Thursday, December 13, 2007

Watching Greatness

You may be wondering right now,
"why isn't he working?"
well I am working but not on this machine,
Two of my others are workingg full steam,
and I'm taking breif two and a half minute breaks to update my blog.
(yes it's very scientific)

I have discovered of late the joys of the hunt of the meteor

The mighty Meteor is theoretically a lot more prevelant than I once thought.
And yet it is Highly elusive.

It all started one day as I was playing with my Yahoo page
(though of course, I use a Google one too, (To me they have different strengths))

I started adding various trackers,
Newsreels, and techblogs and other odds and ends.

You may have noticed may fascination with natural phenomena.
So when I learned that I could track Earthquakes, and Meteors I was all over that.

I guess I haven't seen a lot of meteors in my life,
and maybe that's why they fascinate me so much.
So when I saw the first message, about an upcoming spectacle,
appear on my main page, I was instantly drawn in.

I found some digital maps,
and Google Earth® added a Sky,
but still it was pretty hard to find the showers by when and where I could see them.

Much to my surprise I did not see very many falling rocks
in my first excursion,
also to my surprise, I got a second chance just a few weeks later.
Actually I was very surprised and pleased that the showers seem to happen every couple of weeks,
but two other things surprised me,
It didn't get easier to find the right spot in the sky to look for them,
and I still didn't see hardly any magical fireballs.

Well again tonight is 'A Spectacular Sight'

The Geminids (-id is a suffix that basically means meteors, and as you may have guess the first part refers to a constellation)

The Geminids usually start in the area of Gemini, and they can go in just about any direction from there.

My problem was that I didn't really know my astronomy enough to find most constellations, But Today, That Changes.

You see, I stumbled upon or created (Autenticity not verified)
an incredibly brilliant new system for finding the stars,
(no not those 'stars')

Its really quite simple, actually.

Turns out that Zodiac thing has a foundation.
See there are these twelve constellations that run from east to west.
and in the course of the year the earth seems to make a bit of a loop through them.

Those 12 constellations form a little belt that pretty much circles the earth in an east and west kind of way.

But sometimes you can only see a half circle on the east and west horizons.
(right now in the day time, you get half circles, but at night you get an arc from east to west.)

So if you know twelve sky formations,
then you have a foundation for finding everything else in the sky.

The normal system uses Z for zodiac, and N for north of the Z, And S for well South.

but my system is a little more specific,

I call it the Zodiac Plus System (Just made that up, pretty cool huh?)

Basically every constellation is found by it's relation to one of the twelve
that we just learned how to find.

It looks something like this.
(by the way did you know that astronomy recognizes about 90 constellations?)

Orion = Taurus S + 1 (meaning that is is just south of Taurus. But it's also near Gemini (Gemini is Just west of 'the bull')

Pegasus would be
Pisces N + 1

Hercules would be Scorpius N + 2

Phoenix = Pisces S + 3

and of course
The Big Dipper
(and Ursa Major) would be Leo N + 1

So tonight when the Geminids burst through our sky,
you would look East at about nine, because it's a standard, or west when the sun is about to rise, or up somewhere in between.

Coincidentally Mars is right by Gemini about now.
so if you can find a planet in that general direction, then you can find a show.

(of course like I have said, I've had terrible luck with these shows, too cloudy,
no shooting stars, or maybe not knowing where to look.)

But there is one type of show that I've had good luck with,
and that is the big screen, I mean really big screen.

I bought a projector,
and wow is it nice.

You know for movies and such.
It's actually quite nice.

And so for Christmas I'm offering my good readers a bit of a gift.
that's right one free rental any time (some restrictions of course apply)

So whether you prefer to watch the stars, or the other stars, we've got you covered.
Merry Christmas to all, and To all a Good Sight!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Here kitty kitty kitty

Yes I do still exist. (I have pictures to prove it)
and I thought you might want to hear my latest thoughts.
I have been really really busy,
and it's not really getting better.
but I guess it could be.
Anyway, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about our Halloween costumes.

I thought they were brilliant,

I went as Steve Jobs.
(you know, the Apple guy -- black turtleneck and Jeans [really, google it if you want])
and Lydia went as Leopard, the new Mac OS. (OS 10.5))

It's really a sweet new system
but first heres a little pictureAs you may have noticed, we went for the black leopard look.

So what are people saying about Leopard?

After three intense days with Apple's Mac OS X Leopard... despite minor problems, it's by far the best operating system ever written for the vast majority of consumers, with dozens of new features that have real practical value—like truly automated backups, document and spreadsheet preview images in folders, and notes and to
-do lists integrated into the mail program. Propeller-heads with IT know-how will no doubt hold up Linux as the better choice, and Vista has its devotees as well... but, for the average user, Leopard is the most polished and easiest to use OS I've tested.... Leopard is far from perfect, but it's better than any alternative, and it's getting harder and harder to find good reasons to use anything else.
--- Edward Mendelson (

the tide was turning in Apple's favor even before the launch of Leopard. That's because of Mac OS X' ease of use, lack of crapware, and stronger security. Now that Leopard is here, we predict that many more consumers will be making the jump to Apple
Jeffrey L. Wilson (Laptop Magazine)

I'm either too lazy, or too busy,
but I just haven't had the time to do this that I would like.
so here is the first part of the post,
and this entry will be updated as I find time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Might as well face it I'm addicted to blogs

You may not have guessed, but I'm addicted to blogs.
I think they're awesome, In fact if I had more time I would write more often
(yes that's why you might not have guess how I feel).
Nevertheless I have come to the conclusion that I need one more blog.
I haven't decided how it will be run yet,
but I have decided that a blog is the perfect place to share some of the story, and details of my engagement.
(unfortunately I don't yet have admin privileges).
I'm not planning to post the same things here,
but if public opinion has, well, a different opinion then I will consider some level of redundancy.

the New Blog is called
after the traditional naming canon in our family.

