Monday, January 30, 2006

IF not MAC then TAC

Ok I know, I practically just gave a sermon on the wonders of an apple,
and now, I'm buy a PC. well sort of.
I see it as fixing my PC, but basically I'm kinda startin fresh.
Actually I'm not sure what will happen but things can only go up from here.
I bought the coolest computer that I could almost two years ago.
And really it only has one flaw,
It doesn't work.
ok, I guess sometimes it works,
but often it doesn't.
I really made two mistakes.
I didn't buy a MAC, and
I didn't buy a TAC.

I knew they were both my best options,
but somehow, I convinced myself that I wanted something else.
Two long years later,
I am finally repenting.

now I'm getting the TAC.
TAC is a local company,
more or less.
but they do things right,
sure they don't do everything right,
IF you know who they are, you can probably thing of one or two blaringly obvious things you don't like about them, but if you know, them you have to smile,
they do things right.

I once called in at 2:00 am ( not kidding)
and they fixed my problem, in under two minutes.

They make things work, and they let you know it.
I mean everything basically comes with warrenties that last forever.

SO if you have to buy a windows machine,
I reccommend the good folks at TAC.

They're not utopia, but they are good computers.

This time I picked the Layton store.
Others were helpful, but they had what I needed.

And they were willing to work with me.

and hey how cool is this, every time I call, they tell me they love me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

63 Compliments

Now sometimes I know, I can be a bit harsh.
I say what I think and I try not to filter, (sure sometimes it happens, but I try to be as forthright as possible... unless I'm giving a compliment. Then my walls go up. Way Up. usually nothing comes out. I wish I was better, but I'm not. That's where this blog comes in. This Blog as you may have guess by now is called 63 compliments, because I plan on giving out 63 of them. most people will be identified by their initials. Some people may have the same initials, but that's not my problem. Why 63? I have no idea, but that was my first thought, and that's where it will stay.
I hope your on the list, but if you're not, it's nothing personal, just a mistake.
Compliments are in no particular order. And Compliments are not mutually exclusive.
No explanations will be offered. (but they might be bought)Ü

I hope you enjoy it,
-------------------------- ORISTE!

#1 SC you have great hair, really every time I see it I think, wow, that's great hair. I could be wrong, but that's what I think.

#2 MZ you're awesome. You efficient, and helpful, and cool.
#3 ML ok let's face it, you're really funny, you make people laugh.
#4 KM you're probably one of the best missionaries I know, thanks for your help.
#5 SJ your like the renaissance man of M***** (except that you're not a man)

#6 C you're pretty much the coolest person that I don't know, I mean really, you're here, aren't you?
#7 DW wow, um I think you're pretty.
#8 SC I doubt that's it' possible to be kinder than you.
#9 SC I think you make a great parent.
#10 JM You're as genuinely pleasant as a person can be.

#11 AJ I've never met a person who could be a friend so easily.
#12 TS you're one of my few peers that I ever thought was a better artist.
#13 CB I think you inspire people to achieve more.
#14 DW you have a great diet.
#15 TS you live at the level of you're knowledge.

#16 JH I have never heard a bad thing come out of your mouth.
#17 AM You're way smart, and talented, but people are comfortable around you
#18 CB You actually take time to think about what you think.
#19 HM you're a great big ball of enthusiasm
#20 TC You're musical ability amazes me.

#21 CB You're eco-friendly
#22 JJ you have hidden ambition, and strength, and influence.
#23 SO you are uplifting and nice to everyone.
#24 NC you're so honest... I love it.
#25 SG You receive compliments well

#26 HM You do good, and you do it well.
#27 AL you are so kind and generous
#28 AM you have so much patience
#29 CF you always include people.
#30 AW you do all that you can to be the best that you can.

#31 AC you're still my favorite
#32 SJ you're pretty much brilliant.
#33 ** you're just plain fun.
#34 CF you have a solid understanding of the gospel.
#35 ML have so much raw talent, and ability, but it's not raw.

#36 LH you are innocent, and sincere.
#37 C you have great voice.
#38 AP you're really easy to talk to.
#39 RW you are one smart cookie.
#40 AC you are willing to do things that may not be easy, or that others don't.

