:00 PM, call (877) 229-8493.  When directed, enter the PIN # 13304.  You'll be able to listen in toll-free for as long as you like and, when prompted, ask the Congressman questions on the topic of your concern.

    New poll on the Blog.

    That's right I've added a poll. Go ahead, vote in it, you opinions are welcome.  Other comments, can go here!

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Extreme Croquet.

    Hmm I'm thinking my house this week, it should be done ish, so I think it will be a great spot.
    I'll update when I know for sure.

    Thursday, September 03, 2009

    Apprise - verb to make aware.

    So here's the scoop.

    Friday (yes they are still on Fridays - despite what some who got the text  message thought) more Extreme Croquet.  Maybe even with a special treat. Maybe.

    CVMS ( I think it's MS)

    Point number 2. 

    with each of the candidates for Cedar City Mayor!
    One of them I had to do twice, but they have all been done.  

    Sometimes I love technology, and well sometimes I don't. 
    To hear the interviews go to 

    Also if you know anyone running for City council, encourage them to fill out the email interview that they were sent.  Ü
    (Transcripts for the mayoral interviews are in progress, hopefully done by next week)
    It was a hefty project, but it's feeling better now.

    And then there's my house... Have you heard what they are doing to my house?
    Well they're pretty much new and improving it.
    So what have they done?
    • Well we got about thirty percent more space in the two rooms we use most. (that would be the kitchen and the family room)
    • And we got a new deck. (yeah, the new deck and stairs are pretty much in)
    • And the cement on the Shuffleboard court was fixed.
    • And we got some new siding. (mostly done)
    • And We got our new kitchen floor yesterday (it's a fancy vinyl)
    • Today our cupboards were put back in
    • Did I mention the amazing new oven(s) that we're getting?
    • And a new oven hood
    • And most of the painting is done
    • and various other things here and there. 
    • Oh yeah and we got a broom closet, and it only took us 23 years Ü
    Hitch is having another baby, (this will be their second)

    And I'm still in the same job I was last year, but that may change.
    Actually that pretty much is going to change.  It was interesting,
    I was asked what my dream job for this next phase of my life would be, and I didn't really know the answer.  But the more I thought about it I realized that I do know the answer. Normal hours, Consistent wages, and time, yeah time to develop - to pursue some of my interests, and maybe even work on some really fun projects, that don't have to make money, but could.  Ah yes, and it should use some of my talents and skills, but I haven't decided yet whether I want it to co - mingle with my passions. And if it happens to be in the north half of the state, well that's even better.

    But we'll see. If I can just keep the power from going out again for a long enough time to actually finish some apps.  Ü

    So that's the update. That's where things stand.

    Oh and there may even be a shufflepalooza, in Oct. (if we have enough energy to paint the court).


    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Interviews In Progress!

    That's right I got my first interview. It went fairly well, though I admit, I'm not as good as I'd like to be. But regardless one is done. (Now I'm hoping Google is going to transcribe it for me, but it's looking kind of doubtful, but it's a big job, so maybe it's just taking some time Ü). Either way I Interviewed Raymond Green, and I will post a link here to the interview when I get it added to Ideally it will be both as a written transcript, and as an MP3.
    I was nervous, and I'm not even the one running for mayor!
    Still I'm glad I did it, and I hope I can do it again. Ü

    But seriously, now that it's real... I can't believe I did it, I'm doing it.
    Seriously! Ü

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    Officials (Officially Speaking)

    Well the results are in,
    My Local Leaders is the winnner,

    And is the new address.

    I'm am close to finalizing the questions that each candidate will be asked,
    and I have obtained the contact information for everyone running for office in Cedar City.

    ...I know... I was impressed too!

    The primaries will be held September 15th so I will definitely be aiming to have the interviews done before that time, but that shouldn't be a problem (depending on schedules, and of course cooperation).

    thanks to all the voters both in the poll and the elections.

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    More Bear Pics

    And one more.

    Now wait a second... That's not a bear...

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    Did You Know...

    That sometime I just burst into song?

    That I prefer cooking to cleaning?

    That I have at least nine blogs and seven email addresses?

    That I used to be a certified lifeguard?

    That I have walked on and tasted a glacier?

    That I really don't notice how tall people are?

    That I have won prizes for both fishing and shotgun shooting?

    That I once drove a train?

    That I could really go for a nice roasted leg of octopus?