(in case you were wondering my other blogs are The Utah Food Review
and a brief look at the candidates for the 2008 United States Presidential election.
(not fully ready yet. but will contain Brief bios, points from platforms and candidate views and where each stands on up to about ten issues (same issues for all candidates)
That can be found at

(still needs a lot of work!)

thanks for everything

P.S. GNAW is on Hiatus until further notice,
(but if you want to come just let us know and we will definitely have one Ü )

P.P.S we may also start some MNAW... we'll see.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thinking with the front of your mind

It seems to me that a lot of people
are doing a lot of thinking.

Everything we do starts with a thought
but sometimes we are not aware of the thoughts
that lead us to our actions.

I think that in the back of our minds we are thinking about something,
but quite often if someone asked us why we did it,
we might not fully know.

The trick is to bring our thoughts from the back of our mind to the front.

I think this can be good for the people around us
as well as ourselves.

but it's not easy.

Probably we have been conditioned to separate our thoughts from our identity.
that way people don't have access to our true persona.

That way we are a lot less vulnerable.
We are safe and protected.

Actually we are not all that safe,
but it feels safer.

It's that whole thing where we have problems,
but they are familiar, so they are more comfortable.

We choose to keep out of the front of our minds,
somehow we have made that an alien territory

It's almost like it scares us, or at least that we're not quite comfortable there.
But as with most places,
the more time we spend there, the more we come to like it,

It just makes more sense,
and ironically, so do we,
we have more power.
more power within,

and more power to affect our environment
and our world

And so I guess I make a proposition
that we think with the front of our heads ,

After all,
we are already seeing there, and smelling there, and tasting there.
(in a basic (1st grade) kind of way)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FMAW: The Princess continued

CodeName: the Princess
Status: I imagine she'll start reading these things soon. (still dating)
Dates: More Fireworks... and some food.
Sidenote: she actually likes GNAW more than she probably would have guessed.

Some details: younger than I, Prettier than I, Shorter than I, lighter than I, amazing!

Monday, July 02, 2007

FMAW: the Princess

Ok so I just wanted to use this nickname.
I couldn't find a less descriptive one, so this is the one you get.

So let's see... details.

Name: the Princess
Introduced by: Friends and Family (this could be a big dinner...)
First Date: Fireworks! (literally)
Last Date: recently
Next Date: Definitely
Thinkings: she's Fun. and versatile. ü

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Game Night At the Warners

I have come to the conclusion that it is about time to reintroduce the world to Game Night.
Or in other words I have decided to host a weekly game night and you are all invited.
(The rest of the world may have to wait till we come out of Beta testing.)

I am leaning towards saturday nights, and no game night will not be limited to boardgames,
just what ever people feel like.
maybe PIUE, maybe Shuffleboard, maybe boardgames, maybe anything.
Of course you are all invited.
(especially those who are capable of coming, but if ever you are around, and not normally capable of coming, when you are around, you are invited)
let me know if you have questions, comments or suggestions.
and I will let you know when I decide to have them.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

@ forr 1 Sale

This is a two for 1 sale,
where there would normally be two blogs here,
now there will be one,
actually there will be two sub-blogs, and one post,
so spin it whatever way suits you best.
I'm spinning it that you get two blogs.

FMAW update.
Well people have been playing, or rather I have some news,
but it's nothing like the game is over. but I'll get to that in a minute.
I had a friend set me up with a girl.
and it was fun,
we went out for 'bout a month,
and then blam-o just like that she was gone,
the worst part is she won't tell me why it didn't work.
I did think we were well matched,
but the breaking up part has made dating again a bit hard,
mostly because I believe there is more to the story than I know.
She said we should just be friends,
but I kind of doubt that's going to happen,
I mean I might invite her to shuffleboard or something,
but I kind of doubt she will ever invite me to anything.
Sometimes it might be better if people would say something,
that perhaps wouldn't be as favorable, but might more accurately reflect the situation.

FMAW -- part two
Ok so what is this contest. well in short, I want to increase my odds of finding new friends that match my personality and interests.
What it is not -- An open invitation to throw anyone you know my way.
As I see it, It is nearly inevitable that people are going to keep setting me up until,
A) I find a wife,
B) I lash out at a person for trying to set me up
C) people just give up on me.

That being said, I thought this "contest" would be a good way help any of those wishing to follow such a course of action to know what kind of people they should be trying to set me up with. I tried to keep it pretty broad, but sometimes I wonder if people skipped the important part of the rules, like what I'm looking for. In short I should have some things in common with a girl for her to be a good match, and we should have similar goals, and priorities.
oh yes, and she can't hate my MAC.
(I had to throw it out there Ü)

Post two
I have been pondering me for a while,
because I know I have weaknesses,
and because someone (maybe I mentioned them)
won't tell me what didn't work about "Us"

And because I have seen some interesting things.

For instance: I noticed that I like to flirt,
but that I don't do it much while I'm dating.
(I think I'm scared of scaring people),
but now I'm thinking to heck with people,
I like to flirt, I may just do it anyway.

The other thing I have noticed is that I have two glaringly obvious weaknesses,
at least they are glaring to me. and I call them weaknesses,
because they are two things that I wish were different,

they are #1 I don't show love very well at all,
(this would be the overarching category that would include
only having courage to flirt with people I'm not yet dating)

and #2 I don't have fun very well.

for number one I have seen it a lot,
I really do care about people,
but when I'm in the moment, my mind doesn't automatically say "what will help them,
or what do they need, or what can I do?"
Somehow, between my thoughts and my mouth, the love often gets lost.