#41 RT you can make things great, because you have vision.
#42 SF you get me.
#43 TS you have some really cool ideas.
#44 JS you have an amazing way of enveloping people in your space. or vice versa.
#45 LZ you're the most infectiously happy person I know.

#46 SW you bring order to a very chaotic world.
#47 TS you have good TV habits
#48 MG you can help but make things lively.
#49 SG you are a fantastic cook.
#50 M/L J Your are a great leader

#51 ** you help me so much.
#52 AM you are not judgmental.
#53 DW you have good goals.
#54 JS You are creative and fun.
#55 LH you know how to be happy.

#56 JZ you are a good worker
#57 AY you recognize beauty whenever you can.
#58 MG you have no filters.
#59 SO I don't feel censored in your presence.
#60 EF you have great priorities, and values.

#61 SH people really know you care.
#62 LH you have deep thoughts, and you help others with them.
#63 SF you have a great blend of enthusiasm and ability.

So there you have it.
63 compliments, I'm sure I could have found more,
but that was a hefty chunck of work,
this doesn't exactly come naturally to me.
I probably left you off the list, or if not you, than someone you know.
I'm sorry, write me, and I'll be sure to include you next time.
(if you're nice)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cat and Mouse Party F.A.Q.

This is the faq for my upcoming party, I have included a copy of the physical invitation, in case you have questions about the questions. Some of these questions have been asked, and some of them are just theoretical. Of course you are still welcome to sign my guest book, if you haven't yet done that.
(see the post from a couple weeks ago).

Question: What is the offical name of the party?
Answer: While The Cat's away, the mice shall play.
Question: But aren't there two cats?
Answer: yes
Question:Where are your parents?
Answer: Monday January 23rd My parents enter the MTC (see previous post)
Question: So how many invitations did you print?
Answer: 53ish (but three of them are extra large).

Question: Is it really your house?
Answer: Well yes I mean I think it is. I have seniority.

Question: Seniority over whom?
Answer: Ok so technically, my younger brother, "Hitch" and his wife will take half the house, and I will take the other half, but I think my mom agrees, with me, I have first dibs.

Question: There seems to be a lot more personal information about you here, than even your profile has, do you think that's safe?
Answer. I just now noticed that. that part of the invite will be blotted out shortly. (probably right after the party)
Question: I think I see a typo, What's going on?
Answer: I prefer to call it art.
Answer: oh, um which one were you talking about.
Question: That's not how I spell guarentees?
Answer: That's not a question.
Answer: While I was typing that part of the announcement I couldn't remember how to spell it, so I just typed, my spell checker said it was ok, but I didn't believe it. So I looked it up. yes an actual physical dictionary. The dictionary had both spellings, and While the Denotations had slight variations, the gist of it is the same, so I picked this one.

Question: What about those "an"'s at the end?
Answer: I liked the sound of it. Yes I know there are english majors all over the world going into convulsions.

Question: Will people all over the world be invited?
Answer: Probably not, unless you invite them. I don't have time.

Question: What is Forever PhotoGraphics?
Answer: deleted
Answer: Please read the comments to my other posts, I think it is talked about there.

Question: At the top, on the inside, is a u with an umlaut, Why?
Answer: Ü has sort have become my signiture.
Question: Where did you get it?
Answer: I think I stole it from Arva, but I like it a lot better than sideways smilies.

Question: How do you do it?
Answer: I think I put that in my very first blog.

Question: What if I don't bring anything?
Answer: You don't have to, but the more we have the better.

Question: Will there be Tzatziki?
Answer: Yes Tzatziki will be back by popular demand.
Question: What the heck is Tzatziki?
Answer: I will defer that answer to Julie.

Question: How much food will there be?
Answer: How much are you bringing?

Question: Should I bring Twister?
Answer: No. no. no. no. No.