    That I once rode in a taxi (yeah a small, well normal sized taxi) with 6 other people... as a missionary?

    That one of these is like Julie's Tattoo.


    Monday, August 10, 2009

    What We Saw: The Wild ONES

    Just got back from a long, and mostly enjoyable trip, and we saw a lot.
    We saw mountains, and rocks, and rivers and streams, water, more water, and windmills and things.

    The wild outdoors, was our scene for this trip
    But for now I will start with a brief little bit
    about the things wild that did live in it.

    We saw some cats, and lots of dogs.

    We saw horses,
    We saw Cows,
    We saw some chickens and donkeys and things
    We saw some sheep

    We saw a few fish (and we ate a few fish, but more on that later)

    We saw lots of birds, but I didn't try to identify them all.
    (the Osprey)

    We saw squirrels, and chipmunks, and various other small rodents (but no beaver)

    We saw some deer
    The infamous hoary marmot
    and then some mountain goats,
    and then... big horn sheep.

    (wow these sheep must be related to Waldo)

    A coyote,
    Bison (or was it buffalo, wait, this just in, it may have been both)

    and then some elk,
    and yes even antelope


    (more pictures coming to this post)

    Wait! Wait, there's more, I totally forgot about the bears...

    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Your input requested.

    So I had this idea -- I'm going to do a series of posts about those who are running for mayor, and maybe if I get a chance for those running for city council too.

    So I have some thing that I would like some input on.
    Would you prefer I do them here... or on a new blog?
    or some combination of both?

    What should my newblog be called?
    (something that a person could remember probably, but that reflects the local nature of the blog)

    and more importantly, what do you think we should ask the candidates?
    No, seriously, what questions would you ask?
    I'll tell you this, I may shy away from leading questions, or biased questions, but I'm expecting these interviews (yes, I really think this will work) to be a nice mix, of soft AND important questions.
    Anyway thanks, and have a great day.

    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Extreme Croquet, History / Future

    Extreme Croquet has been extremely pleasant.

    First I would like to give a brief re-cap of the Summer Series of Extreme Croquet.

    I can't really say that I knew what to expect, but I wanted something fun, and simple.

    Something fairly dependable, but not overly demanding.

    And while I am mostly famous for my Shuffleboard experiences, I am a multi-dimensional entity. So I decided to branch out, and the Summer Series of Extreme Croquet was born (though that is not to imply that Shufflepalooza, and other shuffleboard games, have been expunged).

    With great expectations, I designed the first course of the summer at my house. This turned out to be a very good thing. Partially because the course was amazing, and partially because I didn't publicize the event nearly as well as I thought I had. In fact, even though I had posted the details here, and told a few people about it, there were many people who I assumed would know about it, who in reality knew nothing. Also I didn't realize that the time that I had announced would be very widely interpreted. So after setting up the course, and waiting for a good forty minutes, I was beginning to question the whole idea. But I had a book and a chair, so I sat down, and read. It didn't take much longer 'til the first person (Cardine) arrived.

    And we played. She started texting people, and her texts were very effective. People started arriving (I, at this point did not have a text messaging service... to some degree this situation has been rectified). We played two games (maybe three) before the others arrived. I was handily beaten in both games... and on my own home court (though admittedly not the course that we normally play there). The course was amazing; over the sidewalk, and on to the park strip. Back to the main lawn, and down a hill to the back yard, then back. In all four games that evening I was the first one dead. Twice by Cardine, once at the infamous hands of the inimitable Joseph, and once by... uh, I don't remember maybe a Humphries or something. I think Cardine won the first two and then Amy Laura and Emily split the last two. Altogether it was amazing.

    The second week we played at the South Elementary.
    I really liked this course too. Up the hill, and then down the terraced side of the same hill.
    I won this one. Well I should say that I killed everybody, or at least everybody who hadn't already done it to themselves, because as I struck the last players ball, I too was killed (I hit him, Eric the Red, and then I went through a wicket). We re-arranged the course and Emily won again I think.

    This was yet again a very pleasant course. The site of my eagle project, on the grass, that we laid. Down one hill and up the next. Two guys for every one girl. ü The course was pretty straight forward... except one thing, it was impossible to stay on top of the hill. We spent a good portion of the evening trying to get up the hills (A special thanks to Cardine for bringing Mr. M ).

    Patriotic @ Discovery Park.

    This course was different, easier in a way, no big hills, but a good variety of terrains. We played on asphalt, and grass, and gravel, and under a tree.