I'm very pragmatic, I like to find solutions, and sometimes I forget the important part,
"Do they know that I care?"
I do. I see this in work, and in church, and relationships.
( I even had a class where we did a sort of simulation, and I prepared myself to be loving,
but as soon as I got going , I forgot that part of the equation. I was strictly business, and I did a good job, but it would have been great with a little more love)

#2 I want to be fun,
I want to make someone so happy, that they can't hold it in,
but I want to do it in a suit and a tie, (metaphorically speaking)
I don't know why exactly, but I'm a rather formal person,
I gave a talk last week, and the only thing I couldn't write was a joke,
I wanted something to keep peoples interest
Maybe something to wake them up,
I found a few things, but mostly it was just a little flat,
rather formal, not quite passionate, just long enough to let people drift away.

(this is probably why I don't like 'painting' with pastels, they're just too messy,
and something about their messiness does fit my formality, (though oddly I do love ceramics,
and they might be even more of a mess))

I like fun, and I think I do some fun things,
(see next post)
but I think I could improve here a little bit too.

More than just about anything,

I love it when people are happy,
I wish I could do more, to contribute to our (me and the people around me) happiness.

I guess these two things are hard for me,
I sort of know how to change, them,
and I know that I would like to be better in them,
but sometimes I look back and say, hhhummph,
I did it again, I'm still not fun, and I still can't show my love.

I guess for now I just need to start,
Perhaps I will start with a pocket full of rocks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some People Suffer from insanity... Some people enjoy it

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don't much care where –" said Alice.
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.

Some people might think that I have no direction.
In fact, I've wondered that myself.
But upon reflection I see that that is not my problem.
I don't suffer from a lack a directions.
I just have too many of them.
And maybe not even too many of them,
but certainly a lot.

It's like I have A.D.D, and maybe I do.
Actually, probably I do.
Did you know I almost flunked the third grade?
I'm not sure that means that I have A.D.D. but there could be a correlation.

Dave Neeleman, has A.D.D. In fact he attributes much off his success to it.
Dave was the founder of a little airline called JetBlue.
Not too shabby. One point for A.D.D.

It's like a power that needs to be harnessed.
And if it is, it becomes even more powerful.

There are just so many things to do.
and so many of them are good.

Speaking of which I should get back to work.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Really small people with really big hearts

Some of the coolest people I know are really small people.
I and I don't if it is their smallness that makes them cool,
or if it is something else,
but I like little kids.
Little kids are amazing. Granted, they tend to like me,
so maybe I'm biased.
But I really do like them.

I mean who else has so much faith.
Who else believes that their dad can do anything.
and who else wants to be just like them.

Who else has such unconditional love,
and such willingness to accept those around them.

nearly every day on my way to work some
random little kid will make my day.

one kid will wave, one kid says hi,
some kids even still do that lemonade stand thing.

I often think "hey don't talk to strangers."
but I don't say it,
after all it's nice to be talked to.
and they speak with such passion.
They're so full of life, and so ready to share it.
And they make me smile. And I like smiles.
and they do it too, they smile a lot.

Yes I really like all these super short people running around.
and I wish I, like them, had a little more faith,
and a little more hope,

a little more love,
and a little more life.

Monday, April 23, 2007

ShuffLe Revisit

ShufflePaLooZa 2007.
It's a success.
As usual I wasn't quite ready when the party was ready to start,
but things came together, and the afternoon was fun. A special thanks to all who came, and especially those from Stock Title. Thanks to SF for the music, and JB/ KV for their chopping, and Jon O for the pics. If you want to see some of the photos, here they are.
If not. I think they're somewhere else.
We had about thirty people who showed up,
and I know you can't tell from these photos, but we had Gyros for lunch,
For those who got cold, we moved inside, and played some games,
that was fun. I think it went well.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

FMAW: She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Details coming sometime. The first time we really met one of the introducers told us that we were dating. She's a pretty girl about my age. She seems quite fun, and the communication is pretty good. Or at least it was for a while. Ü

Friday, April 13, 2007

ShufflePaLooZa 2007

Ok, it's official this time.
Here are the details
and this is the announcement.
I think it is one of my best yet.

All trems and conditions of previous ShufflePaLooZa's apply

Forever PhotoGraphics, Stock Title, and the SufflePaLooZa Foundation * claim no liability

Friday, April 06, 2007

FMAW: Chicago

Entry: my parents (yeah remember how this whole thing began)?
Codename: Chicago
Action: she has my email
Status: still waiting. Ü

Comments: she's supposed to be pretty amazing.
perhaps we'll see.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007

FMAW: it's a contest (and the new post I mentioned).

It's the first (and only)
Find Me a Wife contest

wait wait wait, it's not as bad as it sounds.
Well, ok, maybe it is.

But in my defense I did not start the contest.
I just decided to sponsor it.

Now would probably be a good time to explain.
One day it just happened, someone found me a wife.
Then it happened again,

And again, and again.
People kept coming up to me and saying
"Hey _______ I found your wife!"

Well with so many people playing the game, I decided to make it official.
As of today the FMAW (Find me a Wife) contest has officially begun.

And to make things interesting, I have decided to do a series of Posts
about the contest. Each post will contain the heading FMAW, though
some degree of Confidentiality will likely be maintained.

Already we have had some very good entries, I expect the competition to be very stiff, (In fact, I'm playing myself. and yes the odds are stacked in my favor, but technically I win no matter what)

Still there is a rather nice dinner in it for the winner,
terms to be outlined below.
So good luck to all, and let the wife finding begin.

p.s. Please read the rules, I think they are of at least moderate value in protecting my good name.

FMAW Rules and Regs

It should look something like this.