Question: What kind of game should I bring?
Answer: If you bring an Game bring something fun. And also preferably something that more than four people can play. (yes we could play in teams)

Question: What time is the party?
Answer: Ha ha, funny you should ask. And this is why there is a FAQ page. I guess somehow, some of the invitations omitted the the part about the time, it starts at 7:00ish.
(Good Question)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hey Steve

Hey Steve!
Good job, really wow. I can't believe you've done it again. I can't believe I knew this was going to happen and I did nothing about it. Sometime last year I started monitoring the stock from one of my favorite companies. I knew they were about to do something big, actually they've been doing it for a while, but I just last year decided to monitor their stock. but I should have bought instead of just started watching. Ok, I know, I didn't have any money, and basically, I still don't. But then why should that stop me. I AM CERTAINLY NOT TELLING ANYONE TO GO OUT AND BUY STOCK. THE STOCK MARKET IS A VERY FRAGILE AND RISKY PLACE TO PLAY WITH YOUR MONEY. SOMETIMES STOCK IS A GOOD IDEA, but this is not an endorsement.
Actually I should have bought Five years ago. Instead I bought shares in a mutual fund, and not even a fund that I really liked. Actually this stock didn't really take off till about three years ago,
but if I had bought this instead of my mutual fund, my money would have doubled itself, and then it would have doubled again, and again, and yes one more time in the past few months. I really did think about switching, but I didn't want to pay a penalty, but now, anything goes, and yes once again, I will probably be just a little off the mark.

I If was buying then, I would now buy Apple, Pixar, and of course if I could go back, I would buy google too. If I was buying now, I would seriously look at sony, but probably only for the next few months, two maybe three at most, but just as a buying period. Of course, I know nothing about the stock market, and I have no training in this area (see above disclaimer).

Steve Jobs, just happens to be the big cheese at Apple and Pixar.
Steve's companies just happen to be doing really well these last few years. This Blog happens to be about the former. More specifically some of the really cool things they have done.

Everybody in technology knew this day was coming. Steve told us last year that it was. But the way he did shocked everyone (even me, and I knew all but one of the details).
"Companies don't typically under promise and over deliver, and that's exactly what Apple has done,"
Sam Bhavnani, analyst with Current Analysis

So what did Steve Promise us?
He said that sometime in 2006, probably the first half, we would see the first MAC with an intel processor. Actually he released Two macs in almost the first week of 2006 and they both have Two intel processors. Okay so the two processor part was not a huge surprise. Everyone thought he would tell us on Jan. 9th when we could buy one, but nobody thought he would say January 9th.

(I hope he doesn't mind that I took his picture). Still this alone, is only mostly impressive (as opposed to mostly dead).

Yes I feel the need to expound. This is about the coolest computer ever created. The other computer they released is pretty dang cool too. Both computers come ready out of the box. Just plug in the power cord and go. (okay so you have to spend about 40 bucks to make this one that easy, but hey how cool is that. I f you choose to go a different route, then everything plugs in with USB (still really easy) And did you see the price, that's pretty good <----

They say it's twice as fast but that's a conservative estimate (the laptop is four times as fast as the last one they released, and it's thinner). This one is about three inches wide, and you can get it with wireless keyboard and mouse.

I don't have time to tell you just how cool they are, and probably you don't even care, but let me just give you a couple feature that I like:

MacBook Pro:
Thin really thin
Magnetic power, (never have to worry about someone tripping on your cord again, it just pops right off)
Mac OS 10.4 (no explanation needed)
Two processors
Built in camera ( new and improved)
Etc. Etc. Etc.


Probably the easiest computer to use on earth
Comes in 17 inch and 20 inch LCD sizes (and that's all there is to it, no box)
you can get it with two 2 GHZ processors.
Comes with brand new software.
and will likely not be long before a lot of windows software will run natively
(currently you can run anything for about a hundred bucks more, and most software is already available on a mac)
It's strong, it's beautiful, it's well built, and it will likely never have to be shut down
(or in my case it would never decided to randomly shut done on me)

In short Apple did the unthinkable, which of course is what they have been doing for about four years now. Shame on them for being so amazing, shame on us for failing to notice.
Way to Go Steve.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In case of Emergency SCREAM!

it's kind of frustrating, I have to admit,
I knew this was going to happen,
so I couldn't get too mad,
but I wanted to,

So I drive this old used Lincoln.
It's not forever old,
and it has some really cool features,
but it has one feature that I just can't stand,

The dealership.

they're pretty much incompitent.
seriously. I have yet to be impressed.
and I'm not even asking for really tough stuff.

The second thing that I don't like about my car
is the drivers side door,
more specifically the handle
or even more specifically the lack thereof.

yeah it broke off a couple of weeks ago,
and that didn't really bother me,
but it doesn't work too well on a date.

and then the strangest thing happened,
it got really cold!
I know, I know, it's winter,
but where I live that doesn't usually matter.
or rather that doesn't really mean anything.

especially this year,
it's been so warm.
but I digress.