    Each 'hole' was marked with a flag, and only once did the people at the pavillion at perturbed by our presence.
    And to add to the Extremity, the sprinklers came on!
    MVP of the week! Julie, for bringing people, and extra croquet balls!

    SU #1 ( I say number one, because there could easily be more)
    we started with seven, but two didn't stay, About half way through, we lost three more, but we also gained two. Totaling nine, I think that's the bigggest. The course was amazing, but then they all are. Most of the time the course was quite simple but if you hit it just wrong you could literally end up 100 yards off course. Sorry L. I didn't mean for you to end up out there.


    Wow! it was dead, and it would have made a very nice, but different experience... but, the back side was probably better. Once again mega props to Cardine, you really are the EC VIP. or MVP or well you get the idea. I really like the new guy you brought. We played on the rim of a... how would you describe it, a pit. The pit of despair, I think someone called it. It was usually just fine, but if you fell in... well it could make things a challenge. The game was amazing, and I liked the ambulance rule, but I think it was not a crowd favorite. But we had fun. Michelle won one, and Then Emily won one. Then Emily shared with us some cookies she had made. Victory Cookies. Mmmmm.

    SO GOOD!

    Next week, we will be in Enoch, the church/ park, but I'm not sure if we will actually play.
    We're going for the Forbidden Donut. One of the great emerging bands in our area. So we'll see what happens.

    And then I'll be gone. Yep, I'm leaving town. Ten days (one Friday). If someone wants to take over they are more than welcome. But I may not be here.

    Anyway thanks for everyone coming, and participating. It's been really fun, and I can't wait to see what else we do.

    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    SSof ExC: Old hospital edition

    We've had a good series of Extreme Croquet so far this summer, and we're still going.

    Last week we had an amazing course near the SUU Library, and I'm not just saying that because I won (though coincidentally I did... Finally I have won a few. I was a little worried after the night at the beginning where I died four for four games, right off the bat).

    So this week we will be playing at the Old hospital, and we may even institute a secret family rule called the ambulance.

    I'm not sure whether we will be toward the front (which is more like the side) or around the back, (if for instance the other side is unplayable) but a good time is anticipated for all.

    Also this is the new old hospital, not the old old hospital. (In other words we will be at approximately 595 South 75 East... Not at the Leavitt building).

    thanks again to everyone.

    Wednesday, July 08, 2009

    Summer Series of Extreme Croquet

    This Friday at 7:00 p.m. we will be playing Extreme Croquet to the east of the SUU library.

    Saturday, July 04, 2009

    Five thing I like about George Wythe

    You know what I like?


    It seems to be a lost art, but I really like it when someone can see both good and bad, and evaluate things in an environment unrestrained by biases.

    Ironically, those sources that most people turn to, often do have a bias. News media is biased to the left, talk radio in these parts is biased to the right. But neither one seems to remember Journalism: reporting the facts, all of them, and letting people decide. And what's worse, when you check their facts, sometimes they were misrepresented, though hopefully not intentionally.

    So in the interest of presenting a more complete picture, though potentially still sort of biased, I have decided to write five things that I like about George Wythe, and five that I don't like.


    For convenience I will try to pull the basis of my thoughts/ideas from the GW website.

    #1. Their mission statement.
    I like their mission statement, It's basically a pretty good mission.
    To build men and women of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy and courage who inspire greatness in others and move the cause of liberty. I'm not sure what it means to them to move the cause of liberty. But I'm glad for the liberties that I do have.

    #2. Classics.
    Their education is based on reading the classics. I think there are a lot of classics, that people would do well to read. I would like to read more good books. Reading good books is definitely commendable.

    #3. 'With class sizes of 10-20 students and a 1:7 mentor/student ratio.... the ideal of a personalized education with constant interaction and individual attention.' I'm not sure exaclty how that works (mathematically) but I like the concept of small classes, and individual attention.

    #4. Website.
    Their Website. On the whole it's a fairly good website. It's well designed (Good job Matt). It's fairly easy to navigate, and it has it's fair share of information. I've seen many a website that was not nearly as good.

    #5. Stan Szczesny
    It's true I like Stan Szczesny, and not just the name. I actually think he might be a genius. His musical ability, is pretty remarkable. His cognitive process seems well formed/ thorough.
    And he's nice to me, I think that's just his way.

    Five things I dislike.