FMAW: Rules and Regulations

First let me say that these rules make more sense if you just read the post about there being a contest. If not I highly recommend reading it, Second I think the rules go well with salt. enjoy.

Section 1: LEGAL GARBAGE: Contest is in no way legally binding. There is nothing legal about it, unless of course you find me a lawyer,or the daughter of one, or something to that effect. Nonetheless, this contest will be enforced at the sole discretion of the sponsor thereof, namely me. I reserve the right to discontinue, modify, or substitute any and or all of the hitherto and hereafter stated contest rules and or guidelines (and even the contest itself if need be), at any time for any and or no reason at all. Nevertheless, The general principles hereafter defined will be upheld to the fullest extent that I deem reasonable.

Section 2: PRIZES AND SO FORTH: While it is reasonable to expect that one would enter this contest with the sole intent of knowing that they had helped a friend in his eternal progression (and in fact many people did enter with that, or similar motives), I have decided that any good contest needs a good prize, Thus I have decided to provide the winner of the contest with a delightful dining experience, with myself and the contestant's entry. Said Experience may be substituted for an gift certificate, or other experience, If the contestant's location is not conducive to such an activity, or the contestant wills it to be so. I reserve the right to award other prizes, for favorable circumstances, that could help me in my progression, including, but not limited to; A serious and or long term relation ship,unintentional death of an entry, and consistent quality of entries.

Section 3: WHO MAY ENTER: Contest is open to all persons who have read the rules thereof, and to persons who have, or perhaps would, pursue a such course, as to qualify them for the winning of said contest. Contestants should be the legal residents of The United States of America, or of some other country locatable on a map. Contest will be made open to all others, including, but not limited to Aliens, providing they provide adequate contact information, for the claiming of their prize. Contest open to people of various age, ethnicity, and socio-economic standings. Number of entries will not be limited, nor will the number of entries per entrant be restrained. Though personal discretion will of course be advised. As the number of entries increases, the odds of finding a winner has a correlating reaction: also increasing. Notwithstanding this an increase in the number of entries could have a negative impact on any one entries chances of being selected.

Section 4: HOW TO ENTER. It's simple really. First you find a girl -- See specific guidelines to follow, and then you do your part to get me to marry her. (and her me etc.) Generally this could mean many things. obviously, to be kept within the bounds of reasonable, moral, and ethical behaviour. Such ideas may include but are not limited to a personal introduction (must be identifiable as such for such pursuits as prize Redemption), Providing your entry with my email address, coordination of such an event as to facilitate my getting to know an or many entrants, and other such ideas as could help me get a wife.

Section 5: SECTION FOR RANDOM OFFICIAL SOUNDING WORDS: Indemnify. Nullification, Disembowelment, Discombobulated, Antipathy, Pathological, Reciprocity, Contiguous, Propinquity, and Ratification.

Section 6: SPECIFIC GUIDELINES MINUS THE SPECIFICITY: All entries must consist of one (1) single (unmarried) person of the female gender. No entries will be accepted unless the entry (not the entrant) was born in the 70's or 80's. Preferential treatment will likely be given to those entries born between 1974 and 1984 plus or minus a little. (coincidentally 1984 was the year the first Apple Mac came out) All those to be married must be eligible for a wedding in the LDS temple of their choice. Consideration of certain factors is requested of those entering the FMAW contest.
The person you find should have more in common with me, then just "old", tall, or single. Actually even if the person had all three, they would have to have more to make a good quality entry. Good entries will consist of those with similar interests to the author, and sponsor. --Such interests may include, Soccer, Biking, Hiking, Food, Ice cream, Donuts, Alligator Jaws, Crocodiles (you know they can be over twenty ft long) History, Math, Science, Art, Computers, Music, Greece, Missionary Work, Families, Firesides, Institute, Porch Swings, Pianos, Waterfalls, Lightning, Board Games and Food. Also those with similar goals. (yes I have a few goals, I just don't broadcast them). Ideal candidates: shall be of at least slightly above average intelligence, shall be easy for me to communicate with, on deep and no so deep levels. Ideal candidates will be nice, Honest, Modest in dress and appearance, social, and fun.

Further information regarding quality of entries can be found elsewhere throughout this blog. Such entries as "simply amazing" may be of inherent value. All entries will be given at least one code name to protect their anonymity, though entrants, may or may not be afforded such luxuries. All code names are to be determined at the discretion of the sponsor. All entries should consist of tangible, non-fictitious people with whom I would have much in common.

Section 7: HOW TO WIN: It's simple really, find me a wife, When I get married, you win if you found the one (yes only one can win without extreme, extenuating circumstances way beyond my control) I really do marry. Final decisions will all be made by me. (of course all decisions must be made be me, and confirmed by her, I.e.; if I propose marriage, but she says don't win.)

Section 8: DURATION OF CONTEST: This contest shall officially except entries through March of 2008 unless the duration of the contest is terminated before such time. Each entry shall be valid for up to two years from the time of said entry. exceptions may apply.

Section 9: ODDS OF WINNING: your guess is as good as mine, void where prohibited.
Technically you may have already won, (of course very few people could claim such status, and no one could claim that status without considerable further effort on the part of many people, so if you did already win, we won't know that for a while yet. All prior introductions, will have the duration of their validity renewed on my birthday.
(thus adding two years of eligibility for the purpose of the contest). Oh and did I mention that I'm playing too? I am, and I find some very good contestants, of course I know what I like, but I do have a harder time ascertaining their interests and interest. All contestants will be given a priority ranking, those that I find may be given preferential treatment. Priority ranking is not necessarily an accurate indication of potential. Ranking, may be a factor of opportunity, originality, uniqueness, and propinquity, but also may take into consideration, any WOW or hmm factors. And All rankings are expected to change multiple times throughout the contest. And Of course, I reserve the right to pursue, or not pursue to any degree, any option presented me. I also reserve the right of all "found" persons to self-evacuate from said contest.

