Friday, February 17, 2006

Fictional Monies

I think I am pretty good with my money. I don't know why, but I have always felt this way. But somehow, all the evidence seems to be pointing the other way. I haven't got any. There is however, one area where I am doing GREAT! Fictional money.

You should see it,
I am awesome with fictional monies.
I make it like it's going out of style.

What am I taking about?
I have no idea.

My brother decided he was interested in Stocks,
So he went searching. In his search, he came across a really cool site (sure they have a healthy dose of ads, but the site isn't too bad). The stie lets you set up a game for anyone who wants to play. Then you go out and buy stocks (ficticiously of course), and see how you would do. I happen to really like this game. Ok, it helps that in less than a week, I have made over 30,000 dollars, but even still I think it is quite fun.

And so I extend the challenge to you, can you do better?
can you manage imaginary money as well as I can?

I would love to find out.
The web site is
the competition name is warnersiv and so is the other thing you need.
just pick a user name, and say no to all the offers,
and then pick some stocks.
it's that easy.... and it's fun.

Good luck.

P.s. yes I know I had a slight head start, but the competition goes for a couple months,
(and I lost a lot of money my first day)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Miss Anonymous

I have a feeling this blog is going to attract a hefty amount of attention. But I also have the feeling that no matter what I say here, nothing will change. I doubt that I really have any reason to be bitter, but I myself, would not be surprised to find a bit of contempt in the blogging herein.

As you may have guessed this is a valentines day blog.
Not a blog written then but written about then.

So a little about me:
I am a man, just slightly older than a boy.
I work most of the day,
and I have a limited social life.

In fact half of my social life just left me.
I used to share an office with another guy in my profession,
but he bought a house and he left me for it.
I almost couldn't believe it.

but I guess these things happen.
unfortunately he was half of my social life.
when I got bored, I would visit with him,
probably a bit more often than I should have,
but it was mutually beneficial.

I have some friends,
they would be the other 1/2 of my social life.
we get together regularly, but somehow the social life,
still has some holes in it.

I like my friends and I like the things we do
(you know, except that time we played
the Simpsons board game) :>
But still I wish there was more.
I like people (I know it's hard to believe, a misanthrope
who actually likes people, but I do).
I just like to have people around.

Ironically I don't strive for bachelorness,
but I seem to be better at it than a lot
of the people that I know.
(you now... I'm single)

I try to date,
(I hate it... but I try)
in fact I'm kind of what some would call a closet dater.
I think this means that I don't seem to be dating,
and I certainly don't think that I'm dating,
but I always seems to trying something,
(it's not big and showey, but there a constant,
though still painful, little bit of effort being put forth).

Oh yeah and I'm taking a class,
it's a religion class (institute)
but I don't think this is doing anything for my social life.
It's not that I don't like the other students,
and I think its the first modest class I've been in for
atleast three years, (really everybody dress great).
it's just that everybody else is a little older than me.
(you know like three or four decades, and I that's
just not the hole in my social life that I think needs the most filling
at this particular stage in life)
Though I have to admit,
I usually am well liked by people of this group. :-)

So what's my point.
Well I haven't got one.
What do I need one?
shoot. I forgot about that ,
Maybe next time,
would that be ok?
Alright, Alright,
I'll give you something more.

I had the strangest thought.
What if the institute choir came to sing to me
for Valentines day.
They do that kind of thing
you know.

I could just see it,
they would come in and sing
in front of my whole institute class,
and everybody would be happy,
and I would be happy, because somebody
was thinking about me.

Then I thought this was a silly idea,
if the choir was going to sing to me,
could they even find me,
I mean, I'm not in a traditional class,
and oh yeah, why would they interupt
a perfectly good lesson,
just because it was valentines day.

It would make a lot more sense for them to sing to me at work.

It's the easiest place to find me.
(And I like disruption there,
in small doses anyway)

my house mates left me a valentine.
(I never see them, but I think they still exist)
(if it wasn't them, then we have awfully
friendly burglars 'round here).
But they mostly keep to their half the house,
and me to mine.