    #1. GWU!
    The official name of the school is George Wythe University, They probably did it to add credibility. Honestly I don't care why they did it, I really don't think it's a University. Ironically the best definition to prove my point came from a George Wythe University student, here's what she said a University was:
    An institution for higher learning with teaching and research facilities constituting a graduate school and professional schools that award master's degrees and doctorates and an undergraduate division that awards bachelor's degrees, the buildings and grounds of such an institution, and the body of students and faculty of such an institution.*

    I doubt I could have said it better myself. Ü

    *, "university," in The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Source location: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. Available: Accessed: July 04, 2009.

    #2. Mentors
    What is a Mentor anyway? I mean, really, why can't they use the same words that everyone else uses. Why can't they have teacher's: people who are experts in a subject, and experts in TEACHING. I know of a kid who left them, because they wouldn't teach, they just kept telling him that if he kept reading their books, he would learn the things he was trying to learn, regardless of his particular style of learning (if I had to guess, I'd assume most people aren't fully in that learning category).

    #3. "The ones who come out on top are the ones
    who have been trained in the hardest school."

    I have to fundamentally disagree with this idea. It assumes too much. Granted, I will say that some of the best schools are indeed very challenging, but most of the time a good teacher, can take something incredibly hard, and easily help people who are adequately prepared to understand such difficult concepts. And my second point, making something harder, for the sake of making it hard, can be self defeating, In the real world we often call that busywork. Yes I realize that hard things can be valuable, but it reminds me of a time when I was in school. I was not what you might call a good student growing up. Sure, I wasn't a bad kid, but I struggled. Especially I struggled with math. It was awful: one subject could consume a perfectly good day. Fifty problems, just to be sure you understood. And I didn't. I would not. I didn't like it, and it was the enemy. It was hard. It was hard until I met Mrs. Ferguson. Her philosophy was that math was awesome! And SHE wasn't going to ruin it. She knew that these concepts were really quite simple, but that nobody would want to do 50 problems. So she never assigned fifty problems. If you could get it with five that's what you did, If you couldn't with five, you got to do ten. By not purposefully making things hard, she taught me that I could do math. That I was good at math. That I might even love math. She knew that there was more to learning and education than simply being trained in the hardest places/ ways.

    Work smarter not harder. I think this has merit.

    Which brings me to my next point.
    #4. "Mathematics is an integral part of a statesman’s education. Whether it is applied mathematics or its philosophical side, statesmen learn to solve problems and think logically and orderly when they set their minds and hearts to the study of mathematics." Quoted from the website. It sounds really good. But I've never met a GW student that made me think 'mathematics (and especially applied mathematics) was an integral part of their educational experience.'

    #5. Types of education. At George Wythe they believe in three types of education.
    "A) Conveyor Belt (employee) education exists to prepare everyone for a job, any job, by teaching them what to think. This includes rudimentary skills designed to fit them to function in society [coincidentally I heard something about this in conference].
    B) Professional education ranges from apprenticeships and trade schools to law, medical and MBA programs. Its purpose is to create specialists by teaching them when to think.
    C) Leadership education teaches students how to think and prepares them to be leaders in their homes and communities, entrepreneurs in business, and statesmen in government. "

    Wow, I can't believe how degrading they are of other people and institutions. [Oliver said this would happen, but I think that he kind of started it]. Ironically I don't think I've met many groups so homogeneous, like they came off the conveyor belt. I do think that it is important to know how to think, but when and why and what are pretty important too. I think these concepts can co-exist. You can learn skills, principles and processes. I've had classes like that. I know that there are classes, that are like that in many places. To assume that their education is the kind that will teach a person how to think, is to ignore all the greatness and thinking from those who aren't them. And that's why it bugs me so much, because sometimes it feels like that. Like they are better than their peers. I don't think they all feel this way, in fact I hope it's something they are doing better with. I hope it's something we can all do better with.
    May God help us when we feel that way.

    There are in fact some good things happening all around, and that includes at George Wythe. I hope they will continue to work on their problem areas, and who knows, maybe one day they will be even more than they have been.