Conclusion: So what if no one enters? Well that's impossible, because as I said I'm already playing, (and there have been a few prior entries) But I am not going to harbor any feelings of malcontent towards those who do not enter. Actually a really poor entry is much more likely to elicit such a response, oh and it helps if the person doesn't hate herself, and will let me compliment her (should I so choose). I admit I find it amusing that people are trying to find me a wife. And I think this is a very funny post.

A week with my mac

I think it's about time for a blog of a dating nature,
This is not that blog,
but I'll try to post one soon.

This blgo was recently move, just because.

Okay, so I've had a week with my mac
(I've owned it for ten days, and I ordered it 15 days age, but I've been with it for about a week)

and what do I think.

Well... I love it.
Actually everyone who sees it loves it too.
it pretty much does every thing.

So I thought I would give you just a brief summary of my experience.
(oh and this might interest some of you: it's not perfect)

So what about the mac.

stats: 17" flat panel LCD, no other machine/ case, 160 GB HD, 1 Gig of Ram, Wi-fi a,b,g,n etc.

Well first there was the shipping. I ordered on a friday, and it showed up on the next wednesday. (points for apple, points for FedEx (not K-Fed)).

Unpacking: I tried to do this as slowly as possible, to represent the average person.
It was hard to go slow.
let's see. Open the box. put the mac on my desk. Plug the power cord into the computer,
and into and outlet. Open my keyboard and mouse (both USB) plug them in.
and turn it on. yeah that was it. I clocked it at about ten minutes. (points for apple)

Then my computer asked me a few questions.
who are you where do you live, etc.
Then it told me it had found about a lot of wireless networks, and it wondered if I wanted to join one. I found one I liked (my neighbor said I could use his) picked it.

My mac asked for the password,
and Voila, I was in. (points for apple, this had not been an easy network to get on)

When my computer started , it decided to check with home base, to see if there was anything new or improved from apple that it should know about. (points for apple)

Actually there were a few things that I needed.
(only a few that I needed, but quite a few that I thought I might want)

It let me pick which ones to get, and then began the download. (I picked about 1/2 a Gig of updates) (small points from apple)

Fortunately my neighbors DSL is wicked fast (points for Qwest)
1/2 an hour later, my computer was ready for what ever I could throw to it. (basically)
Total set up time, about an hour (points for apple, and again, points for Qwest)

After about ten minutes I remembered I had a mac, and that I didn't really need to wait for it,
so I began to use it.

Here are some of the things that I have done with my mac.
--and how hard they were:
  • Opened iTunes/ found Greek radio station -- super easy
  • Transposed a song for my friend to sing at his wedding (down two steps, but techincally the computer would have moved it up to 12 steps up or down) -- easy enough.
  • Watched a DVD (some home made music videos (fullscreen)) while my computer downloaded it's updates -- too easy
  • Burned a Cd for my friend -- this changed a bit, so I had to work a bit, but next time -- super easy
  • Built NCAA brackets, and did research -- super easy
  • Started a game of tic-tac-toe through email -- pretty easy
  • Decided whether to activate my free trial of Office™ or to use the free stuff that comes on my Mac, or to install Open Office™ (I picked the last one) -- very easy.
  • Watched trailers from any moive that I might ever want to see. -- wow, -- easy ( I recommend The Tiger and the Snow!
  • Made two extra simple programs, (widgets) to count down things for me (Adobe is nine days away and NAB is twenty nine now) -- a bit tricky, but not too bad.
  • Had a free video conference with a friend in China -- pretty easy, as soon as my internet was fixed. (Qwest had to come)
  • While video conferencing played live online connect four with friend in China. -- easy to play hard to win.
  • Edited Photos from the wedding that I shot last weekend. -- easy enough, but I do like more power.
  • Published the photos in an online Gallery-- Rather easy
  • Published the photos in online storage so people in California can print extra copies if desired. -- easy enough
  • added a link from my blog HERE to the photos I added, just incase you were wondering. -- Super easy.
  • Wrote a "program" to randomize photos in any photo, so I can use them in slideshows, regardless of when they were taken, or what they were called. -- relatively easy. It took me about two hours, but I really think anyone (anyone fairly smart) could do it, and people with programing skills could do it faster, and better. (I've never seen the "language" that I wrote the program in, but I have written a few programs before. It's a language that you'd probably understand (thay call it applescript)
  • Listened to some classic NPR. (CarTalk and Zorba Pastuer on your health) -- easy actually I set it to download the weekly podcast automatically, but it might be too short to actually take the time to listen to.
  • Oh and I guess I watched an episode of Heroes. -- Way easy.
  • Sold three or four people on the virtues of a Mac -- way easy ( I just had to show it to them.
  • Imported various videos that I shot for editing. imported usually on my lunch break, or while I was sleeping-- small learning curve. but super easy now.
  • Found the Book of Mormon as MP3's and then burned it to some disks for my mom. --super easy
  • Oh yeah, and I sent job a text message.-- easy

Ok I promised there was another side to this story.
I guess that comes here. I did ask one person what they thought about me getting a mac.
They pretty much taught me everything I know. (points to KW)
The one thing they said was I should probably get extra RAM
I decided I didn't want to do that just yet, but I knew they were right.
They were right.

I have managed to stall my Computer once. I had like twenty internet windows open,
I was doing a full system update, and I had two video programs running (one for editing, and one for viewing). And maybe my iPhoto™ photo software was running too.