SO I called the dealership,
I told them my handle broke off,
I told them what type of car I drive,
and I made an appointment for it to get fixed.

sounds good, right

Now this is one time that I really wanted to be wrong,
really I did.
If you know me it's true, (and even if you don't)
I totally wanted to be wrong.

but somehow I knew that my door would not be fixed
in an extremely efficient manner.

When I got there (at an hour when no one should be awake)
they tried to figure out what they were doing,
but after about an hour, maybe less,
they told me to go somewhere else,
(their body shop) and order a part.

now I have to go back in a few days.

In the dealerships defense the body shop guy was pretty nice,

but the service department?
I think their is a law about false advertisement,
and I've never seen anything like service there,
I would call them mechanics, but I'm not sure about that either,

So I will call them guys with shmocks,
and wrenchs,

and that they do well.
well, more or less.

by the way if you still haven't signed my guest book please take a moment and do that now,
it's at the end of the message before the last one.

All about the numbers

If you are reading this blog, I hope you have read the last one.
if not, please go back, read it and comment.
If you read it but didn't comment, shame on you.
Shame Shame Shame!
so this week I decided to talk about numbers.
first there is math, math is cool, but that's not really my subject today.
mostly I think people can't do math, because most math teachers are idiots.
No really they're not that smart, and they have no idea how to "Teach" math.
I'm sorry if that was your experience too.
Which leads me to my second un-topic.
I'm a big fan.
it's interesting yes it's one of those stupid crime shows,
(I know, there must be about a zillion of them these days, And I really despise them, except Numbers, but that's a subject for another day) but it's not graphic, and gory, and full of stuff you don't wan't to see.

Nope this post is about SUDOKU
I like it. If you haven't met, let me introduce you,


It's pretty simple,
you just put the numbers (1-9) in each column,
each row, and each box, but don't repeat a number in any row, column, box.
It takes no math skill, so if you had one of those teachers...
Or even if you had many of them, you should still be able to do it.

I guess I'm a bit addicted,
it's really fun,
and good for you.
and the best part is anyone can do it,
sure there are a few tricks that you learn,
but you don't really have to know much to get started.
just find a spot that needs a number, or find a number that needs a spot.
After I got hooked, I hooked my sister,
(it was my mom's idea)
and now we have a family of SUDOKU-ers
If you need a puzzle,
you can go to Sudoku.Com
Or you can go to Walmart Ü
I didn't find a lot of options at my Walmart, but I found one,
And then there was Deseret Book.
I went in, and THEY had Sudoku,
They had page a day calendera (75% off).
they had cheap books (also discounted)
they had Sudoku for Dummies (I'm not kidding)
and many other Sudoku options.
Plus DB has tons of cool stuff anyway.

So If you haven't tried it yet, give it a whirl,
it's pretty fun, or even better.
thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jackson Mississippi and the guest book.

This is a message for anyone who doesn't know,
I would like to believe that there are tons of cool people reading my blog, and that some how, you just haven't all had the chance to comment yet. That being the case, then most of you probably don't yet know that my parents got their mission call. Now I would love to tell you where they are going, but first my soap box. So if you are here I think it would be great for you to let me know. Now I admit, I'm not personally the best at leaving comments, but I think a good dialog is very healthy. It helps me to know my audience. I know that some people have read this, but haven't ever left a message, and I certainly can't say that that is a bad thing, but perhaps there is a better way. So this blog is going to serve as a guest book. you can leave any message that you want. you can say anything at all, of course there I still have the right to filter the comments, but I don't believe I have ever deleted a real comment yet. and I really don't intend to start. so what kind of comment would I like here? I would like anything. prefferrably some kind of identifier, if you are friend stranger or enemy, and something unusual about you. This could be a really cool edition of my blog, but it will only be what you make it.
o yeah I think I really funny, but if you haven't figured it out here's how this all ties together.

Hi I'm Warnser I write this blog.
And here's something about me,
My parents just got their mission call.
They are going to the Jackson Mississippi mission.
They leave in two weeks, and yes, I get the house.

Thanks for reading and thanks for writing.