    Thursday, July 02, 2009

    The Randomness of July 2nd

    First I would like to thank those of you with Birthdays in June who added me in Faceb00k. I now have official friends in each of the 23 months. ;-)

    In other Social news... I went on a date this week. Actually I went on three dates this week. Well if you count Thursday to Thursday, I think that it is four. Seriously, I think that's my all time record. (I mean maybe not if you count the times that I was in a relationship... but 4 dates in seven days? whoa!) I'm impressed. Ü

    And in local news now's the time to submit your apps if you think you'd like to be the mayor... or a city council person. That's right many cities are in this same boat. In our home town, we have two council spots, and one mayor to be elected (I think).
    Steve Wood has filed for Mayor. Joe Burgess, is seriously considering it (probably waiting on the results of the poll he put out there). Ray Green, who I admit, might get favorably biased comments and support from me, is undecided. And the current Mayor has theoretically decided not to run this time, which surprised me. And honestly, I'd probably be willing to work with any of them. Either way, filings are open from July 1st through July 15 @ 5:00 pm.
    Have a great day!

    Wednesday, July 01, 2009

    Extremely Patriotic Extreme Croquet.

    As you may well know, the 4th of July is upon us.
    So for extreme croquet this week I am thinking there might be some tie-in,

    Either way Croquet will be the 3rd of July:
    Friday at 7:00

    As usual, everyone is invited,

    and this week we will be playing at Park Discovery.

    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    The ________ of the Week

    Favorite Headline of the Week:
    Microsoft to Vista Owners: You'll Pay for Our Mistake

    It's true, if you were one of the victims of Vista you still have to pay full price (as much as $220) for a ridiculously small update. (They're re-releasing Vista, the way it should have been released (working) calling it Windows 7, and charging you for it, The real winners are the ones who kept their XP. 7 seems nice enough, but even the ultimate version seems... well lacking ( I miss inkball, I hear you can still get it but I don't see it). Macs on the other hand are also getting an OS update this year. What people thought was going to be a relatively small update (like vista to windows 7) turned out to be something very nice, but Apple is a strange company, they like to under promise, and over deliver, so their better than expected new OS is very reasonably priced. $29.99*

    Celebrity Anti-Crush of the Week:
    Megan Fox
    That girl is Vulgar! in every sense. and I don't think she's all that pretty either, just trashy. She probably could be ok, but she's not.
    Will I be seeing T2? No.

    Biggest surprise of the week:
    Being set up on a blind date, by a person that I just met... not minutes before.
    not kidding!

    Google good news of the week... and the temporary downside:
    Google Voice. I get SMS, and a new phone number, and Voicemail, but no phone. I may just sign up for that. Unfortunately they took away the SMS that I was using, and I'm hoping for better luck with the Google Voice voicemail, than the Google Talk voicemail... I like the option to not send my blank messages. Ü

    Saddest Celebrity Death of the Week: Ed McMahon.
    Yeah the king of pop, and a bigtime actress, but Ed McMahon just seemed more entertaining.
    But seriously, lots of big names this week. My condolences.

    well that about wraps things up.

    Friday, June 26, 2009

    SSof EC (CHS)


    Probably on the west side.

    Same time. Etc.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    SS of EC : USG edition

    As you may already know this week is (one of the weeks of) the Utah Summer Games. And Because I have a friend sponsoring a team of... my friends, I have decidedly thusly:

    I will be going to CVMS around 7:00...
    watching some volleyball...
    and then maybe taking a small intermission, say around 8 or so, to play some Extreme Croquet, also in that area
    If anybody is interested.
    (just keep heading north on main if you don't know where it is. ü)


    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    Summer Series of Extreme CROQUET: update

    The Summer Series of Extreme Croquet...
    will be taking the week off.

    Due to forces, beyond my control (a family reunion)
    I will not be around Friday or Saturday probably, so I will not be holding the summer series of E.C.

    But thanks to everyone who has particitpated, and feel free to join us when we resume if you have not yet, by the way... who was it that won the last game?

    Have a great week!

    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    SS of EC #2 -- My younger days... South Elementary

    I have to admit I'm excited about this one.

    The Summer Series of Extreme Croquet #2


    Friday June 5,

    400 South 600 West. (South Elem.)

    More details and write-ups coming, to my other blog.

    The Wednesday Five: Five Things About Women

    I know, it doesn't quite have the ring of the Friday Five, but I just made the connection, and I'll admit it, I thought it was funny.

    More specifically this blog is not "Five Things About Women," but rather "Five Things that I Look for in a Woman."