My computer kinda froze.
I mean the mouse still worked, but I wasn't sure it could here me.
I waited about five minutes and I decided to restart.
Oddly when I restarted I found that the updates I was downloading, had completely installed themselves. Maybe my computer wasn't dead, I guess I could have been more patient,
But I guess Macs aren't perfect, It may even be possible to crash one, but it's hard, or maybe unusual.

But that's my week in a nutshell.
bottom line?
I Love My Mac.
and it love me too.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Question? So am I really that dumb?
Answer:I think the answer is yes.

Wait let me back up.

I think you will understand more, if I expound.

I will use some very clever questions, to fill you in on the whole story.

Question: So who's birthday is it?
Answer: What didn't you read the title?

Question: Yeah what's that mean anyway?
Answer: It means presents for me.

Question: Presents?
Answer: Yes and no, mostly just one really sweet present.

Question: Well you did say presents.
Answer: Well it comes with lot's of stuff.

Question: Wait is this another one of your blogs about Apple?
Answer: um.... no comment

Question: Are you getting a mac?
Answer: yes an iMac I think.

Question: Can you afford it?
Answer: Well there was some sweet donation action.
And I'm doing some pretty cool things with my money to make it even more doable.

Question: But the iMac isn't portable, why not get a laptop?
Answer: Good question I'm stumped.

Question: Same question
Answer: Well it's "not exactly portable," but that won't likely stop me from porting it.
but the iMacs are cheap, and powerful, so I think that's the best solution at this time.

P.S. if I had a conversation with you about which "portable computer" you should buy,
and I started laughing, picture a person carrying an iMac in a little suitcase, then they pull it out, and work.

Wait you would do that?
Well they're not exactly light, and they don't have much of a battery (no um no battery), but I could see it happening.

Question: So what makes this a bad decision? you know aside from the previous response stuff.
Answer: Bad is such a harsh word, still I would probably buy the computer just before my birthday, and that is a little early.

Question: Early for what
Answer: Oh yeah your not a mac-lo-phile. Leopard
Scary huh. it's a big powerful cat. and it's coming in april, or maybe June.
It's the new Apple OS, and it will likely come with some really cool toys too.

Question: Leopard?
Answer: yeah

Q: Is this the best time to buy an apple?
A: Well, for some it is, and for some it is not.

Q: Who are the some?
A: stupid people, and smart people, some families, and me.

Q: why stupid people?
A: Well Apple's new operating system comes out in the spring
(that's not very far away) But stupid people, might not know that,
and they probably won't notice.

Q: What won't the stupid people notice.
A: First I don't think they will notice that there's a new OS.
Second, I don't think they would notice that they won't be able to have a multiple virtual monitors (like having three monitors without having to spend all that extra money,
or needing the extra space)
Third, stupid people don't back up their systems like they should.
And finally stupid people would probably not take advantage of the free time machine that comes with OS X 10.5 (though oddly it would probably benefit them most. Ü)

Q Why smart people?
A: see other answers

Q: Why Some families
A: Families get preferential treatment at Apple.
Families can actually update five MACs to 10.5 for just under $200
(that's actually cheaper than upgrading one Windows computer to any of multiple versions of VISTA).
If a family is already updating two MACs updating a third won't add to the cost.

Q: what about iLife?
A: well iLife works about the same,
if a family is going to upgrading their iLife suite,
then it should work like the OS. If you upgrade a bunch of MACs
the cost per MAC goes down again.

Q: What's new in iLife '07?
A: Even I don't know that

Q: What is iLife?
A: Oh you haven't heard of it?
. iLife is Apple's sweet new Suite,
it comes with every new MAC,
Actually it has for a few years now.

It started with itunes,
then they added iPhoto, iMovie, and iDvd, (galleries, slideshows, movies, and Dvd's)
Then they added Garage Band, (so anyone can make music)
and then they added iWeb. (blogs and webpages)
Basically if you want to make something,
your iLife can do it.

But it's supposed to be even better when the new version comes out.
(which should be the same time as their new OS (10.5))

Q: So what's better about the new one?
A: I still don't know. But the current one is pretty sweet,
so for me it's not a big deal.

Q: But aren't those the kind of progams you would wan't?
A: Actually they are, but they are entry level products.
Don't get me wrong, these entry level products are very good,
and the right person could create some very professional products with them.
(actually most anyone could create ridiculously good looking projects with iLife, they don't usually give you enough tools to seriously mess things up, but they do give you enough to make very pretty things)

Q: So why you?
A: well I wan't something more than the entry level products.
I wan't something kind of souped up. Like Final Cut Express.
To make even better movies.

Q: So is apple offering some sort of $200 coupon on Final Cut Express?
A: Why yes, they are actually. Now till the end of March everyone who orders this fine product (and a MAC) gets $200 off.

Q: But doesn't Apple have an even better Video program?
A: Actually they have a couple of them but this one will do for now.

Q: A couple?
A: Oh yes programs like Motion and Shake and two or three others (take sweet, and multipy it as many times as you want)

Q: What if apple releases their new stuff April first.
A: apple is a company that will let you get a reimbursement if they change things within 30 days of your purchase. (One time they even released a product for $400 and then changed the price about six months later. Most companies would say. Ha, ha suckers... too bad for you, but not Apple, they decided to send a rebate check to anyone who bought the product. But to be fair to any company that doesn't do that, the rebate was only like a hundred dollars per purchase, i.e.; about 1/3, ok this has been a few months, maybe the numbers were a little different, I'm too lazy to check).
(I expect the truth will be found in the comments, but no guarantees)

Q: but suppose the new stuff is even sweeter than you could imagine
A: it might be.
Q; What then?
A: Well I guess I upgrade
Actually I probably won't upgrade, but I might.
But the cost for me will be about the same. In fact by my math the cost on the software, and the OS upgrades would be almost identical.
---This just in, Apple is in fact upgrading their video software for the this years NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference they say it's really cool,
but like I said before it will probably still be better for me to get it cheap, and then
upgrade if I need to.