And somewhere in the back of my mind
I thought of the chior as I got ready for the day.

The choir actually did come to my class.
Actually they came twice,
Once the girls from the choir came
and once the guys.
but the odd thing was,
that they actually did come
for me. weird.
in was kind of intimidating
what with my inconspicuous
front row seat and all,
but kind of exhillerating too.

When the girls finished my personal concert
(which everyone else just happen to enjoy too),
The teacher made a reasonable request.
He said something like this.
So tell us who sent this, So he can reciprocate.

it was signed...
Miss Anonymous.

I guess I have two options.
(cause I'm not about to go around asking)
I can systematically ask out every girl
that I think could have possibly done it,

I guessing there are at most 15 - 20 possibilities,
so in like four months I will have at least done something,
or, I can do nothing.
I have no power.
This could be the perfect match,
that I have been looking for,
you know, when someone you like,
actually likes you too,
but I may never know,

I guess that's the beauty of anonimity.

Probably I will do something in between the two.
I will probably ask a few girls out,
but I will probably never know,
why I saw the choir.

So here I am happy, and sad, at the same time.
I don't even know if the valentine was sent
by someone my own age,
(or even close to it)
but I guess I can't complain,
I mean, I did get a valentine.
And I did't give any.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Challenge....I Accept!

So the other day I took a business trip, (to get my new computer (which I really love)). I was visiting a colleague. But the visit went long so I got really hungry. Naturally I went looking for food. I'm glad that I still have that primal instinct, I think it's helps one survive (though I know many that don't have it, but I think they are still alive). I had eaten breakfast at about 9:00 and that was hours ago (5-6 give or take a little) I almost stopped a few times, but the places I passed were foreign to me, and I thought I should get the most for my money, even if the company was paying, so I drove on. I passed one of everything, then I decided to stop for a good ole' fashioned burger. My restaurant of choice was Fuddruckers. I had never eaten there before but how can you go wrong when the business name includes the words worlds greatest burgers. I entered and it was empty, but who eats at quarter to three anyway. As I entered, I noticed the infamous wall of fame. Two boards full of pictures streched before me, but what did they mean? Then I noticed a sign. The sign told me of the 1lb challenge. (now this may not sound terribly hard, but as the sign stated, many have tried, many have failed). I was charging it to the company, so money was certainly less relevant, actually probably I had greater freedom because of that. I kept thinking, could I really do it?
All you have to do is buy a one pound burger, and a thing of fries, (you're choice either chili or cheese, and a sundae. And the best part, there's no time limit! I decided I could definately try. If you succeed you get a lovely T-shirt, and anytime you wear it you get 10% off. They have 8 different 1lb.ers and I picked the Southwest burger (guacamole, bacon, and pepperjack, on a homemade bun). I also decided to go with the Cheese Fries ( I think it was a good decision, you never know what you'll get with chili). The server asked if I wanted the fast challenge. I had no clue what she was talking about. If you finish the meal in ten minutes, your next meal is free! I didn't know if I could do it, so I was mostly just going for the challenge. The burger comes out and it's big! Really big. You add your own toppings, so I decided to go light, some onion, tomato, no lettuce, but plenty of sauces. Needless to say it was very messy. What I didn't know is that you get a ton of fries, and they're not those wimpy fast food fries, these are big steak fries, a whole plate full. I started my meal. I started my sundae. mmmm it was good, but I couldn't make myself hurry. Good food is meant to be savored. Savor I did. I ate with a steady determination, but I certainly wasn't going to set any speed records. I ate and ate, it started to look daunting. Potatoes don't just slide right down, but Ice cream, I think ice cream does. I decided to save the rest of my ice cream until the end. And so I ate, and I ate and I ate and I ate, and then suddenly my food was all gone. I had joined the club. My picture was going on the wall. If I go back 23 three times, the meal will have paid for itself. (it took me fifteen minutes). But the satisfaction was great! now everyone in Layton can know that I am an animal. The nice part was that I wasn't overstuffed, but I was still full the rest of the day. ahhhh. Satisfaction. ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH? Appearantly I am!