    I'll admit I'm not perfect, and I really don't expect a perfect girl,
    but there are some things that I value, and ideally I'd hope a person could do well in these things... better than mediocre or average. (Average is such an interesting word, because average is solely based on what other people are doing. The reality is that merit in some of these areas is not dependent on what other people are doing. However; the reality, that carries with it even greater sadness, is that in some of these areas, average is not always good. To that end I am looking for better than average; simply put, good or better).

    #1 Are they modest?
    Obviously everyone (aside from Europeans) is sort of modest. But, somehow a lot of people (pardon the pun) are short on modesty. Some of the best counsel that I've heard on the subject comes from a man I know, I'll call him Brother Grant. He gave a simple test based on a beloved primary song. It's called the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, test. If you know the actions this test is quite simple, if not this test is, well, simple. I'll explain it to you (as Brother Grant explained it to me... more or less, hey my memory's not that great Ü) First it is best if you can do this with a mirror, a full length mirror is really ideal, but be forewarned, you might be surprised by what you see. Now take your hand and put them on top of your head. Simple right? Right. Now check the mirror? How's you're belly? Can you see it? Hopefully not.
    This next step as you might guess Involves great feats of physical strength... like touching your shoulders... OK so it's not that hard. Touch your shoulders. Cloth or no? You should have a sleeve there (perhaps something like I may have mentioned in a thing a way way long time in the anti-future).
    Half way done, hey that's not bad.

    Knees... You know the drill take your hands (plural) and touch your knees. Man this is easy!
    Ok so you got clothes there? You should have something, but this is only a third of the test here. You've got two more places you might be showing more than you should: I'll give you a hint they start with 'Sh' and end with 'irt.' It should also be noted that this one comes with a corollary. See if you're not wearing an outfit with legs (meaning you're wearing a kilt... or a dress, or a skirt, or a wrappy thingy) The rules actually change a little because you're knees really, really need to be covered if you're in that situation. Especially when you sit down. Still covered.

    And toes. Yep touch yer toes. Again see anything? What if you turn around? Does that change your answer?

    And tight clothes does anybody remember that part? It's like Barry Nelson as 007. Like nobody remembers that guy. And yet he was a bond. Much as it is with tight clothes. Modesty ≠ tight clothes. 'nuff said.

    So, can they pass brother grant's test? Can they pass it with flying colors, 'cause that's ideal... and super rare.

    #2 What's their intelligence?

    Now I'm not going to say that this is just about IQ, but I'm not going to lie, a good IQ is um attractive. Sure I want someone who's smart. I also recognize the value of other intelligences, but I like some one who excels. As the inimitable Napolean once said –You know, like… numchuck skills, bow-hunting skills, computer hacking skills. Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!" Ditto. Girls should have skills too.

    #3 Can I Communicate well with them?
    Yes this one is very related to the last one. I like people that I can communicate with. That I can communicate with well. ü

    #4 Are they Healthy?
    My dad was just told that he may have to take insulin shots for the rest of his life. It's not exactly the kind of news he was hoping for, but it's something that he probably could have prevented. My dad has taught me many great things, like how to fish, and how to be the envy of every other campsite at the Fathers' and Sons' Outing, and how to play freecell, let's not forget freecell, but my dad has also taught how important a persons health can be, and how unpleasant it can be when your health isn't tip-top. I know I could use some work here too, but healthiness is something I value.

    #5 Where do they put the things of the Lord?
    I found like a bajillion quotes on the importance of Family Home Evening, and how we may have lots of great things that we are doing, but the most important things are the things that the Lord has asked us to do. But alas. I'm tired. So I'm not going to take the time to say them here. Besides you know the story. It's not like
    this is something new. But I want someone who really values the things of the Lord. More than work, more than George Wythe, more than their friends or their MLM scheme, more than anything.

    And now... ah, sleep.

    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Ice Cream

    Tomorrow is free ice cream day at Walmart.

    11 a.m. - 4p.m.

    Saturday May 30th

    just in case you were wondering.


    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Summer Series of Extreme Croquet: Week #1 (my house)

    That's right the Summer Series of Extreme Croquet is about to begin.

    And for the first week I have decided to host the tournament at my very own house... which technically means my parents house.

    Here is a link to the sweet google map if you would like it.
    Map to first venue

    We'll start around 7:00
    and everyone is welcome.

    (especially if you have croquet balls Ü)

    Friday 29 May.

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    Summer Series of Extreme Croquet

    It seems fitting to me that there be a Summer Series of Extreme Croquet. I'm thinking Friday's but that is not firm yet.