Q: So what about hardware.
A: ahh yes I expect that apple has something up their sleeve here too.
And when I say something, I actually mean a lot of things.
Probably as many things as one could imagine.
Here are my hardware predictions.
–New MAC PROs w/ eight processors (coming this spring)
–New iMACs slighty faster, but not revolutionary (except that it already kind of is), well they might do something to make them more tv-like. Probably coming ASAP.
–New Mac Mini's yes this is the incredibly strong baby of the family (think Incredibles) I imagine that both of their new models will have two processing cores (and for $600 bucks that's way more power (and way more usable power than most vista PC's)
–New MacBook PRO's portable power (at a price, really only for PRO's (and excessively rich people) but they give you firewire 800, optional external monitors.
–New MacBooks yep they're adding some of these too. I think they're adding a 15.4 inch version. But the revolution is the little one, I don't know enough about it, but it could be the biggest, err um smallest thing to hit the market this year. Small, and light, versatile, and power, (most companies sell these “ultraportables” for a lot more money, I think apple will buck that trend) oh yeah and it won't have an internal CD drive. Spring maybe summer.
–And then there's the iPhone, and AppleTV both of which are impressive, but I think both will be way more impressive when they come out, also in the spring.
Oddly I actually read a good cautionary review of the iPhone, yes there are some
unknowns, but I think it will be WAY more powerful, and user adaptible then most
people think. OS X and Widgets are both already on it, so I think it will not be nearly
as restricted as the scandalous rumors would have us believe.

I would also talk about apple sweet new wi-fi adapter, but it's already out, but let me just say, networking made so much sweeter. A/B/G/N (all the wireless standards out so far)
and if you want a wired network it can do that too. But perhaps the coolest feature is the wireless, networked, hard-drive capability. That's right every Airport Extreme, comes with a place to plug in a hard-drive that all your computers can use, from anywhere you want them to.

Basically, you could say, “We ain't seen nothin' yet”
but in reality we have seen something.

So back to the question. If apple releases new hardware, which I nearly know that they will, I will cry, but I will probably get over it, when I console myself with the thought that my hardware is still pretty dang sweet.

So happy birthday to me, I'm finally getting my mac. And the citizens rejoice,
and the people prosper, and life is good. It should be a lot of fun, and maybe even a little too fun, but that's ok, it will be good.
Life is good.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A new look

Isn't that what vista means?
the same ole stuff
made to look different?
ok so here we go.
Yes I think Windows new operating system has some redeeming features,
but not really worth much unless you get the right version.
(home basic is being called xp version 3)

So in a slight change of pace I thought I would share some of the glowing comments,
Microsoft has been getting.
(BTW Vista comes out Today)
(no I'm not really writing this today)

Compared with Mac OS X 10.4, Windows Vista feels clunky and not very intuitive, almost as though it's still based on DOS

Nearly all of the major, visible new features in Vista are already available in
Apple's operating system, called Mac OS X, which came out in 2001
and received its last major upgrade in 2005. And Apple is about to leap ahead again
with a new version of OS X, called Leopard, due this spring.

There are some big downsides to this new version of Windows.
To get the full benefits of Vista, especially the new look and user interface,
which is called Aero, you will need a hefty new computer Walt Mossberg

Hidden behind all of this hoopla, however, is the fact that as much of an improvement Vista is over XP, its main competitor, Mac OS X, still stacks up really well -- and even tops Vista in several important areas.

In a nutshell, Vista vs. Mac OS X is Revolution vs. Evolution. It's about a massive, long-delayed upgrade that has to account for almost 6 years of progress by its competitors, versus a well-executed strategy of regular updates. While updating an operating system is never something that can be called easy, Apple's strategy has been the better one for keeping their OS on top of things,

The moment Windows Vista starts, some of its biggest changes are in plain view: It is distinctive and eye-catching. Colors are subtler and the overall look less cartoonish than Windows XP's.

Dare I say it's Mac-like? In fact, it is. Microsoft has always stolen from the best. Key to a lot of what's new in Windows Vista is the much-anticipated Aero interface--but to use it, you'll need adequate hardware and one of the pricier versions of the OS. (For details on these editions, see "How Much Will Your Windows Vista Upgrade Cost?" )

Five Things We Love

          1. AERO: Transparent windows, tasteful animation, elegant design: Sure, it looks like a Mac, but why not steal from the best?
  1. SEARCH: Fast, smart, and you can create virtual search folders to revisit your searches with a single click.
  2. NETWORK MAP: Finally, Microsoft gets networking right; it's a great way to get an overview of your network and its devices.
  3. WIRELESS NETWORKING: Connecting to multiple wireless networks and hotspots is a simple affair.
  4. SECURITY: You get a firewall with outbound filtering, a better browser, and a lot under the hood offering better protection.

Five Things We Hate

  1. USER ACCOUNT CONTROL: Who needs a virtual nagging nanny?
  2. BACKUP: How could Microsoft have built such a brain-dead application?
  3. WINDOWS MEETING SPACE: With worthless chat and no telephony, this isn't a virtual meeting I'd want to attend.
  4. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Be prepared to spend a bundle for hardware upgrades--or a new computer.
  5. PRICE: $399 new, or $299 for the upgrade to Windows Ultimate? No operating system should cost that much. And the cheapest version, Basic ($199 full, $100 upgrade), isn't worth the trouble.

(this was on MSN (yes that microsoft) but it was written by PC world).