    So here's the concept... Every Friday we pick a venue, then we play some Extreme Croquet.
    Anybody can come... and nobody is obligated.

    I will post the details either here or on , or perhaps both.

    Bring a friend, bring a date, bring a raisin... I don't care.

    Come to play or to watch, or whatever,

    Feel free to bring your own croquet mallet, if you have one that you think is lucky,
    or even an extra set, if you feel so inclined.

    Bring a chair or a blanket, or a beverage, or anything that will contribute to anyone's enjoyment.
    (and that includes you) Ü

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    The Crimson Trail (Yes, I think it means Blood)

    This is just a quick look at our Saturday hike... Mostly unretouched.

    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Do I Have the Swine Flu?

    Chances are you don't. This pandemic is likely to kill less people than... well anything,
    but even if you did, I wouldn't know how to tell.

    I've heard that people running a fever over 100 should check it out, but really, I think we're going to survive it... at least this time around.

    But if you're interested in it, this map is decent.
    Swine Flu

    And While I may not be much help with things like the Swine flu,
    I do know something about that other nasty virus

    Yeah it's much more likely that you were infected by this one. Way more likely that you were infected... unless you own a mac, and then I'd probably faint if you were infected, afterall, Macs are naturally antiseptic. No seriously.

    But regardless, conficker is out there, and you may already have won. The big questions are
    1) How do you know?
    2) What to do if you did get it?

    So how do you know?
    If it was me I would follow this link...
    It's not perfect, but it's a nice place to start.
    It will take you to a link that should show you six separate pictures.
    If they all down load, then you probably don't have it.

    If you do have it... then
    try this link

    Get well soon.

    Friday, May 01, 2009

    A Few (Happens to Be Five) Commencement Speeches

    A shout out to all the Graduates,
    and all those who could be or should be,
    and all those who already have.

    Here are some of my nice Commencement Addresses that I have found enjoyable, and/or valuable. I would have included my own, (not me speaking... Me graduating, but I don't know if it was recorded, but it was good).

    so with that I give you some good words and ideas.

    Baz Luhrmann 1999

    Steve Jobs Stanford 2005 (also officially on Youtube via Stanford)

    Madeline Albright 2004 Duke

    Dick Cheney at BYU 2007

    D Todd Christofferson at BYU 2007

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    whho we oo we ooo whoo who who

    Friday, April 03, 2009

    Amish Frienemy Bread

    You know that bread, the stuff that you're supposed to give to your friends, but usually you give it to your enemies instead? You know the stuff?

    Well my sister brought it with her,
    Yeah she actually brought it with her.
    and, well we don't have enough eggs, to make the whole batch.
    So here we are in that state of inbetweeness where once again we will have both bread and bread starts. Which brings me to my point?

    Do you want a bag of Amish friendship goo?

    My mom says if we don't hear from you we should assume that's a yes.

    You can expect your bag of goo in the next day or two.

    Ok, I'm kidding.... kind of.

    Seriously do you want a starter??????


    Friday, March 27, 2009


    I love Charlie Rose
    Sadly, yes sometimes I have to stay up to watch.
    Fortunately sometimes I catch the earlier showing,
    and sometimes I catch the other early rebroadcast.

    I'm going to write my congressmen, (and everybody else I can)
    to say that I support five day postal delivery, if you feel like you would like to do that I think that would be good too. I'm doing it through, but votesmart, or any webpage that ends in dot gov would probably have a way to do it too.

    In somewhat better news I picked some stocks back in the fall.
    I didn't buy them, but I today I looked at them and I picked really well.
    I mean not all of them have done well in this ("worst economy ever")
    (In fact two of my longterm favorites have kind of tanked). But if I had invested my money. My return would definitely be decent (at this exact moment in time) Ü.

    In contemplating Dating, and looking for jobs, and buying a computer, I notice that my approach is similar, and... I want the Apple. Unfortunately the one that I like doing (buying computers) is the one that I don't really need to do. (I already have the A) Ü

    (Apple was a metaphor... not so much in the computer area )

    And finally I think it is ironic that I work with videos all day, and with all the videos out there, the videos that I choose to watch, or have playing in the background, are lectures. I really like em.
    iTunes, and Academicearth, and anybody who's probably more knowledgeable than me (in whatever they may be doing)

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    More Friday Fives

    1) Well, it was close but my USU Aggies (and every other team I've rooted for) were eliminated.
    They played well (unlike every other team I've been rooting for). But I guess it's just not their time.