There's never been a better time to switch to the Mac.
Ironically, playing around with Vista for more than a month has done what years of experience and exhortations from Mac-loving friends could not: it has converted me into a Mac fan.
But many of Vista's "new" features seemed terribly familiar to me--as they will to any user of Apple's OS X Tiger operating system. Live thumbnails that display petite versions of minimized windows, search boxes integrated into every Explorer window, and especially the Sidebar--which contains "Gadgets" such as a weather updater and a headline reader--all mimic OS X features introduced in 2005. The Windows versions are outstanding--they're just not really innovative.
Playing with OS X Tiger in order to make accurate comparisons for this review, I had a personal epiphany: Windows is complicated. Macs are simple.
The difference is that Apple doesn't offer any lower-end processors, so its cheapest computers cost quite a bit more than the least-expensive PCs. As Vista penetrates the market, however, the slower processors are likely to become obsolete--minimizing any cost differences between PCs and Macs.

Review: Mac OS X Shines In Comparison With Windows Vista
Amid the hype surrounding the release of Windows Vista, Mac users are taking solace from the fact that OS X is still a champ on many fronts. Here are some reasons our reviewer John C. Welch opts for Apple.

Vista's pretty, but it's a shameless Mac OS X imitator
It's a fine Windows upgrade, but it's also a shameless rip-off (and not quite the equal) of another major operating system, Apple Computer's Mac OS X.
You likely wouldn't regret a Vista-PC purchase, but I'm betting you'll enjoy a Mac much more.

We would have preferred fewer features executed extremely well rather than an uneven mix of this and that, a one-size-fits-all operating system. And we disagree with Microsoft's seemingly arbitrary division of features within individual editions

frankenreview (found on gizmodo or engadget, I don't remember

So what am I saying?
well it's simple really.
Vista will likely be the best windows system yet,
but it's not the best OS on the market,
in fact it still seems to have some fun little flaws.

I actually thought of this blog when I saw an article that said
Windows vista is beautiful, in fact it looks more like a mac than anything we've seen yet.
but I couldn't find that review, so you get the nice things ( and other things) that everyone else had to say.

Would I upgrade. No!
I would not upgrade.
Vista, as nice as it is, still has it's flaws.
and some of that will probably get fixed with time,
but right now it's not worth it.

and what's with microsoft giving you 5 choices (ok most people only have 4 but still).
with Macs, everyone gets the premium system,
sure that $129 premium ystem might be more than some people need, but
$129 won't buy much vista.
Here's what I like,
when you buy Vista, you get the whole code,
if you decide you are a monkey's uncle, and should have bought a better version,
you just pay a few more bucks,
and voila, the system "magically unlocks"

But let me warn you as most tech savvy people would,
Vista Basic, is basically XP.
not sweet!
Home premium is much better,
but Ultimate is the only one I would buy.
(but not at that price... do I look that dumb?)

Point number two I wouldn't upgrade.
It will probably slow you down.
but if you get a new PC and for some reason you fail to get the "right" kind,
you'll get vista, and it will definately be better in a lot of ways,
(but it really needs power, the type of power that only I would buy)

But props to bill on security...
At least vista has some.
it's not Unix, in fact it's not even rebuilt,
but for an add on, I hear they're making progress.

So here's the summary,
wait if you can, or buy new but don't expect anything too special
oh did I mention it's kind of pretty,
oh and a little confusing, but I think you'd get used to it,
and I do like some things.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The word of the day.

I know you guys don't want to hear about my social life,
so I won't bore you with such drivel,
I'm sure you'd much rather some have me initiate a deep and
meaningful conversation about a great philosophical concept like character
Ok I lied (so much for my character) this blog is about character (the word of the day), and my social life.
So either way you get at least half.
or something.

Wow, it's been a while since I last wrote,
and a lot has happened. But no, I'm not engaged.
But let me tell you a little story.
(not fiction)

As you probably know I am not in school,
as you may also know, I still take some classes,
Mostly they are religious classes at the local LDS Institute.
And mostly I am free to take them whenever I want to.
(though my mom thinks I should be spending more time at work)

One day I decided to pick some classes to take this semester.
After a good amount of thought, I decided to take one from the old testament.

As things happened I have another class on the same days, but just a little earlier,
so I have no problem getting to class before most of the other students.

long story short, one of the girls that I'm pretty interested in, yes there are a few, came and sat in the chair next to mine, not necessarily because I was there, but I certainly wasn't complaining.

Interesting Side-note: The teacher of the class also teaches a class on dating and marriage, and sometimes there are evidences of it in the class room.

It didn't strike me as odd today, when the white board in our was filled with quotes about marriage.

But soon I came to know that these quotes were for us.

Now I don't know about you, but for me it can be a bit awkward to talk about this kind of thing while sitting next to someone that I would like to be dating.

Of course the flip side to that is, you get to know where you stand if they say anything.

Once again, luck was on my side.
The teacher turned to the girl sitting next to me and said
"What's the number one thing you look for in a guy?"

Of course I was all ears.

I like it when she speaks,
I like the things she says.

And so it came to her,
What was the first thing she wanted.

Wow good answer,
hey I've got some of that.
(please hold your comments if you disagree)

but here's my question,
What is it?
I mean what is character?

I'm pretty much open to any and all answers,
you can speak from your heart,
or, research it if you'd like,
you can write me an essay.
or write me a fortune cookie,
I'm guessing everybody has a slightly different opinion on this.
but I think they are all valuable.

After all couldn't we all use a little more character?
let me know,
and thanks for reading.

the 2008

The post (nice but limited)

And not a comprehensive list,
but may be usefull
Vote Smart, a great place to see what people really believe.
This is just for me,
but feel free to use it if you'd like.