    2) despite all reason, I think they're going to be good next year, like whoa-they're-good kind of good. Or maybe that's just me hoping.

    3) I love that people have been putting comments & questions, on my 5000questions blog, I think it's is good, and getting better all the thyme... thanks!

    4) I find it interesting that The President is still saying that he's going to cut the deficit, but now the official auditors say that it's really going to cost us like trillions.

    5) And finally I'm glad that people aren't just blindly following him. Yeah I think it's cool if people want him to succeed, and if he succeeds, we all succeed etc. But I think it's time that the media... and the president himself, realize that he's not infallible, and that it's a hard job. And that the people out in Washington should probably start to think things through a bit, and listen to people. Oh, and maybe try to keep some of their campaign promises. I'm just sayin'. Ü

    But I do wish him well, and hey he looks good on Leno so...

    and there you have it, my Friday five of the week.

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    We Put the Stream in Extreme Croquet...

    And we took it out too.

    Thanks to everyone who came to the last party. It was fun, even if a little cold.
    Our Extreme Croquet game was really as good as I could have hoped.
    (yes even without the usual stream, the game was still good)

    I really really like the new course, which of course is not to say that we won't be going back to the old one, but this course was also very eventful, what with the sand, and the tables, and my favorite the hill.

    2) I thought about calling this the friday five,
    because well, there are usually five things I can come up with by Friday,
    but since its only the second edition, and I don't really plan on making it a common practice (though that thought might still change)

    New web.
    The funny thing is it's not new.
    So I've always thought it would be interesting to start an in depth look at dating and relationships. And to do it via the web, so that I can get and share perspective, and hopefully what knowledges are out there can be conglomerated.
    And while blogs like that are seemingly common right about now. I felt like I would start one of my own. (actually I started it a year ago, but it was lame... I never published any posts)
    But a while back I was talking with some friends about dating and relationships, and a seed was planted. They said that we should create a set of questions that a couple should try to understand before they decided to get married. I know there are books out there of this nature already, but sometimes I thought their questions... while thought provoking, were um well at the least, poorly worded, and funny. I also think that there are questions that set the foundations for dating and relationships that should also be answered. I have lately thought a lot about questions, and how powerful they can be, and what kind of doors they can unlock, and how often we think we have an answer, but we may not even have all the questions. With that in mind I have started a blog about questions. 5000 Questions. blogspot . com With the idea that I will post one question, or one answer, or a set on a weekly basis (probably Mondays).

    Also any one who wants to add questions etc. is welcome to contribute.
    the e-post address is warnser . 5000 (the at sign) blogger . com (no spaces)
    Emails will be queued and added in a timely sort of way.

    4) I have not fixed the blog yet, so it still has a lot of refernces to the older and somewhat more confusing name/ description.

    5) New bed.
    Also not new.
    well some of it is.
    I hate my bed.
    ...but I just got one of those fancy-schmancy visco-elastic (memory foam) toppers. ($60) and I'm not kidding, it changed my life!
    Ok maybe it's too soon to tell, but after one night my 1.5 inches of cloud like substance is really really comfy. and now I can sleep in my bed and actually not hate it.
    anyway, I like it.

    well that's five,
    and that's about all I have ttfn

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    the secret five

    So a few quick points of interest.

    1) It seems like it's time to have a party.
    so I am.
    I'm having a party.
    next Thursday.  Like @5:30 or six.  Food/Games/ Etc.
    location:coming soon.
    details also coming.

    Hope you can come. 

    the end.

    2) The plague of all the civilized world has finally caught up with me.   
    Yes I added myself to that infamous existence, But it will not consume me.
    I won't be adding many friends, (though I will likely confirm) and I will be limiting their privileges ( at my discretion). 
    I don't mind an occasional message, but I'm not looking for a poke, a snowball fight, applications, challenges, or really anything that a person might be able to send (I don't know, or care what that may be).  I'm like a first tier user, I have a wall, and that's about all. 
    I'm not happy about it, but I don't have time to explain it either.
    so there you go, I joined the plague.  And yes, I'm still against it.
    (but fortunately I'm running mac OS X,  so those nasty infections it's been causing... well, I won't be getting most of them).

    3) Daylight savings time

    4) They did it, All new macs
    All so sweet. iMac, mini, and PRO whoa!

    and 5)
    the secret is there is no secret.